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Ritchey WCS C-260 Carbon Matrix Stem Analysis

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Today we are highlighting product Ritchey WCS C-260 Carbon Matrix Stem, one of the most popular items from the Handlebars And Stems category brought to you by Ritchey. Check out the sales price! Like it? There’s more We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Ritchey WCS C-260 Carbon Matrix Stem

Ritchey WCS C260 Stem The Ritchey WCS C260 Carbon Matrix stem blends light weight with high strength performance to give you a cockpit that tracks straight and true. The WCS C260 Carbon Matrix adds a carbon exoskeleton that makes the Ritchey WCS C260 Carbon stem the stiffest Ritchey stem gram for gram. The WCS line for Ritchey is the gold standard for performance and the rainbow stripes represent
Ritchey’s numerous World Championships won on Ritchey products. Right off, you notice that the clamp on the Ritchey WCS C260 Carbon Matrix wraps a full 260 degrees around the handlebar to distribute clamping stress more evenly through the handlebar, faceplate, hardware, and stem body. Ritchey can make the WCS C260 Carbon Matrix a bit lighter because the handlebar clamping force is supported more by the stem then by the faceplate. The steerer clamp on the Ritchey WCS C260 Carbon Matrix also receives similar treatment with 3 smaller then normal M4 bolts to reduce clamping force on the steerer tube.
What is more difficult to see is Ritchey’s aim at keeping the WCS C260 Carbon Matrix stem strong and fatigue resistant. The Ritchey WCS C260 Carbon passes CEN certification (one of the industries most rigorous standards for safety in the bicycle industry). The Ritchey WCS C260 Carbon Matrix is built using 7050 aluminum that is 3d forged and internally machined to reduce weight and then wrapped with a carbon exoskeleton making it 14% stiffer the the alloy WCS C260 stem! Premium chromoly bolts are used throughout in a smaller M4 size to save weight without compromising strength.
Due to the 260 degree handlebar clamp, the WCS C260 Carbon Matrix will not fit handlebars with aero section flat tops.
Claimed weight: 117g (100mm) Suggested Use: Road/XC
Handlebar Clamp: 31.8mm
Rise: 6 degrees
Steerer Clamp: 1 1/8?
Will not fit drop handlebars with aero section flat tops
On Sale $159.95 $136.99 – Click here for details…

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Today’s highlighted item, Ritchey WCS C-260 Carbon Matrix Stem, was was chosen from the category Handlebars And Stems.

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  1. Reply

    Finding A Handlebar Stem For A Mid 90s Bianchi Giro? I need to find a new handlebar stem for my dad’s old bike… The problem with the one he has on it is he’s 6’2″, I’m 5’10” My legs are as long as his, but his torso and arms are much longer than mine. The stem on it is about six inches long. I just need one maybe an inch long.

    It’s an old red Bianchi Giro. It has the Campagnolo parts on it. I think the stem and all is original, the only thing he’s changed is the wheels, and the seat that I know… I’m not sure is the handlebars are original. I think they’re 66-44 Cinelli handlebars… That’s all I could read on them, anything else was covered.
    On the fork, the decal on the sides say, I believe ‘columbus foderi thron’ Though I googled that, and couldn’t come up with anything when I included ‘thron’, so I may have written something down that was incorrect.

    I’ve gone to REI, in fact I went to one in Arizona, when I lived in Phoenix, so you’d think that one might have something to help, and asked if they could help me with finding the stem for a mid 90s Bianchi, and the guy said he didn’t have anything.

    But, I was hoping someone here might know, and could help?

    Or if you just know of a good website that sells older cycling parts that might have it that I could call to ask.

