Here is a Schwalbe Tube AV Schraeder 14 to 28 All Sizes

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    Would You Recommend Tire Liners Or Self Sealing Tubes Or Both? When all I use is a $5 tube I get flats every week from thorns.

    Do they sell self sealing tubes or tire liners for 26 x 1.0 tires
    Or should I rely on patch kits, I don’t want to buy a new tube everytime I run over something sharp
    How many repairs does 1 patch kit do, how likely are you to get a flat again with a patched tube vs a tube that hasn’t been punctured in the 1st place.

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      I would go with tire liners. Slime tubes just doesn’t work as good as you think. Tire liners however works pretty well. Some good brands are rhino dillo, stop flats 2, or Mr. Tuffy. Once I got a flat 3 times on the same tire. So it doesn’t matter, a tube that isn’t punctured is as likely to get another flat than a tube that has a patch on it. You would have to pump up your tires a lot more with a patched tube, because it loses air like a latex tube.

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    Question On Self-sealing Tire Tubes And Tire Liners? When a self-sealing inner tire tube is punctured (up to 1/8″), it is said to reseal itself. But does it reseal the puncture for good or does it just give me enough time to get to a place where I can change / patch the inner tube?

    Also, does using tire liners affect the tires in any way at all (aside from keeping me from having flat tires)? I have a mountain bike but I use it only on paved trails.

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      In my experience, sealing tires tend to be a little heavier then regular tires but they work for small thorns. If you happen to ride over a nail, they never seemed to work. I’ve found it a little harder to fill air into self-sealing tires as well.

      Tire liners are very easy to install if you have tire removal tools. They just slide between the tube and your tire. I have never had problems with them but I have used them with self-sealing tires(used to ride near star thistle patches and killed too many tires). Most tire liners only protect a small section though and if you get a spike through the side, it will still puncture the tube.

      One warning about a tire liner: be sure the liner is secure in place when you put it in before inflating the tire. If the liner is askew, it can pinch the tube and eventually punch a hole in it. Also, most tire liners will throw the balance of your tire off a little.

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    Will Tire/tube Liners Make A Mountain Bike Slower? I bought some tire liners to prevent puncture flats, will they make the bike go slower on the roads?

    Also bought this tube to replace my tube that had a puncture flat today
    Should I still fill the tire to the psi that the tire says with a liner and thicker tube inside?
    Later I want to get slick thinner tires, do they sell liners for 26 x 1.4”

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      The bike should still be able to travel at the same speed but due to the laws of physics it will take more effort to accelerate to the same speed with the heavier tubes than the lighter tubes.

      It basically comes down to what you want. lighter tubes means more likely to get punctures but less effort required to travel at a certain speed so you’ll likely be faster

      or the heavier tube which will require more effort to keep up with the speed of the lighter tube so the slower you will likely be but they are more resistant to flats but can still get them from time to time.
      Yes still fill up the tire to the same psi as recommended on the tyre.
      The higher the psi the less likely the tyre is to pinch flat and more straight line speed due to less rolling resistance of the tyre and a slightly increased radius, decrease the pressure a little bit for more cornering grip.
      These effects might or might not be noticeable depending on how you ride. ie if you try your hardest every time you ride and push the bike to its limits you will notice it, but if you ride just casually it wont be as noticeable.

      I ride a All Mountain bike and see the psi effects a lot I use about 45psi on the road and roughly 25 on the track but for road cycling most likely best to keep within the pressures recommended on the tyre

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    What Is The Best Tire/inner Tube Sealant For A Bike?? Besides The Slime, I Mean Something Real Good? Lately i had a lot punctures in my tire and as a consequence in the inner tube, so i was use the slime but it just go out in each puncture, so is there another brand can somebody recommend me??
    cause im tired to patch and patch again, im a regular bike rider so i use the bicycle all the year in all seasons

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      Use Mr Tiffy tire liners they are much better then any slime. It’s a plastic liners that goes between the tire and tube and provides added protection. Some of the other liners can cut the tube by them self but Mr Tuffy is the best. Check your tire pressure often

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