Great Buy: Grabber MPI Space All Weather Blanket / Tarp

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    Bed And Sheets Cleaning/maintenance Advice For A Squirter? So, I don’t really want to get too rude with this question, but let’s just say that I am a squirter and that there is also dripping that occurs “down there” during intimate moments.. (it’s not pee.. it’s like squirting clear liquid or creamy…)

    Because of this… I have to change my sheets pretty much every other night (at least) and it often soaks through my sheets or even blankets. I’ve tried putting a towel down, but it doesn’t help because its hard to stay in that area of the towel and it soaks through sometimes anyways.

    Also.. I have a plastic liner underneath my sheets so it doesn’t stain my mattress, but I want my bed to be clean!!! How can I make sure that everything is sanitary and clean and get rid of wetness on my bed after I squirt? Also, what is your advice on cleaning pillows (because it can like shoot out pretty far, it sometimes gets on pillows) and the bed liner?

    I’m sorry if this seems gross to some people. This is a serious question, even if it seems ridiculous.

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      Try covering your bed with camping tarp before you engage in your activities.

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    Party At School – Weird Theme, What Should I Wear? The theme is…


    i need help deciding what to wear. i thought:
    cling film
    bin liners
    can you think of any thing/ (please don’t say go naked – its annoying!)

    thank you so much!!

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      bath towels
      trash bags
      seat covers
      shower curtain
      throw rugs

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    How Can I Stay Warm Tonight? I’m going to stay out in a field tonight. I can’t really take much stuff with me; I can only take a rucksack. What can I put in to keep me warm cos I can hardly put a blanket and pillows etc into it can I? Shall I just wear loads of layers like 2 pairs of trousers and wear coats/jumpers, and try to squeeze a blanket in? What do you think?
    Don’t say don’t go lol

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      Firstly, it doesn’t really sound as though you have much experience with sleeping in the great outdoors. Follow my tips and pack everything I tell you to, and you’ll be fine. ? This is a bit long-winded, but you’ll at least learn something you can use!

      CAMPING 101

      The easiest thing I could tell you would be to pack a tent, sleeping bag, and a pillow, and YES, you can carry those on a backpack. You just have to know how. You’ll need bungee cords (preferable), or some sort of string or twine.

      IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TENT: Bring at least two largish tarps (three is better), a roll of twine or string, and a roll of duct tape. If you don’t have tarps, bring a whole shitload of plastic bin liners. Like, make off with the box. NOTE: You need to be near two rather close trees to make this work properly.

      Find a patch of ground that is slightly raised in comparison to the rest – a number one camping rule is that you never make your bed in a hollow, unless you like going for a freezing cold midnight swim.

      – Duct-tape two of the tarps together lengthwise to make one really big tarp, or tape about eight garbage bags together.

      – Tie one end of the twine to one tree, run it under the join of the tarps (or the middle of your liner-sheet), and tie it to the other tree. Don’t make it too high; the peak of your tent should be maybe three feet off the ground.

      – Put the other tarp underneath.

      – Weigh down the edges of the ‘roof’ with rocks. Pine needles, grass, and soil can provide a little bit of insulation, and will stop the wind from coming in under the edges of your ‘tent.’

      – Fold the open corners around one of the trees, or, if it’s too far away, tape the end shut and weigh it down as well. Leave the other end open for use as a door. Tada! Insta-makeshift-tent. ?

      IF YOU DON’T HAVE A SLEEPING BAG: A few blankets will do just fine. Make sure they’re fleece or quilted. Roll them just like you would a sleeping bag, and put inside two plastic bags.

      – Roll your pillow and extra bedstuffs into your sleeping bag. Unless your pack gets soaked, they’ll stay dry. Put them inside garbage bags and tie tightly for transport.

      – Find the biggest and sturdiest pack you can (I’m not sure if you have an actual rucksack or are referring to a schoolkid’s backpack)

      – Line your pack with two bin liners. Two is much better than one because it’ll be less likely to tear.

      – ROLL all of your clothing as tightly as possible. You’ll fit a helluva lot more in. Shove it into the bottom of your pack inside the plastic bags, with what you’ll be needing last in the morning on the bottom. This means you really don’t want to pack your toothbrush, toilet paper, etc., under everything else.

