Mandible Carbon Bottle Cage Study

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    Attaching A Water Bottle To A Rabbits Cage? How is that done what is the procedure? Thanks!! P.S 10 points for best answer.
    Im getting the rabbit later on today
    how many inches do the bars have to be in order for my bunny ending up with broken legs
    not ending up with broken legs.

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      Most water bottles come with things you need to have attach the bottle to the cage, however, if your bottle did not, or you have lost it along the way, if you have a wire-sided cage, you can easily make another one.

      Take a wire coat hanger and cut it long enough so that when you put the bottle flat against the OUTSIDE of the cage, the wire can latch on to the cage on one side, go around the bottle and then latch onto the other side. Basically, you need the distance from the cage, around the bottle, and then to the cage again, plus about an inch on each side

      Then, once you have the cut hanger, take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the very tip of the wire into a small loop. This will protect you and the rabbit from the sharp edges. Then bend the extra inch on each side into a U.

      Then to attach the bottle to the cage, put the bottle up against the cage so that only the drinking straw is poking through the bars, then simply hook the hanger piece in the bars. ?

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    Hamster Cage, Water Bottle Help Needed Plzzzz? Hi, i have just recently bought new hamster and a new cage which is called habitrail studio limited edition. the cage is pretty cool but it was very annoying to put all the pieces together. anywys now the only problem with it is that the water bottle leaks, i mean when i put the water in the bottle and then put it in the holder, it drops little bit every few minutes, i cant stop the leak,, i think i cant create the proper vacumm in tht bottle. but i tried everything, please any suggestions. thank you

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      I bought a water bottle at my pet store, that was suppose to be a good water bottle for my hamster, and it work great for the first month by the second month it started leaking, i found another water bottle, its a glass water bottle, and that wont leak at all, it holds it, till your hamster drinks from it, a bubble will occur and travel up, and let more water into the bottom so that the hamster can still drink
      i got it at a small pet store here in my city, dont know if petsmart or petco will have it, and the walmart water bottles for hamsters there no good,
      you can also, take water with you when you go to the petstore, and pour the water into the water bottle to try it out to see if it wont leak, thats what i did

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    How To Attach A Water Bottle To A Cage? I put the metal thing from the tag on the water bottle and if you saw my other question on how my guinea pig keeps on staying completely still and then runs and stops whenever a tap comes IT RAN THEN GOT THE WATER BOTTLE DOWN and I don’t wanna put my hand in again to put it up knowing it’ll come down since it’s so loose so is there a way to make it tight and not fall?
    Here’s the bottle(the 16oz one)

    Cage(the purple one)

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      As for the water bottle i made the same mistake, i garbed the one with only one wire. Take the wire and rest the neck of the bottle in it then attach that to the side of the cage. Take some string and tie the top of the bottle to the cage about 1 inch form the top of the bottle. Make the loop just loose enough so you can slip the bottle out and then back in each day when you refill it.

      Or if your dad has a pair or wire clippers, take a wire coat hanger and make a second clip that you put around he neck of the bottle with the one that come with it at the top of the bottle

      The cage will only be acceptable if you be sure to give your guinea pig loads of exercise ever day. It should be in a cage no less then 40″ long.If you see to it it gets good exercise it can be acceptable though.My Miya is in the same cage but 44″ and even with good exercise every once and a while she will tear off across the cage and make a few loops, trust me she uses up all 44″

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    • BUBBA
    • February 10, 2014

    I Need A Good Water Bottle Cage For 40oz Klean Kanteen? I need to start using a 40oz bottle since 27oz no longer cuts it for my rides, does anyone know a nice water bottle cage that will fit the 40oz monster for under $20 and will look nice on my bike. Its a trek 7.3 fx
    Im also trying to cut down on weight and the weight of a large bottle and water with a decent cage is less then 2 bottles with 2 cages.

