Polar Insulated Water Bottle

No one would argue that it’s not a good idea to use a energy-replacement drink like First Endurance EFS on a ride of any duration or intensity. The only argument you’ll get, in fact, is from your taste buds when you try to swallow a mouthful of EFS after you’ve been riding for 2 hours on a 90-degree day. Warm energy drinks (or just plain ol’ water) are fairly awful when they’ve been simmering in a plastic water bottle for awhile. Hence the invention of the Polar Insulated Water Bottle: It keeps cold drinks icy for a long, long time — time enough for you to palatably empty your bottles at the prescribed rate. Polar has dominated the insulated bottle market for time immemorial for one simple reason: Their bottles work. No matter how hot it gets, liquid stays cold. Try one just once and you’ll be a convert for life — and you’ll never stand for lukewarm drinks again. Available in 20oz and 24oz sizes.

Product Features

  • Material: [bottle] low-density polyethylene, [cap] high-density polyethylene, [valve] urethane
  • Volume: 20 oz 24 oz
  • Recommended Use: cycling
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

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