Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus Medium Handlebar Bag Follow-up

Today we are highlighting item Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus Medium Handlebar Bag, seriously one of our best Handlebar Bags. You’ll love this item from Ortlieb. We give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus Medium Handlebar Bag

Keep your valuables handy with the
Ortlieb Ultimate6 Plus!
This handlebar bag offers a lockable magnetic lid closure, includes a lockable mounting set for handle bars with diameters up to 31.8mm. The bag is made of PU-coated Cordura, has 2 outer mesh pockets with zip, one inner-pocket, internal dividers, a shoulder strap, and a reflector.
A mapcase or GPS cover can be fixed onto the lid of the Ultimate5 Plus and Classic. The handlebar bags have stiffeners to keep them standing and feature a rigid lid.
The lockable mounting set protects them from theft. An extension adapter for handle bars with extreme bends is available as accessory. Stay on the right track! A mapcase or GPS cover can be fixed onto the lid of the Ultimate6 Plus and Clasic. Both products are part of the Ultimate accessory program. The handle bar bags have stiffeners to keep them standing and feature a rigid lid.
Also available in
Ortlieb Ultimate6 Classic Size M
The integrated valuables pocket helps organize small items. Both models feature a 3M Scotchlite reflector for safety in the dark. Maximum allowable weight is 3kg/105oz.
System (?)
IP (?)
7L 26oz (740g) Strap d5/w4 1800 15600
F3150 – Red-Black F3154 – Hazel F3152 – Graphite-Black F3153 – Yellow-Black F3151 – Black
Ortlieb Ultimate Map Case
Ortlieb GPS Cover – Horizontal version Ortlieb GPS Cover – Vertical version Coghlan’s Mini Stretch Cord – Package of 4 Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Bracket Extension
Additional Info
Instructions – Ortlieb Ultimate6 Technical Specs – Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Plus Compare all Ortlieb Ultimate Handlebar bags
Ultimate Awards
Award from the German Bike Retailer Alliance
Only $105.95 – Click here for details…

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  1. Reply

    How To Use Bike Computer With Handlebar Bag? I have denalli road bike can I put my bike computer on with handlebar bag if so how do I do it

    1. Reply

      Bike computers only take up a very small amount of space. And you can’t find anywhere to mount it either on the handlebar or possibly mount it sideways on the stem? Oh…I forgot. You have a GMC Denali. That bike’s not fast enough to require a bike computer. I passed one about a year ago while COASTING downhill on a hybrid. The other guy was pedaling.

      See links. Mount it on the stem.

    • Sam
    • February 10, 2014

    6 Litre Handlebar Bag – 70 Miles? In April I will be doing a 70 mile charity ride between London and Hastings – a route that is challenging because of numerous steep hills.

    Is a (6 litre compact) handlebar bag appropriate for carrying stuff on a long haul like this or should I get a rear bag or even a rucksack for my back?

    Many thanks in advance to all contibutors

    1. Reply

      You do not want a back pack. I have done plenty of rides that far with a smaller handle bar bag. A apple and banana and a sandwich is about all you need for 70 miles. Load up on pasta the day before and take along plenty of water. Most charity rides will have food and drinks available at rest stops.

    • Jim
    • February 13, 2014

    What’s The Best Way To Carry Stuff On A Bicycle In A 100 Mile Ride? I have considered using my rack and rack bag, but it would appear a little heavy. In the past I carried a fanny pack. Now I’m considering a handle bar bag. I like to have a wind shirt to wear in the cool morning, and carry it later. I also carry snacks, a few tools, spare tube and a first aid kit. I notice most riders in the century just carry a seat tool bag, but that isn’t quite big enough for me. Any other ideas?

    1. Reply

      The handlebar bag is most convenient, it’s like your glovebox. The only difficulty may be fitting it to your style of handlebars. If you wear a backpack, you have that weight on your back pressing you down on the saddle even more, instead let the bike carry the weight. An aluminum rear rack is not very heavy and it isn’t rotating weight like the tires and wheels. I use both a rear carrier and handlebar bag They both come in handy on the centuries.Carry two spare tubes and a patch kit. Nashbar has little panniers called daytrekkers that are just the right size for jackets and snacks. http://www.nashbar.com On a century ride plan for the worst disaster and hope for a trouble free trip. Be prepared and self reliant.