    (Currently, pictures of the bike are not possible, as I’ve lent it to someone, and won’t have it back until tomorrow. I could always email requested pictures, if anyone so wishes, I suppose)

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    1. Reply

      Stems are measured in mm or cm. You have to measure precisely “about” 6 inches won’t work. Measure from the center of the recessed allen bolt at the top of the stem to the center of the bar clamp. The stem is probably 120 or 130 mm long. You should not buy a stem much less than 90 mm long or steering will be affected, it will become very twitchy. Cinelli bars use a unique diameter 26.2mm so you will need a stem that will fit your bar. Most quill stems use 25.8 or 26 mm clamp diameter, so you will have to find an 80 or 90mm Cinelli stem for your bar. Your alternative is to buy a new bar as well, which will give you a larger choice of stems. Columbus Thron tubing was common in entry level bikes, it is a good quality steel tubing, just a notch below SL tubing found in mor expensive bikes of that era. It could be that you could move the saddle a bit farther forward to get the position you want and still have not be too far forward in relation to the bottom bracket. You could experiment a bit to see if that works.

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  2. Reply

    Handlebars Coming Out Of Stem? My bike’s handlebars are sliding out of the stem, to the point where it was fully loose once and I wouldn’t be able to use the bike. I can also turn the handlebars forwards and backwards. I had to hammer the bars back in. How can I tighten the bars to avoid this problem (tools, replacements, etc.?).

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    1. Reply

      Not quite enough information. Are the bars steel or aluminum? Is the stem steel or aluminum? Does the stem hold the handlebars using 2 or 3 or 4 bolts with a cover that clamps onto the middle of the bar? Is this a BMX? A road bike? A mountain bike? What is the brand and model of the bike?

      1) If you ever use a hammer on the bike again I’ll have the bicycle detectives take it away from you.

      2) If the bars are held to the stem as described above, loosen the (2 or 3 or 4) bolts and slide the bar back into place. Snug each bolt in succession a little at a time making sure the cover pulls in evenly- there should be an even gap all around the cover. Once the bolts are snug use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts to the correct setting. Do NOT guess.

      3) If your bars slide into the stem and there is just one bolt “pinching” the stem shut, loosen, center, and retighten the pinch bolt. If the stem closes all the way before the bar is tight, replace the bar AND stem- it was probably overtightened during assembly and the bar has probably been crushed (even if you can’t see it) and/or the stem has stretched.

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  3. Why Do Mountain Bikes Have Those Ridiculous Handlebar Stems That Stick Forwards? I’ve searched and asked all over the place and just can’t find the answer to this question. I’ve been riding sportbikes for years (gsxr), and also riding dirt bikes for years, and love both. Well I was sort of considering buying a mountain bike for riding places motorized bikes aren’t allowed.

    Well I just tried riding a couple mountain bikes and they felt extremely akward steering them, and the reason why seems to be the silly handlebar stem that stick like 5 inches in front of the fork tube.

    See on a dirt bike the handlebars are basically clamped directly to top of the shocks, same with a sportbike, handlebars right on top ot the shocks basically. This feels perfect, the pivot point is right in the center of the handlebars.

    Well on a mountain bike, the handlebars are like 5 inches in front of the actual pivot point. It feels rediculous to me, rather than just steer, it basically causes you to throw your whole body each way. I think the handlebars should bolt directly above the fork tube so the pivot point is right in the middle of the handlebars like it is on any sportbike and dirt bike. Why are they not like that?

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    1. Reply

      When determining what stem length to use a lot needs to be considered. With a short the stem the steering is less twitchy and more stable when going fast, this is one of the reasons on a mc the handle bar is mounted to the upper triple clamp. With a mtn bike you will not see the speeds a mc is capable of and at these lower speeds a longer stem can help, now if you are going under 15mph and climbing a longer stem helps by allowing quicker turning. The trick is to find a stem that gives you the best over all handling and this depends on where and how you ride. On a mtn bike you have a lot of options on tailoring the way your bike handles, on a motorcycle you are limited to a few minor changes and must work with-in what the factory dealt you, on a street mc you have very little adjustment on a mx you can find a few handle bars that change the steering offsets (Answer and a few others made their names on custom bars). Just keep in mind when it comes to mtn bikes you are not stuck with what factory gave you and that you can tailor the way the bike handles to suit you.

