GHB Bike Computer Odometers Bicycle Speedometer Wireless Waterproof Multi Function With Backlight

Fast Installation Guide

Mount the bike computer bracket to the bike handle bar. Then mount the sensor to the front wheel fork (front wheel will ensure accurate data), and finally attach the magnet to a spoke in the front wheel (please make sure the magnet is pretty close to the sensor, less than 3mm)

Warm Tips of Installation (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

1. This bike computer has the function of Setting tyre circumference (0mm~9999mm) , so before using, just set your bike wheel size in the bike computer.

2. Once the magnet is installed, attach the sensor to the fork. Before securing the sensor to the front wheel fork by using the plastic tie-wraps, please first test the computer and see if the readings are ok, and make any necessary adjustments to the sensor or magnet position.


– Backlight: The display is easy to read especially with the back light which will make it visible at night.

– Auto On/ Auto Off: The bike computer shuts off when the bike is stationary due to a built-in steel ball which will automatically awake from sleep mode to save the life of the battery.


1. Current Speed
2. Odometer
3. Trip Distance
4. Maximum Speed
5. Average Speed
6. Clock (12H/24H)
7. Setting tyre circumference (0mm~9999mm)
8. Freeze frame memory
9. Setting Speed Scale(km/h,m/h)
11. Backlight
12. Power source: CR2032 battery
13. Package weight: 76g
14. Dimension: 1.8 x1.8 x 0.76 inch

Package Includes

1 x Bike Computer
1 x Mount
1 x Magnet
1 x Sensor
1 x Plastic tie-wrap
1 x User Manual
1 x CR2032 Battery

Product Features

  • Multi-function. This Bicycle Speedometer can provide you very imporatant datas, like the speed, the distance, and the riding time, etc. In this way you can manage your cycling journey in a much more scientific and planned way
  • Waterproof function makes you no need to worry about the raining days during cycling. With the backlight, it is much easier to read in night
  • Large Display. The datas will be shown on the speedometer in large size, so that during cycling, you can read the numbers very easily
  • In order to ensure accurate data, please install the sensor on the front fork, and magnet on the front wheel, because the distance between the sensor and the speedometer should be less than 60 cm, and the distance between the sensor and magnet should be less than 3mm
  • Due to the design of wireless automatic function, sometimes there may have slight rattle sound from device, this is normal phenomenon

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