Bike Computer Speedometer Wireless Water-proof Bicycle Odometer Cycling Stopwatch Mult Function with Large LCD Display by SOONGO

Usage Tips:
1.Please read the manual carefully for its installation and use a coin and a hard thin slice to change the battery.
2.The distance: between computer unit and sensor, not exceed 60cm; between sensor and magnet, not exceed 2.5mm, better at 1mm.
3.Select the exact circumference from normal wheel circumferences offered in manual or measure it by yourself and search online.
4.Buttons function: to press the right button once is to transfer between different modes, to press the left button for more than 3s is to enter modifying values of each modes. Then press left or right button to change values and to confirm.
5.The back light is lit on only after 18:00, and set the mode to Clock mode first and then press the left button twice to see the time conviently when night riding.
6.The bike computer starts to work by pressing any buttons to awake the computer out of sleep mode when you begin to ride.
7.Waterproof based on, riding in the rain is OK, while please don’t put in the rainstorm or soak in water.

Screen: LCD display

1.Current speed (SPD)
2.Total traffic mileage (ODO)
3.Single lane mileage (DST)
4.Maximum speed (MAX)
5.Average speed (AVS)
6.Riding time, elapsed time (TM)
7.12H/24H Clock(CLK)
8.Automatic circulatory function (SCAN)
9.Comparison current traffic speed with average speed by”+””-“(COMPARATOR)
10.Miles setting (KM / hr, M / hr)
11.Type circumference setting
12.Setting the last value of odometer
13. Driving data sampling function (FREEZE FRAME MEMORY)

Package Includes:
1 * Computer Unit
1 * Gauge Stand
1 * Magnet
1 * Sensor
2 * Stickers
1 * Battery
7 * Cable Tie
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • Multi function:cycling record with average speed, maximum speed, current speed, odometer, clock, distance, scan, maintenance alert. You hold all cycling data easily by this wireless bike computer speedometer odometer
  • User-friendly design: backlight available-green backlight available by click any buttons, and it will keep for 6 seconds until it turn to white backlight automatically, this make your statistics read clearly at night; Water-proof function-water-proof function enable you to ride on a rainy day without worrying about water the bike computer or even damage it, enjoy every moment on your way or travel leisurely
  • Wireless technology:stable data transmission, ensure the accurate statistics , but to ensure that the distance is not more than 60cm
  • Large LCD display: large LCD display and numbers shows data clearly and no squinting or leaning down needed to read
  • Super suitable ability: Suitable for all types of bicycles: common bicycle, road cycling, mountain biking, folding bike; it can also be used for hiking, climbing, and many other fun, adventurous outdoor activities.

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