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    Changing Headlamps For 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora….? My husband recently passed away and I (at age 81) have a burned out headlight. The policeman was very kind but told me I have only 5 days to get this fixed. I have no neighbors or family to help and I can’t fix this. My grandsons friend said he would help if I had the owners manual. I have no clue where my husband put the owners manual and now I’m stuck.

    Does anyone have a clue how I could get a copy of the page that describes how to change it.

    If my husband had only not gone fishing that day. God bless his soul. He was such a great man and I miss him so much during this holiday period. For years he was so good to keep things like this fixed and now I’m alone and no way to repair.

    Thank you in advance!

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      If you were in my neighborhood I would help for sure. It isn’t likely though so if you have a good parts store in the area you live, they will sometimes install the bulb when you purchase it from them. All you can do is ask, and the worse they can say is no.
      There should be two black tabs on top of the headlamp assembly, pull them straight up and the headlamp should come out the front of the car, and at the back of the unit you will see one or two sockets that connect to the backside. They should have two tabs on them you can squeeze, turn them either clockwise or counter clockwise. Then pull it straight out, do not touch the bulb, the oils on your hands, or fingers will likely cause it to burn out, or shatter when it is turned on. Remove and install the lamp into the socket, install the socket into the headlamp, check it to see if it is working properly, and re-install the headlamp. Good luck.

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    Fixing Headlamps For My Car? Is fixing headlamps for my car a Ford Escort Do it Your self?
    Can i do it with the help of a mate?

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      What do you mean by “fixing”? if by fixing you mean replace the headlamp bulbs then i would say yes most do-it-yourselfers can replace headlamps fairly easy some parts houses will even install them for free,
      but if you mean fixing as in no voltage to the headlamp then its a yes/no answer, why yes and no? because i don’t know how much experience you have with tracking down wiring problems etc, here’s some common hints to help if you have no voltage at the headlamps check the fuse’s there may be 2 or 4 fuses depending on what year it is.
      check the headlamp relays.
      visually inspect as much of the headlamp wiring you can see for burn, cut, or chaffed wires.

      if you decide to push further then you will need a voltage meter and a good schematic of your headlamp wiring. Haynes manual from most parts stores are easiest to read Chilton’s manuals are great also if your more technically inclined.
      the main object is to find where the voltage has stopped in most cars it will run something like this , fuse to light switch to relay/or headlamp, if yours runs to a relay then you will need to check for ground – switchable positive voltage “headlamp switch” – constant positive voltage which will be fused again under the hood most of the time in the same fuse box as the relays – output positive voltage to headlamps and whether or not the relay itself is faulty. by this time you should have found your problem and have +12v to the headlamps, most common failures with headlamps are bad bulbs, bad fuses, bad relays, faulty headlamp switch on the dash or multi switch on steering column, i have found few problems to be from the wiring itself unless the car has been wreaked then check all wires.

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    • Henry
    • February 10, 2014

    Difference In Automotive Headlamps Converversion Kits? I’ve recently upgraded my headlight wattage from 60/55w (standard) to 130/100w and of course before anything else they said they install “relay” to avoid damaging the wirings and electrical parts

    i saw in the net they are selling a conversion kit packed in a box.

    Now, my question is..what consist of that conversion kit? and the difference between my relay? because the auto accessories dealer they manually assemble some relays, wirings and packed it with electrical tape.

    are they just the same content between my “relay” and “conversion kits”?


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      On the cheap kits like some you see on ebay they come with a housing and a h-3 or 4 bulb it plugs right in but the higher wattage of the bulbs generates more heat and can overload your headlamp switch, they have a thermal overload built into them so if they get hot they turn off tillthey cool again so as not to fry your wiring

      the relay allows the switch to turn on and flip the contact in the relay so battery power can power your lamps and keep the duty off the headlamp switch

      I would definatly use the relay even of you buy a cheaper net set, that way you avoid losing your lights on a nighttime trip

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    Xenon Versus Halogen Headlamp? Is there any point to me paying an extra ??1,000+ to have my new car fitted with Xenon headlamps when I can simply change the Halogen bulbs for Xenon bulbs after taking delivery of the car? I presume there is some advantage to having a proper Xenon headlamp setup, but what is it?

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      Xenon are halogen and they tend to be brighter. Bulbs can be bought for a little more dosh than a standard one with Xenon in them.
      What you are asking about is HID (High Intensity Discharge lights. Automotive HID lamps are commonly called “xenon headlamps”, though they are actually metal halide lamps that contain xenon gas.

      Halogen bulbs whether Xenon filled or not are totally different and not interchangeable with HID.

      HID are the ones that produce the whiter sharper light and cost mega money for new bulbs – given the option I would not have them and stick with an ideal ly acceptable normal ones.

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