    • Delia
    • February 15, 2014

    OK What Is THIS Thing On This Bike? http://img29.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bikething.jpg

    on the handlebars, what is that black square thing what is it?!?!
    My father bought me this bike, it will be mine on Friday, but I want to know what that thing is!
    ack! for sissies! must come off now!!!!!!!!!
    I’m thinking I will get new handlebars and a taller stem anyway. I am tall.

    1. Reply

      Appears to be a handlebar mount for a handlebar bag or possibly a basket. It’ll come off in 30 seconds.

      I’d also take a closer look at the handlebar. There’s enough rust on there to cause me to worry. My concern would be the handlebar actually breaking during a ride in the near future. Bars are hollow, and it doesn’t take long for rust to make this a reality. Have your dad or someone that knows bikes check it out thoroughly.

  2. Reply

    Where Do You Keep Your Stuff On A Motorcycle?

    1. Reply

      Windshield bag, front fender bag, tank panniers, tank bag, tail bag, saddle bags, PVC tool tube, across the seat, luggage rack, under the seat, jacket pockets, back pack, courier bag, taped to the frame, hose-clamped to the frame, in the air box, inside the headlight shell, fairing pockets, hanging from the helmet lock, rear fender bag, handlebar bag, lashed to the forks, lashed to the handle bars, tank rack, milk crate, top box, trailer, side car, in the sag wagon, sent ahead by mail, etc., etc., etc.

      There are no stupid questions, there are no stupid questions, there are no stupid questions….

  3. Reply

    Handlebar Wobble? I have just fitted a rear luggage rack and a top box to my yamaha sr125.i have noticed that when i get some speed up that there is a slight vibration on the steering.when i lighten my grip on the handlebars it starts to shake.is it something to do with the rack and box weight or is it something to do with the airodynamics being altered.it didn’t do it before the box and rack were fitted

    1. Reply

      Since the weight issue was mentioned already, I will speak to the aerodynamics first.

      My friend had a bike with a top case installed after about a year. The rear top case caused the bike to lean, ever so lightly to the right when at high speeds.

      We removed the box and re-tested, the lean was not present. This test however, was at 65MPH. How fast are you going when you feel this?

      Normally, a ‘wobble’ is due to the rider sitting back, shifting all their weight to the rear. The front will begin to …. shimmy (sp) if you will, and when you drop the weight back to the front/center the wobble will begin. Normally a slow coast (drop in speed) will help reduce the wobble, and regain control.

      I would tell you to remove the case (if possible) to make sure the case is in fact the cause of your wobble. Ride the same route to test it.

      If confirmed, the case on gets the wobble and no case installed does not… add weight in the form of a sand bag to the bars, test again.

      On a personal note, I had a VFR and added a top case to the rear. Had over 40lbs of cargo in it… never an issue with a wobble.

    • 1.2.3
    • February 19, 2014

    Is It Necessary To Install A Bracket For A Cable Lock On Your Bike? I don’t have some of the things it is asking for. If it is, I can ask the shop I purchased the bike from to install it. But is it a must? Thanks.
    Thanks. I just thought that maybe the bracket decreased your chances of having to walk home. ?

    1. Reply

      I put my U-Bolt lock & cable in panniers (saddle bags) or a trunk bag. You can also just wrap the cable lock around the seatpost or anywhere it’s convenient. Even stores like Wally World, K-Mart & Amazon.com sell a handlebar bag that stores smaller stuff nicely.

  4. Reply

    Where Can I Buy A Cycling Bag Like This For My Bike? I saw a cycling bag for iphone on YouTube,but I can’t find the video now.The bag is fixed on the handlebar. I want to buy a cycling bag like this for my bike.Where can I buy it?

    1. Reply

      Do you mean the bag like this “Stylish High Sensitive Bike Phone Bag for iPhone”?

  5. Reply

    Where Can I Find A Decent Commuter Bag For My Rear Bike Rack?

    1. Reply

      I just bought a trunk on nashbar.com for $15. they have several sizes at a variety of prices. mine seems to work nicely. you may also want panniers for more storage. i am now looking for a handlebar bag for extra storage. hope it helps.

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