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    Different Boxing Gloves? Can someone please explain to me the difference in:
    Bag Gloves
    Training Gloves
    Pro Fight Gloves
    Amateur Gloves
    Aerobic Gloves
    And what is the best kind of glove?

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      At one time fighters used a very thin padded 4-5 ounce traditional bag glove that could be used on the speed bag, or the heavy bag. John Brown of Ringside Products started the use of the Super Bag glove, which was shaped like a regular boxing glove and weighed about 12 ounces. It had either a elastic wrist or velcro strap closure system for easy on/off feature. It was thicklyly padded with a special foam density for bag use only. The theory was, why train with 5 ounces if you’re going to be fighting in 8 or 10 oz. gloves.

      Training gloves, or sparring gloves are well padded contact gloves used primarily for sparring. However, being anywhere from 12-20 ozs. depending on fighter’s weight and hand size, they can be used on the heavy bag too. Longer well padded wrist or cuffs for both protection and wrist support and generally lace up style, as your trainer will help lacing them up for you.Most manufacturers use a multi layered foam padding made primarily for human contact.

      Pro fight gloves are made with quality leather, are usually 8 or 10 oz, depending on your weight class. Up to jr. Middleweight use 8 oz. unless both camps agree on the larger 10 oz. Anything over 160 lbs. used the larger 10 oz. glovescombinationze a combinattion hair and both handding for bothhand protection and in many cases a “punchers” glove. Reyes, Everlast MX Mexican version and now Grant has come up with his version of hair filled padding pro fight gloves. They are generally used for that one pro championship fight, then passed down to lower 4, 6, and 8 round bouts. They may get one other fight out of them, then most end up in a gym for bag work.

      Amateur gloves are fairly similar only utilize a layered foam padding and have a white area over the knuckle area used to determine hitting area of the glove. They are standard and approved by the AAU, Amateur Athletic Union for use in Amateur or Olympic bouts.

      Aaerobic gloves may be s single molded latex foam padded gloves with a Velcro closure and used primarily in boxercise exercise classes or hitting a lighter heavy bag.

      Depending on what your intentions are use sparring gloves for sparring and bag gloves on bags. Pay for quality and make sure they’re comfortable on you with your hands wrapped with handwraps or gauze. I happen to like Grant gloves and have since his first start in the equipment business. Until his death, Dan Mosby, the nephew of Ray Flores, made the very best custom training gloves around. But, alas, no more. Hope this helps. Of course otherss will have their opinions, but I’ve been evaluating gloves for over 40 years now. Good luck.

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    • TD
    • February 9, 2014

    How Should You Oil A Glove? How do professional baseball players keep their gloves shiny?

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      Rub in glove oil or glove conditioner of your choice, we prefer to use Rawlings Glovolium. Start with the palm of the glove and work outward from there, be sure to cover the entire glove (DO NOT SATURATE, JUST COAT IT). Some people like to use shaving cream in this step which is fine.

      When glove has dried, play catch with someone, the more catching you do the better the glove will form to your hand and fingers.

      When you are finished playing catch, apply a light coat of oil or conditioner. Then put a baseball or softball in the pocket of the glove (We prefer using a softball to increase the size of the pocket). Then close the glove around the ball. Using a string or rubber band to tie the glove tightly with the ball in place. Repeat this step whenever you are not using the glove until the glove is broke in the way you want it, this will help hold the shape of your pocket.

      Repeat steps 2 and 3, until the glove is broke in. The more you use your new glove the faster the glove will break in.

      Notes: Try to keep a ball in your glove when it is not being used to prevent the glove from getting flat and losing its shape. Condition or oil your glove a couple times a year, maybe more depending on how dry and dirty your glove is.

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    Akadema Precision Series: AMR34 BASEBALL GLOVE??? Is that glove good or what??? I haven’t heard Akadema before….can someone explain……If anyone owns this glove how is it??? Does the glove have a lot of padding??? because i had a glove before and the padding in the glove was pretty thin…

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      I answered your last question about ball gloves so I figured I’d try and help you with this one.

      If you visit you can see people’s reviews about that glove and many others.