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      Q. I need a good water bottle cage for 40oz Klean Kanteen?
      I need to start using a 40oz bottle since 27oz no longer cuts it for my rides, does anyone know a nice water bottle cage that will fit the 40oz monster for under $20 and will look nice on my bike. Its a trek 7.3 fx

      A. I took my 40oz klean kanteen and taped it to the downtube of my frame an SE 29er(don’t currently have a cage). It seems to be a little large for this location, my toes came too close for riding comfort. I imagine any metal cage can be bent to your will and fit the 40. It may be best to get a sling. I carry mine in my backback. If you have a rack or panniers it could fit there.


      Keep Riding!

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    Rat Knocks Water Bottle Off Cage? I’ve had my rat for two years, and about 6 months ago she started knocking her water bottle off her cage. Every time I put it on she would go knock it off right away. She stopped for a while, but started doing it again over the past month or two. As soon as I put the water bottle on she goes and starts pulling at the wire hanger and within five minutes the water bottle it laying on the ground. The water bottle is working fine so I know that she’s getting water out. Why does she keep doing this?? It’s really frustrating, and it makes me nervous that she’s not drinking any water because she’s constantly knocking if off. And if she does that at night, or while I’m at school that means that she doesn’t drink anything for 7-8 hours. How can I get her to stop doing this?? I don’t see how this could have anything to do with it, but she has a cyst by her left leg. I noticed it a few months ago, and it’s pretty big now. But she’s still really active, she runs around and climbs on her cage all the time. I don’t know if that has anything to do with this, but yeah.. I just want to make sure she’s okay since she doesn’t drink that often since her water bottle is never on her cage. When I put it back on every once in a while she’ll sit there for a good 5 minutes and drink, then goes and knocks it off. I’ve tried a million different ways of putting it on her cage but she always seems to be able to get it off. Sorry this is so long. Thanks!

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      If she doesn’t have a cagemate, she’s probably very bored.

      as well as having a weakened immune system, lone rats often develop repetitive behaviours, like this (and in worst case scenarios, self mutilation)

      is the bottle on the outside of the cage?
      if you’re currently attaching it to the inside, fix it to the outside, with the spout sticking through the bars.

      if you already have it on the outside, and she’s unhooking the wires, you can get bottles that attach in other ways. some have a sort of clip you fix to the bars that holds the bottle, and some, like the ferplast sippy, have a little cradle that screws on to the bars. they would have to work very hard to detach one of those.

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    How Can I Fix My Ferrets Water Bottle? Sometimes the water wont come out…. i squeeze the bottle and it comes out but then it stops.

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      Water bottles shouldn’t just flow out – otherwise you’d have water all over the cage. They have a ball bearing on the bottom and as the ferret licks the ball bearing it moves and water comes out. So not sure why you’re squeezing the bottle nor am I sure why you’re surprised that it stops when you stop squeezing it?

      A better option for ferrets is a bowl – not a water bottle. Water bottles only give them a drop of water at a time. Ferrets like nice mouthfuls of water. Go to and look at the bowls they have there. The best ones are the “Lockin Crocks” that have a bracket that attaches to the cage bars and a bowl that locks in and out of the bracket.

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    Hamster Water Bottle Keeps Leaking? I recently changed cages of my hamsters and I have tried 2 different water bottles and both of them have leaked all the water out completely. Both bottles are new and both have the ball bearing in them. Is there something I am doing wrong or any tips that would solve this problem? I have had to change all his litter out twice now. or should I just use a bowl of water instead?
    The first bottle came with the new cage and the second one I bought new. I have been in contact with my local vet and pet store, none said should leak or one be better than the other.
    What would you consider cheap? & Why are some of you out there such smart *ss? (you know who you are)

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      Are the water bottles new or from the old cage?

      Check to see if your hamster is playing with the water bottle by chewing on it, or banging it against the cage. The easiest way to do this is to fill the water bottle up and stand it upright in an empty cage or mug or other hamster-free area.

      If the bottle is leaking on its own, check to see if there are any shavings stuck in the tube/ball bearing area that would break the seal between the ball and the tube. Also look for dents or chips in the tube which prevent the ball from sitting flush with the bottom of the tube. The bottle must be hung as upright as possible so that the ball bearing sits at the very botton of the tube.