      – Once everything is in, fold the bin liners over carefully so that nothing is directly exposed.

      – Run the twine or bungee cords under the top flap or the shoulder straps of the pack. Put the tent or sleeping bag on top, and then stretch or loop each end of the bungee or twine around the ends of the tent or sleeping bag and hook or tie it to itself. This will probably be easier to do if the pack is lying down.

      – Then, depending on what you put on top, put the other on the front of the pack, right underneath the previous item – loop the bungee or twine the same way, but through the bungee or twine on the top item. You could also tie a strap through the bungee or twine on this around the pack so it stays put better.

      – This will probably feel oddly weighted, but it’s better that the weight be on the top rather than the bottom – the latter can damage your back.

      Contrary to popular belief, the fewer clothes you wear to bed, the warmer you’ll be. This is because there aren’t any layers of clothing for your body heat to work through and warm up before it starts bouncing off the covers back at you. Also, if you wear clothes to bed, there’s not nearly as much room for the air to circulate. and be trapped. If you’re in a position to sleep in the buff, I’d recommend it. If not, as close to it as you can get.

      If you have any further questions, feel fre to e-mail me. ?

      Good grief, what a long post. O_o

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    Im Going Camping At The River Tomorrow What Stuff Should I Bring?

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      Foam Underneaths Air Bed Sheets Quilt
      Swag Pump Blanket Sleeping Bag
      Mattress Pillow

      Cleaning & Hygiene
      Pegs Scourer Wash-up brush
      Nappy Sacks Tea & Hand Towels Wiping Sponge Wash-up Bucket/Basin
      Washing Powder Detergent Washer Sponge Rubbish Bags/Bin Liners
      Washing Basket Spray & Wipe Gloves Rubbish Bin

      Gladwrap Alfoil Kettle Tongs
      Tupperware Containers Cooking Tray Egg Flip BBQ Tongs
      Steamer and Pot Saucepan Egg Flip Non Stick Apron
      Matches/Lighter Fry Pan

      Cooking with Gas
      Gas Fittings/Conversions Gas Stove Gas Stove Stand Shifter x 2
      Gas Bottle Wind Shield

      Cutlery & Kitchen
      Serving Spoon Wooden Spoon Mugs Table Cloth
      Forks Cutting Board Wine Glasses Cheese Grater
      Knives Plates Mixing Bowl Colander
      Spoons – Dessert Bowls (Breakfast/Dessert) Can Opener Sharp Knives
      Teaspoons Cups Cork Screw

      Entertainment & Recreation
      Bikes Novels/Books Board Games Stories for round the camp fire
      Bike Pump Card Games Pen, Paper etc.

      Table Chairs Hammock

      Candles Gas Bottle Gas Light Fluro Light
      Matches/Lighter Shifter x 2 Spare Mantles Gas Light Extension

      Medical & Safety
      First Aid Kit Medications (pills etc) Nasal spray Cold & Flu Tablets
      Insect Repellent Panadol Vicks Toilet Paper
      Mosquito Coils Fly spray Muscular Cream

      Coins for Phones/Washing/Showers Shopping Bags

      Ear Plugs Warm Clothing Sunglasses Watch
      Hiking Boots Socks Wallet Camera & film
      Walking Shoes Belts Money Umbrella
      Underwear Togs/Swimmers Credit Cards Raincoat
      Shorts Reefs/Thongs Alarm Clock Jacket
      Shirts Bath Towel

      Esky Ice Dry Ice Ice Pack

      Bibles Bread Wine Cups Exhortation/Sermon
      Good Clothes Wine

      Door Mats Tent Poles Rope Fly
      Tent Tent Pegs Tarp Repair Tape
      Groundsheets Hammer

      Hair Brush Toothpaste Shaver Shampoo & Conditioner
      Toothbrush Soap Shaving Cream Deodorant

      Gas Regulator Hose Torch

      Picnic Blanket Water Bottle Snacks & Drinks Baby Carry Pouch
      Backpack for day walks

      gOOD LuCk HaVe FuN!!!!!

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