      Akadema is not a very wide spread brand yet, but getting there. Here is some more info for ya:

      Akadema baseball gloves are the best value on the market today. Akadema baseball gloves feature top quality workmanship and materials that are the equal of any other manufacturers high end glove lines. Akadema baseball gloves are available in both traditional designs and innovative designs such the Akadema Reptilian Series baseball gloves that not only look good but increase performance. “Made by the Pros for Pros”. Akadema baseball gloves are designed with an advisory staff that includes Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith and All-Stars like Gary Carter, Howard Johnson, Reggie Smith and Cy Young winner Mark Davis. It’s no wonder that in Akadema’s short history, Akadema baseball gloves have become the hottest gloves in America.


      Here is a short list of current major league players that use Akedema gloves:

      David Murphy – Texas Rangers
      Joe Guillen – Kansas City Royals
      Shane Victorino – Phillies
      Josh Fields – Chicago White Sox
      Manny Ramirez – Boston Red Sox

      Advisors also include Bob Feller, Carl Yastrzemski and more.

      Manny Ramirez uses the Akadema AMA-136 13″ OF glove. You can buy it at almost any sporting goods store for about $169.

      Here is the companies contact info:

      Akadema Professional
      317 Midland Avenue
      Garfield, NJ 07026

      Hope this helps you even further. Let me know if I can be of more help.

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    • Math
    • February 13, 2014

    Probability Problem Gloves? Total ten pair of gloves are there. If I choose five gloves at random then whats the probability that there is at least one matched pair? What is the probability that I pick at least one right glove
    and one left glove?
    P(getting one RIGHT glove ) = 10
    P(getting one LEFT glove ) = 10

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      “whats the probability that there is at least one matched pair”

      The words “at least” are usually a clue that it will be easier to calculate the complement: What is the probability that there isn’t a matched pair? That is, what is the probability that all the gloves will be from different pairs?

      First glove can be anything. There are 19 gloves left.
      2nd glove has to be from the 18 gloves that don’t match: 18/19. Now there are 18 left.
      3rd glove has to be from the 16 gloves that don’t match either of those: 16/18
      4th glove: 14/17
      5th glove: 12/16

      Probability all of these things happens: product of those probabilities. Probability that there’s at least one match: 1 minus that product.

      “What is the probability that I pick at least one right glove and one left glove?”
      Same reasoning. “at least” means calculate the complement, that they’re all from the same hand.
      You start out with 10 left and 10 right gloves.
      1st glove: anything.
      2nd glove: Must be one of the 9 that are the same hand: 9/19.
      3rd glove: Must be one of the 8 that are the same hand: 8/18.
      And so forth.

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    • Tommy
    • February 16, 2014

    WHICH BASEBALL GLOVE IS BETTER?Suggestions? I need an outfielders glove. which glove is best?

    Glove 1

    Glove 2

    Glove 3

    Glove 4

    Glove 5

    Any suggestions?
    (under $100 and 12.75 or 13inch gloves please)

    Thank You!

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      When selecting a baseball glove it’s important that you like the feel. I looked at all five of these gloves. I think the last glove the TPX Omaha Flare Series (Glove 5) is the best out of all of these.

      First, it doesn’t have an individual finger hole for you to put your index finger through. Second, it’s tied for the most expensive glove that you provided. When you buy a baseball glove you want one that is not too expensive but just enough that you’re getting great quality. Third, it has that appearance of an outfields glove with the long fingers and the deep pocket and I like the design of the glove.

      If you really want to get a baseball glove online you can, but you won’t be able to have that feel for what it feels like and if you like it or not. That’s the most important thing to remember is how you feel while wearing it and what you like most about it.


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    Which Glove Type Is More Protective? Which glove would provide more protection, a 12 oz. bag glove, or an 20 oz training glove?

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      Great question. A bag glove is usually the better choice, as it uses a different density foam system made just for bag workouts, not sparring, where as a training glove can and usually is used for both. I happen to have and use some very special made FLORES 21 oz. combination hair and foam training gloves on a big heavy bag and not only do I not suffer any discomfort to my hands, but the added weight make 10 oz. feel like featers afterward. It’s a matter of choice. I know the 12 oz. velcro closure bag gloves by GRANT are my second and only choice for bag work other than the big guns. Good luck.