      Also check the screw-neck of the water bottle to see if there is a rubber seal or gasket there. If the (reservoir part of the) bottle is not air-tight, the bottle will leak, and sometimes defective water bottles are sold that are missing that rubber gasket. Sometimes, rubbing the screws/seal area with a little bit of vaseline will also help make it air-tight.

      Finally, check to see if there are any holes in the water bottle itself. Empty out the water bottle and put your finger over the tube opening. Submerge the whole water bottle in a bucket of water, and look for any bubbles that escape – you should be able to see any cracks or leaks in the molded plastic parts easily.

      If the bottle is missing a rubber seal or has a crack, replacing it should solve the problem.
      If it’s hamster related, you may have to try a different style of bottle or attach it to a place where they cannot bang on it.

      Habitrail minis make a water dish for hamsters called the Mushroom Oasis – it works better than a bowl as it protects the water from shavings a little, and is reasonably tip-proof.

      You can use a bowl of water if nothing else works, but it will get dirty very quickly as bedding gets kicked into it. Some hamsters also like to knock over bowls, so it might flood the cage anyway.

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    How Do You Attach Water Bottle To Imac Bingo Cage? Having problems getting water bottle to work with cage

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      Is it an actual cage or perspex?

      if a cage, get some bendy wire n place it round the bottle, attach it to the cagy metally bits.

      if perspex put the spout in the water hole in the perspex and put the cage against the wall with the water bottle at the back to hold it in.

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    Hamster Water Bottle.? Ok i have probally seriously spent like at least 100 dollars on water bottles this past year.
    i have a hamster. and i have gotten so many water bottles that leak then i have to change the litter the next day. wich cost money.
    i just got a animals planet one yesterday filled it all the way and the WHOLE D*** thing leaked.its frikin empty.
    im so mad i have to spend extra money get yet another water bottle and more litter.
    do you know any water bottles that do not leak or st least not that much.
    im so frikin tired of it.
    its driving me insane.
    so what water bottle would you recomend?
    please and thnx.

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      Some water bottles are sealed with a vacuum – meaning you need to fill it to the very top before screwing the nozzle lid back on. Some water bottles need to be sitting straight, or close to it, or they’ll leak. Water temperature can also play a roll in leaking water bottles.

      With so many problems, I think it’s a combination of the 3 for you. I have more water bottles than I can count, from cheap to expensive, and while some leak, not to the point they’re leaking for you.

      My favorite water bottle brand is Lixit, but that doesn’t mean they won’t leak either – and there’s different types. I like a regular bottle that hangs on the cage, or through the cage bars, and has a ball tube. Hamsters are notorious for playing with the ball tip and making the bottles leak too. You need to check the bottles at least daily.

      Fill the bottle to the very top with water – not ice cold and not hot. I use a Brita pitcher so my water is room temperature, which I find makes a difference. Screw the lid on as tight as you can, and seal. Hang the water bottle up straight so that the water is close to level. See if that makes a difference.

      Edit: Something just dawned on me – all water bottles have a washer in the nozzle lid. Did you lose or throw out those washers? Without the washers, the bottles will just leak out. The washer needs to be seated properly in the lid for it to screw on correctly too. The washer is usually clear or black and they tend to fall off when you go to fill the bottle or when you wash them.

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    • Matt
    • February 24, 2014

    Keeping Water Bottles? I am a tri athlete and purchased carbon fiber water bottle cages. I put two of them back behind my seat to store bottles back there, but when I am out for a bike ride and I hit a bump or something I end up loosing a bottle off my bike, what is an easy fix to keep the bottle on without gluing it or something along those lines. I dont want to buy new cages as they are 40 dollars a piece. Any help is great.

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      They cage manufactures probably have a special type of water bottle that is required. it probably has a complimentary shape that keeps it from popping out. check the cage manufacturers web site. you might also send them an email

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