Fox 34 Talas 160 CTD Remote Fit 26 in. Fork 2014 Survey

Our latest featured product is Fox 34 Talas 160 CTD Remote Fit 26 in. Fork 2014, one of our Forks. Seriously, you need to check it out brought to you by Fox Racing Shox. We give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Fox 34 Talas 160 CTD Remote Fit 26 in. Fork 2014

Anyone worldwide may purchase this FOX Racing Shox product, however, the delivery address must be inside the United States.
Please Note: The photo is for illustration purposes only. Take note of the color and axle color you choose. The Fox Talas is the ultimate fork for variable terrain. Flick the Talas knob into the short position and you’ll have 130mm of travel that’ll keep you balanced and steady as you climb up the back side of the mountain. The law of gravity states that: what goes up must come down. So, switch the Talas knob back and you’ll have 160mm of buttery smooth travel, perfect for mowing down rocks, branches, roots, and anything that may cross your path.?The Fox Talas features CTD technology. CTD is short for Climb, Trail, and Descend. It is a three position on the fly system that provides three distinct compression dampings that you’d typically need on an average ride. CTD is extremely useful on the trail. The rider is quickly able to flip the lever between the three positions, and which results in being used numerously throughout the ride. CTD is much faster than the older click system, where the rider would have to stop and click through to find the proper setting.?2014 marked a year of refinement for Fox. The updated damping tunes produce greater control, meanwhile the improved air spring offers better suspension sensitivity and faster travel changes.
To ensure that your travel is buttery smooth, Fox has added Kashima coating to the uppers. Kashima coating is a hard anodizing process that fills in any micro pores in the material creating a smoother surface, in comparison to a hard anodization on prior versions. Its distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance attributes including extreme durability as well as an extremely smooth feel. The whole purpose and value of the Kashima coating is its friction reduction properties.
The Fox Talas features the FIT cartridge. FIT stands for Fox Isolated Technology. FIT technology employs a bladder…
Only $1,165.00 – Click here for details…

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