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    Breaking In A New Baseball Glove? What are some ways to break in a baseball glove besides putting glove oil on it

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      Purchase a new glove. Choose a glove that you can fit your hand all the way into and that won’t slip off your hand. If you play a certain position, get that type of glove.
      Purchase baseball glove conditioning oil. This oil will soften, enrich, and preserve your leather glove. It will also get that sweaty hand smell out.
      Get a baseball or softball, depending on your needs for the glove.
      Put the ball in the glove, tie it with string, and leave it out in direct sunlight for most of the day. This will get the leather hot and easy to shape.
      After you take the glove out of the sun, untie it, take the ball out, and shape the glove by pressing in the pocket and opening and closing it. Throw the ball into the center of the glove’s pocket as hard as possible. Repeat this step several times.
      Close the glove around the ball tightly and wrap it with the string again and store it overnight or over a weekend in a dry, dark corner away from small children.
      After the set time is up, retrieve the glove and remove the string and ball.
      Another way of breaking in your glove is by putting it under your mattress while it is tied up with the ball inside. You can put it under the mattress, sleep on it, and take it out in the morning.

      Try the inverted glove trick for extra break-in. This can also be used for a makeshift opposite hand glove for skill building.
      There are now foams available in sporting goods stores. Apply the foam and lather into the glove. Place glove in a 300-degree oven for four minutes. Work glove repeatedly every which way while still warm for 10 minutes. Repeat this process four to five times. After taking the glove out of the oven for the last time, insert a baseball or softball into the glove’s sweetspot – or where you’ll most likely be wanting to catch the ball. Allow the glove to cool around the ball. This method is akin to breaking in a new glove for six months.
      Store underneath mattress overnight and sleep on it.
      Avoid plastic gloves at all costs.
      Rather than buy foam from a sporting goods store, cough up a dollar and use regular shaving cream (not gel). Used it all the time to condition gloves. Cheaper and works better.
      Beat the glove every which way. Be careful not to injure your hand.
      Throw the ball into the glove repeatedly and as hard as possible.
      Breaking in your new glove may take some time, so be patient with the process.

      You can also put it under your bed or sofa that really helps;]
      good luck

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    • Brad
    • February 20, 2014

    Who Invented The Nitrile Glove? Who invented the nitrile glove?

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      Nitrile gloves have been used since 1990 as an alternative to latex gloves. Latex has excellent tear resistance and elastic properties, but, increasingly, causes allergic reactions among users.

      1. Neil Tillitson and Luc DeBecker patented the nitrile glove in 1990, and renewed the patent in 1997.

      2. Nitrile rubber (also called Buna-N) is a synthetic copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene; it contains no latex proteins.

      3. Nitrile gloves are not as elastic or form-fitting as latex gloves, thus are not as practical for surgery. They are used in emergency field medicine by EMTs. They offer the same protection in terms of puncture resistance but superior durability and are generally higher in cost.

      4. Nitrile gloves do not have the “drag” of latex and slip on far more easily, especially when powdered inside with cornstarch.

      Other Uses
      5. These gloves are used in laboratories, painting, manufacturing and mechanics as they offer excellent protection from chemicals and carcinogens, and can stand up to heavy use.

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    • Ross
    • February 21, 2014

    MMA Training, Gloves Help!? I just started training in MMA and was wondering what kind of gloves to get. Yes I know some would say MMA gloves for MMA training but most people are using mits and boxing gloves more than MMA gloves so they can do bag work, so Boxing Mits,Boxing Gloves, MMA training gloves or MMA Pro gloves ?

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      I prefer MMA-style bag gloves, with coverings that extend to the second knuckle, for bag work. MMA sparring gloves also work well (the Combat Sports International brand). I dislike using boxing gloves for bag work because their design makes it difficult to make a proper fist.

      I prefer MMA gloves for grappling drills and pad work. You have to get used to grappling with the gloves you’ll be competing in, as it can change things dramatically. They’re OK to use with pads, too, because pads have less mass than a bag, and you don’t need as much protection on your knuckles.

      I prefer MMA sparring gloves for sparring, but some gyms will mandate that you have to use boxing gloves for that.

      I probably own almost two dozen gloves of various types for my training partners and myself. You may not want to invest in that much. Bare minimum, get MMA training gloves (not a lot different than “pro” gloves) and 16oz. boxing gloves.

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    What Goalkeeper Gloves Should I Get? What gloves have the best grip and durability?

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      Picking a pair of goalkeeper gloves is a very serious matter. There is style, scheme, and fit. I would recommend these websites for further insight on the pick. But remember one thing, you should probably try them on in person and bring a soccer ball with to try them out. You want to know how they fit and feel.

      1. They have millions of goalie gloves to choose from. Including the actually goalie gloves for the FIFA world cup.

      2. You can’t go wrong with Dick’s. Good luck! Make sure you keep the receipt though.

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