Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus Medium Handlebar Bag Follow-up

Today we are highlighting item Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus Medium Handlebar Bag, seriously one of our best Handlebar Bags. You’ll love this item from Ortlieb. We give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus Medium Handlebar Bag

Keep your valuables handy with the
Ortlieb Ultimate6 Plus!
This handlebar bag offers a lockable magnetic lid closure, includes a lockable mounting set for handle bars with diameters up to 31.8mm. The bag is made of PU-coated Cordura, has 2 outer mesh pockets with zip, one inner-pocket, internal dividers, a shoulder strap, and a reflector.
A mapcase or GPS cover can be fixed onto the lid of the Ultimate5 Plus and Classic. The handlebar bags have stiffeners to keep them standing and feature a rigid lid.
The lockable mounting set protects them from theft. An extension adapter for handle bars with extreme bends is available as accessory. Stay on the right track! A mapcase or GPS cover can be fixed onto the lid of the Ultimate6 Plus and Clasic. Both products are part of the Ultimate accessory program. The handle bar bags have stiffeners to keep them standing and feature a rigid lid.
Also available in
Ortlieb Ultimate6 Classic Size M
The integrated valuables pocket helps organize small items. Both models feature a 3M Scotchlite reflector for safety in the dark. Maximum allowable weight is 3kg/105oz.
System (?)
IP (?)
7L 26oz (740g) Strap d5/w4 1800 15600
F3150 – Red-Black F3154 – Hazel F3152 – Graphite-Black F3153 – Yellow-Black F3151 – Black
Ortlieb Ultimate Map Case
Ortlieb GPS Cover – Horizontal version Ortlieb GPS Cover – Vertical version Coghlan’s Mini Stretch Cord – Package of 4 Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Bracket Extension
Additional Info
Instructions – Ortlieb Ultimate6 Technical Specs – Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Plus Compare all Ortlieb Ultimate Handlebar bags
Ultimate Awards
Award from the German Bike Retailer Alliance
Only $105.95 – Click here for details…

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