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  4. Reply

    Ezip HANDLEBAR Adjustable STEM? I want to adjust my HANDLEBAR adjustable STEM on my Ezip curry electric bike.I want to raise the smaller piece. On one side the allen head came off with ease but the other side won’t budge. I am afraid it might strip it. Any suggestions?
    eZip Ecoride

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    1. Reply

      You should pay special attention to the owners manual.

      There is a little yellow sticker surrounding that bolt that tells you NOT TO LOOSEN IT. That was your first error.

      There is a bolt UNDER the stem, on that “smaller piece” that holds a wedge in place. Retighten the bolt you loosened to the correct torque (don’t guess), then loosen the wedge bolt until the extension (that smaller piece) can be rotated. Align it as desired, then retighten.

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  5. Reply

    Shortening A Roadbikes Handlebar Stem (professional Opinion Prefered)? Just wondering if i was to cut the stem to make shorter and then put it back in would i ruin my bike in the process or have i just got to be careful not to go too far with it?

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    1. Reply

      It isn’t clear what part of the stem you want to cut. If it is a quill stem and you want to cut the quill shorter, you would also have to find a shorter bolt for the wedge, the threads on the original bolt are probably not long enough. Also depends on what type of wedge it has. In any case, unless your bike has a very short head tube all you would have to do is to lower the stem rather than cutting it. Any weight savings would be very small. If you are talking about the forward extension of the stem, you can’t cut that at all, your only choice is to buy a stem with a shorter extension.

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    • David
    • February 20, 2014

    Can You Adjust A Road Bike Handlebar Stem? Is there any way that you can adjust the angle of a handlebar stem that is angled up? Or will I have to buy a new one? My local bike shop told me that they would adjust it but they never did.

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    1. Reply

      If you have a threadless stem you can simply flip it over. If you have a quill stem you can’t do any thing and must buy a new stem.

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    • Liam
    • February 22, 2014

    How Can I Free A Stuck Handlebar Stem? It’s been in the rain for a couple of years. I can’t move it at all.

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    1. Reply

      WD40 blows donkeys. PB Blaster is much better at breaking rusted parts free. MUCH BETTER……MUCH.

      Spray generously with PB Blaster, then loosen the quill several turns and tap on the quill binder bolt with a hammer. It should free the quill from the stem and steerer tube.

      I have done this several times on old quill stem bikes. If you are using threadless, disregard the discussion on quills.

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    • JayJ
    • February 23, 2014

    How To Put Back The Handlebar Stem Of A Bike? Please help, i was trying to adjast the length of my handlebar stem by unscrewing the long bolt on the top, but then the whole stem was removed from the headtube so when i put the stem back in place the long bolt will no longer screw on, so now when i move the handlebars the front tyre does not move with it it just stays put and i cannot screw the bolt on the top.
    What can i do to fix this?

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    1. Reply

      You have either a expander or a wedge at the bottom of your quill. You have to make sure it is not spinning as you try to screw the bolt. To stop it from spinning, pull up on the bolt while holding the stem on the position you want it to be. Keep turning the bolt while pulling.

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  6. Reply

    How Is The Length Of A Handlebar Stem Measured? Is it from the centre of the handlebar tube to the centre of the upright tube?

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    1. Reply

      Yes, you have it correct. The upright tube is known as the head tube, and on threadless steerers the stem clamps around the steerer tube of the fork.

      Stems are normally made in 1cm increments, so if you measure 117mm it’s more likely a 120mm stem.

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  7. Reply

    Handlebar And Bicycle Stem? I have a peugoet 103 carbolite road bike. I want to find out if i can change the threaded steer tube to threadless tube and handlebar stem or do i have to keep threaded one and just buy a longer quill stem?

    Where can i buy a threadless steer tube? Currently threaded tube is 24mm wide and 70mm long.

    Do i measure the handlebar quill stem from The top where the bolt goes or just under the reach bit. To the bottom of the quill when bolt is tightened?

    Please help.

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    1. Reply

      You can go with a quill stem extender. You need the correct size, pull your stem out and the size should be stamped on it. You can also buy adapters to convert it to a 1 1/8 threadless stem.


      They also make longer stems.


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