Mini Bike Pump with FREE Tire Levers and FREE Glueless Repair Patches – High Pressure up to 120PSI with Gauge & Flexible Hose for ANY Bicycle Tire with Presta or Schrader Valve – Frame Mount Included

Don’t risk having to walk your bike home because you popped a tire.

Having the VeloHand Mini Bike Pump mounted on your bike frame with the supplied bracket and screws means it will always be to hand when it’s needed. If you have a water bottle holder the bracket can be mounted under the bottle holder using the same holes. Mounting it is easy and only takes a short time. Alternatively carry the mini pump in your backpack, it is lightweight and compact, only 4.6oz and 11.22 inches. Carry the bonus tires levers and self-adhesive repair patches in your saddlebag or backpack and if you do pop a tire you can quickly and easily remove and repair it. The built-in pressure gauge on the pump means you can get your tire back to the correct pressure in no time, up to 120PSI/8.3 bar, so you can continue to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Have you ever bent a valve whilst pumping up your tire?

With the VeloHand Mini Bike Pump say ‘GOODBYE TO BENT VALVES’. Our flexible hose means you don’t have to pump at an awkward angle and your hands aren’t near the spokes; this allows you to pump more vigorously and as you are in a much more comfortable position it is easy to get a good pump rhythm going. The lightweight aluminum pump feels good in the palm and the thumb lock lever on the head of the pump makes it easy to lock the pump well to the tire valve.

Do you like multi-functionality, one tool to do many jobs?

Not only does the VeloHand Mini Bike Pump have changeable Schrader and Presta valves to cover road, mountain and BMX bike tires, it may be suitable for your stroller tires too. And if that isn’t enough it also comes with inflation needles to inflate your footballs, basketballs, inflatable toys, pool accessories and so much more.

The VeloHand Mini Bike Pump with Built In Pressure Gauge comes in an attractive box, ideal as a gift for the cyclist in your life.


Product Features

  • 3 FREE TIRE LEVERS & 6 FREE GLUELESS REPAIR PATCHES: Our portable mini bike pump with gauge comes with FREE bonus repair patches and FREE tire levers so you can easily remove and repair your bicycle tire if it punctures, and get your road bike, MTB or BMX bike back on the road, mountain or trail in no time!
  • BUILT-IN PRESSURE GAUGE: With the VeloHand mini pump make sure your tires are pumped to the correct pressure; it makes for a smoother and more comfortable bike ride, and also helps to fend off getting a flat. With our built in pressure gauge, you can see at a glance when you reach the required PSI for your bike tires, taking the guesswork out of getting your bicycle wheels inflated.
  • HIGH PRESSURE: With a range of up to 120 PSI capacity, our high pressure extendable telescope frame pump is suitable for a wide range of tires and inflatables. Lock on to your Presta or Schrader valve using the convenient thumb lock lever and pump your bike, buggy or stroller tires easily. Alternatively, attach the ball needle to inflate all your sports balls, or the air inflation needle that’s suitable for toys, pool accessories and more! Both these needles are FREE with our mini bike pump.
  • FLEXIBLE HOSE: Our mini bicycle pump features an extendable flexible hose that’s neatly hidden in the handle. Once extended it allows you to adopt a super-comfortable position whilst pumping without having to worry about damaging the valve on your bike tire. Plus it’s both a Schrader valve pump AND a Presta valve pump: simply set the valve on the flexible hose pump, lock it onto the valve then just sit, kneel or stand whilst pumping your tire: your position isn’t restricted like with some pumps!
  • SPECIAL OFFER: if you buy the VeloHand portable bike pump today then you can get a second one for half price – ideal to keep on your other bikes or to give as a gift. Thanks to its great packaging the VeloHand portable mini bike pump also makes a great present or stocking stuffer gift. Plus our 5 year guarantee means you can purchase from VeloHand with confidence. So go ahead and order your new bike tire pump with gauge, risk-free today!

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    • Gooberz10
    • November 3, 2016

    Great little pump! I’ve owned a handful of bicycle mini pumps over the years and they all practically work the same. This Velo, however, has a feature that makes it stand out. It has a 6″ rubber hose that extends to separate the pump body from the filler valve. This is very convenient. I have several different uses for mini pumps (stroller, bike trailer, tricycle, wheelbarrow, sports balls, etc.) and each application has different access to the filler stem. Having a flexible hose makes each job very easy…

    • Anonymous
    • November 3, 2016

    • Anonymous
    • November 3, 2016

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