Ortlieb Saddle Bag Micro Art. F965 Recap

The latest featured product is Ortlieb Saddle Bag Micro Art. F965, an example of one of our Saddle Bags provided by Ortlieb. We give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Ortlieb Saddle Bag Micro Art. F965

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The waterproof and ultra super light weight ORTLIEB Saddle-Bag Micro is particularly designed for use on road and mountain bikes.
The volume of 0.6 L / 0.36 cu. in. offers room for spare tube, repair kit, Powerbar or rain jacket.
The roll closure with elastics ensures tight fixing and compression of the bag. A strong reflector ensures safety in dusk and at night.
The Saddle-Bag Micro is supplied with seat mounting. Optional accessories: further mounting sets (article code E 97) are available e.g. for a second bike, as well as a stap system (article code F 96 E) for fixing to comfort or spring saddles.
Ortlieb Bike Saddle-Bag Classic. If you need a more robust saddle bag, the waterproof ORTLIEB Saddle-Bag PLUS come in different sizes (Small, Medium and Large.)
Available Colors: Slate-Black (Art. No. F9651), Green-Lime (Art. No. F9652), Red-Orange (Art. No. F9653), Mando-Orange (Art. No. F9654)
PS 21 4.5oz (140g) 4.3in (11cm) 4.7in (12cm) 3.1in (8cm) 0.6L
Rubber elastics for fixing the roll closure Lightweight PU coated nylon fabric Waterproof roll closure Scotchlite-3M-reflector Mounting set for saddle included Mounting set available individually for second bike (art. code E 97) Fixing mounted to saddle Fixing plate with release lever
Technical Specs – Ortlieb Micro Saddle Bag
Winner of the EUROBIKE Award 2010
Test Winner of the Magazine MOUNTAINBIKE (2010)
Recommended by Magazine Rad
Additional Info
Technical Specs – Ortlieb Micro Saddle Bag
Only $21.95 – Click here for details…

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  1. Reply

    Breaking A Horse To Saddle Bags? I have a eight year old arabain mare. She has never had saddle bags put on her until today. I layed them on her back. When she ran she would buck and throw them off. I have no round pen to put her in. I’ve been thinking about putting the saddle on her and letting her run in the pasture with the bags tied onto the saddle but I don’t want her to hurt herself. I also have farm equipment in the pasture. What is the best way to break her withour hurt me or her?

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    1. Reply

      I agree putting them on and letting her run around is just adding the stress.

      Instead take her with just a halter and lead rope(no saddle) and rub the saddle bags all over her until she gets use to them. Start at the shoulder on one side and start rubbing her with them. Until she relaxes. Stop and praise her. Then start at the shoulder again but move a little towards her butt. If she starts to get upset keep rubbing and go with her and when she relaxes stop. Keep do that until you can rub them all over her body on both sides, even her legs, belly and head.

      Do that for a few days so it’s pretty solid in her mind. Then start to LIGHTLY toss them like you are lightly slapping her with them. Not enought o hurt or scare her. Repeat that like you did for the above until she is use it.

      Repeat all of that with the saddle on. The reason you do it first without the saddle is so she gets use to it even where the saddle is. Once she can handle that put them on the saddle and just lead/longe her around….Also before you do that just toss them up in place and then slide them down off each side and then off her butt so she gets use to that to.
      After she can handle it at a work then longe her at a trot and a canter. Then put weight in them so she gets use to the way it moves with the weight, some will slap harder.

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  2. Reply

    Homemade Saddle Bags? I want to make a saddle bag for my saddle seat saddles. Where can I find patters for them? Are there patters? Free or cheap?

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    1. Reply

      I got the pattern pack from suitability and loved it!!!! I have pretty much every equestrain pattern they have ever put out and havne’t been disappointed yet. the bags can be a bit tricky, but after your first few they begin to look really nice. For eight dollars you get “#S7400 Saddle and Bridle Carry Bags and Saddle Covers
      The complete tack protection pattern! Quilted and lined saddle carry bags unzip all around – English bag has detachable shoulder strap, Western has loop handles. Center zip English bag has extra room for other items and can be lined with fleece or made unlined with pommel and cantle padding. The bridle bag comes in two sizes. Saddle covers protect your saddles in the tack room; Western version can be made as a rain cover for riding.


