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Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus Panniers (Pair) Recap

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Today we are highlighting item Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus Panniers (Pair), a great example of one of our Panniers provided by Ortlieb. We give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus Panniers (Pair)

360deg View
Classical rear pannier with lid and QL2 system.
From 2009 on, the panniers are supplied with further features and new design: waterproof, mounted outer pockets with lid closure offer more space and quick access to small utensils.
With its classical lid closure the waterproof rear pannier Bike-Packer Plus allows fast access to the bag’s interior. An internal double drawstring snow flap provides additional protection against dust, humidity and snow. A fixed inner pocket with main compartment and zippered mesh pocket helps organising items inside the bag.
The ORTLIEB QL2 system allows fast and easy single-handed mounting and removal of the panniers. The QL2 hooks can be adapted to the rack without requiring any tools, and are suitable for racks with a tube diameter from 8mm to 16 mm (differently sized hook inserts are included).
Once on the rack, the hooks close automatically. For removal, you simply lift the pannier by its carrying handle. Quick and easy!
The elliptical hook rail on the lower rear side of the pannier serves for additional fixation and prevents the bag from moving around. Thanks to the rotating QL2 hook the mounting system is compatible with almost any bike rack.
The Bike-Packer Plus can be carried comfortably with an included shoulder strap (also new in 2009).
Available Colors: in Graphite (art.# F272), Red (art.# F271), Yellow (art.# F275), Hazel (art.# F276) and Black (art.# F273)
System (?)
IP (?)
40L 73oz (2.07kg) QL2 d5/w4 1800 15600
QL2 mounting System 3D-welding Dust/snow gasket under the lid with cord
Inner pocket
Rear pannier made of Cordura‚ fabric
New in 2009
Waterproof, 3-dimensional front pocket Bottom feet Shoulder strap with snap hooks
Award by VSF e.
V. (Association of Independent Bicycle Dealers) 2008 Bike magazine RADtouren, Recommendation TOP Product, 01/2008 Test Winner in the Finnish…
Only $203.95 – Click here for details…

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Today’s featured product, Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus Panniers (Pair), was was selected from the category Panniers.

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    Front Panniers, Yea Or No? I’m going on a long bike tour, as you probably guessed, and my backpacks are interfering with my pedals because they are so full. i could fix the problem by stacking more on top of my rear rack, or i could get front racks. i’ve heard a few suggestions that front racks should be avoided unless totally necessary, though i’ve forgotten why. so would it be better to stack my gear and have all the weight in the back, or balance it out with a pair of front racks?

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    1. Reply

      There are 2 different styles of front rack. A loaded high front rack will create an unstable steering condition, whereas a loaded low-rider front rack will stabilize your steering.
      The whole idea is to equalize and balance the whole load. I prefer to use large, low-rider, front panniers with my heavy stuff. The mid-weight stuff is loaded in mid-size, rear panniers, and the lighter stuff is on top of the rear rack. Each grouping is balanced side-to-side.
      Loading low, front panniers will change your steering characteristics, and will take a bit of practice to get used to.

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  2. Reply

    Rear Panniers? Vaude karakorum , independent advice , to buy or not buy , lot of pannier but not sure !

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    1. Reply

      I don’t know about “Vaude Karakorum”, but I have owned the Cannondale front and rear panniers for the last 18 years, and overall I’ve been satisfied with them. They are more expensive, and if you use them a lot, they will have to have to be patched and have worn out zippers replaced.

      I hardly ever use the front panniers except when I tour. I like the fact that the Cannondale bags have a frame and open from the side, so they can support camping gear or pizzas on top with bungee chords. A lot of bags have no frame, so you would have to pack them just so they can support a load on top of the rack. Top loading bags would be better for carrying long items that extent out of the bag, but the Cannondales can still do it by closing the zipper from both sides to secure the item poking out the top.

      They come on and off easily — maybe too easily. I wish there was a way to lock the bags to the frame or rack so that I could lock the zippers together with small travel locks and not have to take them off all the time to avoid theft. 4 panniers can be hard to carry with your hands. Maybe, they should be designed to carry on your back somehow?

      I used to use my rear Cannondale bags every day, but now I am in the habit of buying $5 shoulder bags at thrift stores. They are cheap, easier to carry, and are better for carrying things like glass jars and long items that extend out of the bag.

      Keep in mind that if you plan on touring like I have, 4 pannier bags may not be able to carry all your camping gear, food, tools, clothing, etc, and the bike may not be able to take the weight. In such a case, you would need a trailer or a 2nd person to help carry heavy tools and camping gear. You should have a 2nd person to split the cost of hotel rooms and for safety anyways.

      If you plan on just using hotels and restaurants when you tour, then 4 panniers should do the job; however, on my last tour, I wished I had had a tent because it can be hard when you have to make it to the next town to get a room when it’s late and dark. Hotels tend to pressure you out of the room by 11:00 A.M. anyways, so why pay for 1/2 of a nights sleep.

      I also bought the Cannondale handlebar bag and the Cannondale seat bag, but I took them back because they were so small that they were not worth it. Of course they would work if we didn’t have to worry about theft. I have lost 1 bear bell and 2 computers (I don’t know why they steal these without a mount???), proving that anything not locked or fastened gets stolen.

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  3. Reply

    Lolita Pannier? I want a lolita organdy pannier but i can’t find one. are there any stores or websites anyone suggests?

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    1. Reply

      A pannier isn’t a skirt, it’s underwear that’s meant to poof out a skirt. You’re never ever supposed to wear one without a skirt while wearing lolita. (Unless you’re doing punk lolita, then sometimes it looks okay.)
      I wouldn’t buy from cosmates, their things are generally very low quality. While that wouldn’t matter much since it’s not meant to be seen, I think that the majority of their panniers aren’t really poofy enough.
      Petticoats and panniers are basically the same thing, knowing that will hopefully help your search.
      http://www.inthestarlight.com's poof petticoat is very nice, I have one myself. It is a tad pricey for something like that though, so I would try http://www.annahousefashion.com
      Anna House’s prices are in HONG KONG DOLLARS, so after you convert them to US dollars their stuff is very nicely priced. Their shipping is a bit expensive, though, it’s probably only worth buying from there if you’re going to buy one or two other things while you’re at it to get a better deal on shipping. All their things are very nicely priced and very good quality.

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  4. Reply

    Question About Bike Panniers? If you only use one pannier, will you be off balance. Is it better to just use two but not fill them up all the way.

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    1. Reply

      Front panniers (low riders) are best used weight balanced, but unless a single rear pannier is heavy (more than 10-15 lbs / 5-7 kg) it won’t make the bike unstable. That said, balancing the weight between two panniers is preferable.

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  5. Reply

    Yamaha Thundercat Panniers? I have a 1997 yamaha thundercat i am wanting to know where i can get some side panniers for it and will they obstruct the pillion i live on yourshire uk but will pay postage and i am willing to travel to pick them up.

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    1. Reply

      The only company which makes (or made…) hard luggage that will fit a Thundercat, is Nonfango. If you can’t track down a set, you’ll just have to use some throw-over panniers instead.

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    • Ben
    • February 22, 2014

    Bicycle Pannier Bag Suitable For Racquets? Are there any cyclists and racquet sports players out there who can recommend me a decent sized, modestly priced pannier bag for my new bike? I will need to carry two racquets (for tennis, badminton, squash) for the most part, maybe fitting one in each side. Right now I am carrying them in a rucksack which works well as I can fit two racquets in its laptop compartment but would like to have my back completely free when I ride. Has anyone else done this?

    Cheers in advance.

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