SuperSo Bike Seat Gel Cover – Premium Padded Bike Saddle – Comfortable Exercise Bicycle Cover with Florescent Pouch Bag (Black, 11.1″ x 7.1″)

Your search for an ideal gel bicycle seat cover is finally over. Why? Because SuperSo is a new, improved, medium-soft, extra-comfort bike saddle seat cover. It is a cleverly designed, simple piece of equipment that makes cycling a much more pleasant and less discomforting experience.

A replacement saddle can easily cost $25 or more, yet structurally, the one you have is fine – brand new but uncomfortably hard. However, this simple SuperSo Gel Saddle Cover may transform a plank into a comfortably contoured saddle with more padding in just the right places and make the bike enjoyable and comfortable to ride.

What separates the SuperSo gel bike cover from the competition? The free bonus Pouch Bag! The Bag is a FLORESCENT high-quality holder for the bicycle cover with a message for you: “Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?!” You may use it for other small objects that you are taking at the gym, e.g. hand gloves, towel, personal stuff, etc. The pouch bag ensures that you will take them home after you’ve finished with your exercise session.

We’re positive that you’ll like your experience, whether you’re enjoying indoor or outdoor activities. So order NOW, and when you do, consider getting two…one for your and one for your very cycling friend.

Pros of purchasing this bike cover:

? This saddle cover is not an everyday design; it has a 3D cushioning shape, so you have more support where it’s most needed

? Easy to fit and takes only moments to attach and remove the seat cover

? 100% Risk-Free – 3 Year money-back guarantee

? It delivers a non-slip inner surface for a better non-slip contact with your saddle

? Seat Cover measures approx 11.1″ x 7.1″/28cm x 18.1cm

Warning: Please check the dimensions of your bike seat to ensure it fits; the dimensions of our seat cover are displayed above.

Cons of purchasing this bike cover: We can’t think of any.

Product Features

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE BIKE SEAT COVER: perfect for both indoor spinning workout & long outdoor cycling sessions (Pouch Bag Included)
  • EXTRA COMFORT PROVIDED: thick padding absorbs road shocks and prevents slippage
  • SUITABLE BIKE SADDLE COVER: ideal for narrow and medium-width seats
  • HIGH-QUALITY GEL BIKE SEAT COVER: made by bicycling enthusiasts, resistant, and easy to install onto the bike.
  • 3-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Buy it, try it, and enjoy your ride!

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