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  3. Reply

    Clips For Saddle Bags? I have a barrel racing saddle that I want to take on trail rides, but the problem is … it doesn’t have saddle bag clips. Is there any way I can put clips on it so I can attach saddle bags? Thanks.

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    1. Reply

      You can get D-rings that have a leather attachment on them. You unscrew the rear conchos and put the D-rings on, then screw the conchos back in to hold them in place. Pretty much any saddle shop that does tack repair should have them or you can make your own with a couple D-rings and some wide leather strips. Don’t load your saddle bags too heavy or you can pull the conchos out, found this out the hard way. Bliss gave me a really good way to lace the saddle strings through the tree of the saddle but it is a pretty in-depth project. I can link you her answer to my question about it if you want.

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    • Nici
    • February 13, 2014

    Saddle Bags? What is the best exercise to get rid of saddlebags??

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    1. Reply

      Unfortunately, saddle bags are sagging skin so exercise won’t help. Exercise helps to lose fat but not excess or stretched skin. I am 5’4″ and weighed 185 pounds for over 20 years. Three years ago, I changed my life and lost 75 pounds in about 1 1/2 years. But because I was overweight for so long, I now have stretched skin causing saddle bags and such and only liposuction will help.

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    • Katsy
    • February 15, 2014

    **Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag-tote Or Not??!** Hi,

    This question is aimed at handbag enthusiasts.

    I am debating about purchasing the Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag which is a lovely bag. However you can either go for the tote (which is the two handled one, which can be worn over the arm) or the single strap one which is designed for across the body, i cannot decide which is the best one!
    Any advice would be great


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    1. Reply

      OMG you are so lucky! I love the dior gaucho bag. I envy you lol!
      Anyway, whilst i get over myself lol, i think the that the tote is best option, because it can be used everyday and will compliment every outfit. Whereas the over the body will go over your outfit, but it might be better if you work in a city, because no pick pockets will be able to get near it lol. It depends on your personal preference, i think a tote is best for everyday use, it will go with everything.

      Anyway who cares which one you get as long as it’s dior! OMG i envy you so so much!

      Have fun with your bag!
      Enjoy it doll, whichever one you choose!
      still so envious ?

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  4. Reply

    What Saddle Bags For Honda Shadow ACE 1100? I just bought a 1995 Honda Shadow 1100 ACE, and would like to put a set of saddle bags on it. I have looked around online, and the choices are endless. I have read that many bags will not fit the ACE because of the short distance between the top of the rear fender and the exhaust. I know virtually nothing about these or how they mount. Can anybody point me in the direction of a good, economical set of bags for a Shadow ACE? Also, I keep seeing mounting hardware for bags. Do I need it? Thanks!!

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    1. Reply

      River Road makes a nice set of bags that fit.

      I put a set on a shadow sabre 1100 with a set of brackets with a key lock.
      EZ Brackets I think they are called. All steel, black and custom fit to the bike model.

      Best thing I ever did to a bike.

      I remember the website it was Cruiser Customizing.com

      The bags were definitely River Road.
      They look like leather but they aren’t, not cheap plastic either, you really can’t tell even close up.

      Once mounted it makes it so you can easily put the bags on and lock them to the bike or take them off and take them with you.

      About 1 1/2 hours work for both bags.

      You have to drill a hole in the bag to attach them to the mounts, but a dab of silicone seals it 100%.
      If you want to (I did) line the inside of the bags with a piece of 18ga sheet metal.
      That way whatever I put in the bag rests on the sheet metal and not the bottom of the bag.
      That’s where that extra 1/2 hour came from.

      Check it out you wont be sorry.

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  5. Reply

    Saddle Bag For An English/western Cross Saddle? Im riding an australian saddle out on the trails (english/ western cross) and it doesnt have a horn. i really want a saddle bag though…have any of you heard of/ seen a saddle bag for a saddle without a horn?

    i want something like this (only different) http://farmandfleet.com/catalog/product.aspx?i=546439&h=090303004&p=1

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    1. Reply

      Try some of these links…


      This site sells saddle pads that allow you to use any kind of saddle bag with an austrailian saddle!

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