Premium Floor Bicycle Pump By Kolo Sports – Bike Tire Maintenance Essentials Bundle – Heavy Duty Steel Barrel & Wide Ergonomic Handle – Compatible With Multiple Valve Types – High Pressure Inflation

Why Use A Lesser Quality Bike Pump, When You Can Use This Kolo Sports Professional One?

Try to visualize this situation: it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the weather is fine, and there’s not a single cloud in the sunny blue sky. An ideal day for a bicycle ride, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, tough luck; you’re stuck in your garage, feverishly trying (and failing!) to inflate your bike’s tires. Suddenly, the barrel snaps under the pressure, and the whole pump is ruined!

Thankfully, you don’t injure yourself – but your perfect afternoon bike ride is now nothing but a distant dream.

It sounds awful, right? So, save yourself some time, money and indignation, and order a Kolo Sports professional grade pump today!

Premium Bicycle Tire Foot Pump & Maintenance Essentials Kit By Kolo Sports

Designed for maximum durability and effortless functionality, this great bike pump & repair kit may just be exactly what you’re looking for!

The pump’s iron barrel is durable, powerful, and built to endure. It features wide ergonomic handles rubberized for a better grip, as well as a stable and sturdy composite nylon base.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Always At Their Best With This Complete Bicycle Pump Kit

This amazing bicycle tire floor pump has a 2.5″ high precision gauge, can comfortably inflate a tire up to 120 psi, and its adjustable T-valve system makes it compatible with virtually any kind of bike tire.

What’s more, your new tire repair and maintenance kit contains nylon tire levers, ultra strong tire patches, ball and toy needles, and a detailed owner’s manual.

So, what Are You Waiting For? Order Your Own Bicycle Pump Bundle Today!

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Product Features

  • o PROFESSIONAL GRADE BIKE PUMP: How many perfect strolls with your bicycle have been ruined by flat or low-pressure tires? One too many, we’d wager. Starting today, however, you can make sure your tires stay in top notch condition with this handy professional quality pump, and save yourself some time, money and effort!
  • o SUITABLE FOR ALL BICYCLES: Our bicycle tire pumps and other accessories are made with universal compatibility in mind. It doesn’t matter what kind of valve your bicycle has. The quick switch T-valve will securely prevent leaks and allow you to quickly and simply to switch from Schrader to Presta / Dunlop valves with a single motion!
  • o QUALITY THAT DIFFERS: Forget all about conventional floor pumps. When it comes to our tire inflators, we at Kolo Sports make a point of using nothing but durable steel barrels, wide ergonomic rubberized handles, a strong and lightweight composite nylon base, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. That way, we can be certain they will meet the high standards and expectations of our customers – YOU!
  • o KEEP YOUR TIRES IN TIP-TOP CONDITION: Along with your new bicycle floor pump, you will also receive a full bicycle repair set, complete with anything you may need to fix or change a flat tire: ultra strong glue-less tire patches and 2 nylon tire levers. And because your bike tires aren’t the only thing you may need to inflate, the pump kit also includes an inflatable toy inflator and a practical ball needle!
  • o 5-YEAR WARRANTY: At Kolo Sports, we have absolute faith in our premium bike tire inflation floor pumps. After all, they’re what we use for our bikes’ maintenance ourselves! If, however, your pump turns out to be something less than you expected, don’t worry – we got you covered! All of our pumps are covered by a limited 5-year warranty!

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