Fox 32 Float 100 CTD 26 in. Fork 2014 Examination

Today we are featuring item Fox 32 Float 100 CTD 26 in. Fork 2014, an example of one of our Forks from Fox Racing Shox. We give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Fox 32 Float 100 CTD 26 in. Fork 2014

The Fox Float uses an air spring, which keeps the weight very minimal. This version of the Float is from Fox’s Evolution series. Though basic, the version of the Float still has the same quality suspension that Fox is known for. Strong 32mm diameter stanchions cycle smoothly through in order to provide you with reliable travel. 100mm of travel allow you to ride aggressively through treterous XC / enduro trails. For 2014, Fox infused its CTD technology into the Float and have updated the damping. The Float’s air spring now has less breakaway force. Fox also upgraded the Float series by giving it a longer negative spring and reduced the air spring compression ratio for a more linear feel.
You’ll enjoy the perks of Fox’s more expensive forks without breaking the bank.
The Fox Float weighs in at 3.43 lbs. Though it’s incredibly
light, do not be deceived. This fork is as stiff as they come.
CTD is short for Climb, Trail, and Descend. It is a three position on the fly system that provides three distinct compression dampings that you’d typically need on an average ride. CTD is extremely useful on the trail. The rider is quickly able to flip the lever between the three positions, and which results in being used numerously throughout the ride. CTD is much faster than the older click system, where the rider would have to stop and click through to find the proper setting.?
Climb mode has the firmest low- speed compression, which maximizes pedaling efficiency and has minimal suspension movement. Internally, the oil flow is restricted, and can only flow through the Climb port, which limits the suspension’s movement. In the event of a hard impact, the spring loaded blow- off valve will allow the damper to go into its travel. Trail mode provides an optimal blend of pedaling efficiency and control on variable terrain. The oil flow is opened to the mid and high speed compression shim stack. Descend mode provides the rider with the most active suspension. Descend mode is an optimized…
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