Eco Rear Rack

Eco Rear Rack

Eco Rear Rack
The Eco Rack features open side rails to maximize heel clearance when packs are installed. • Oversized, 6061 tubular aluminum rod for maximum strength and stability • Open side rails to maximize heel clearance when packs are installed • One size fits most mountain and road/hybrid frames • Pre-installed rack hardware for quick, hassle-free installation • Load capacity 55 lbs • Length of top of rack is 12.5 inches, width is 5.5 inches (top panel is 3 inches across), spacing between lower attachments is 5 inches Brand: Planet Bike
List Price: $ 29.99
Price: $ 29.99

Merchant: Bob’s Bicycles
Brand: Planet Bike

Question by Sandra?: Fuji Mountain Bikes?
What brand of mountain bikes are better than Fuji for mountain biking?

Best answer:

Answer by mikewonaus
I like my Cannondale

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Question by .: Do bike shops sell cruiser bikes?
or do they only sell like mountain bikes

i want a pretty bike that i could ride around the neighborhood and a cruiser bike is perfect..

idk whether to go to places like target and walmart or a bike store

Best answer:

Answer by nitebearer
Many good or decent bike shops wil sell a range of models so you should be able to find a decent cruiser. There are shops that specialize more in the mountain and such models as they garner more sales but look around and ask. In some areas I can see you might be limited to the big box store as the demand for cruisers would be small or limited.

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