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Outlet: Kali Maraka Road Helmet Follow-up

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Today’s featured product is Outlet: Kali Maraka Road Helmet, a Outlet from Kali. We give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Outlet: Kali Maraka Road Helmet

Note* This is a returned item that is unused.
There is a small scuff on the front right of the helmet. This Kali Maraka is fully functional and includes all of the original packaging.
Kali Maraka Road Helmet The Maraka(TM) helmet by Kali utilizes proven and innovative technologies like Composite Fusion Plus(TM). Composite Fusion Plus(TM) captures the best features of carbon fiber, fiber glass and polycarbonate to increase strength and reduce weight. Kali has also introduced the Super
Vent(TM) technology into the Maraka(TM) helmet. This technology provides critical reinforcement to the venting structure of the helmet in case of helmet impact. Speaking of the venting structure, the Maraka(TM) has channeled venting that allows air to flow in the front of the helmet. This air flow keeps you cool while flushing warm air out of the rear of the helmet. Composite Fusion Plus(TM) Revolutionary Mix of Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and Polycarbonate materials Expanded coverage areas of EPS More than 20 Channeled vents Safety Certifications: EN 1078 & CPSC Super
Vent(TM) Technology Claimed Weight: 300grams
Extra Small/Small 50cm – 54cm
Small/Medium 54cm – 58cm
Medium/Large 58cm – 64cm
Note* This is a returned item that is unused.
There is a small scuff on the front right of the helmet. This Kali Maraka is fully functional and includes all of the original packaging.
Kali Maraka Road Helmet The Maraka(TM) helmet by Kali utilizes proven and innovative technologies like Composite Fusion Plus(TM). Composite Fusion Plus(TM) captures the best features of carbon fiber, fiber glass and polycarbonate to increase strength and reduce weight. Kali has also introduced the Super
Vent(TM) technology into the Maraka(TM) helmet. This technology provides critical reinforcement to the venting structure of the helmet in case of helmet impact. Speaking of the venting structure, the Maraka(TM) has channeled venting that allows air to flow in the front of the helmet. This…
Only $103.95 – Click here for details…

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  1. Reply

    Can We Disable This Outlet? We have an outlet that needs to be disabled because it doesn’t work properly. We think the outlet next (6ft apart) to it is connected. Can we still disable it? How do you go about doing this?
    It’s a brand new receptacle. The circuit has been shut off for a while now because we don’t know what is wrong with it, but the breaker is the same one that is connected to the sunroom outlets. We would like to use them again. The problem was that the top plug in worked while the bottom didn’t. My husband is fairly knowledgeable about this stuff and helped his dad wire his whole house, but that was a while ago and he is having trouble trying to remember certain things.

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    1. Reply

      It might be easier just to change out the outlet rather than disconnecting it. You could possibly disconnect the outlet safety but there are many factors to consider when doing this. If you pull out the outlet is there just one set of wires coming in and none going back out? If so I would go the the outlet on the wall before this one, disconnect the out wires and test the power on the outlet you want to disconnect. If the power is out on this it should be safely disconnected. If the outlet you want to disconnect has wires coming out as well as in I do not recommend you disconnect this. Disconnecting will create issues. You will either have additional dead outlets or if you connect the wires back together after removing the outlet you will then have a exposed junction box. If you just remove the outlet and tuck the wires back inside you will have live wires in the wall. I do not recommend any of these solutions and now you know why I started off by saying it would be easier just to change out the outlet. Realistically though… if you don’t know enough about power or house wiring you should call a professional in. Don’t mess around with stuff that can kill you or create a unsafe environment.

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  2. Reply

    Electrical Outlet Is Not Working? I recently plugged in a hair trimmer appliance into the electrical outlet near my bathroom sink, and the plug came out of the electrical outlet (the prongs of the plug did not have a snug fit with the outlet socket). After replugging it, it came loose again when I moved the wire of the hair trimmer. That unfortunately seemed to have shorted that outlet and now it is not working. Any ideas on how to check what’s wrong? and how to fix it. The other outlets in the bedroom (since the bathroom sink is in an open area of the bedroom) are working ok.

    So I don’t believe this particular outlet has a GFCI as far as I can remember (I’m not in my house right now)

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    1. Reply

      By code, any outlet that is potentially exposed to or near a source of water (bathroom, kitchen, outside, etc) must have a ground fault circuit interruptor (GFCI) outlet in the electrical circuit feeding it (or be a GFCI itself). A GFCI has a circuit breaker in it that trips whenever the slightest ground fault is detected. And, you have to reset the GFCI outlet to restore electricity to that outlet and any other outlet supplied by it.

      A GFCI has two small buttons on it: Test and Reset. Both buttons may be white, or the Test button will be red and the Reset button is black. Look for one or more of these outlets anywhere throughout your house, but most likely in the bathroom or kitchen. Push the Reset button. If nothing happens, that outlet did not trip. If you get an audible click, that outlet had tripped and it is now reset. If the outlet in your bathroom still doesn’t work, look for another GFCI to reset. They sometimes wire multiple GFCI outlets together and both must be reset for them to operate.

      It’s also possible that the circuit breaker in the main electrical panel itself has tripped. In that case, you have to go out to the breaker panel and look for one that’s not in the fully on position. If you find one, switch it to off and then back to on to reset it.

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    • Ames
    • February 14, 2014

    Hot Electrical Outlet? I recently installed a air conditioner (window unit) in the addition of my home. It is plugged in to it’s own outlet and is not being shared with any other appliances. The outlet tends to get hot when the air conditioner has run for any long period of time, which I can understand. However, there is another outlet approximately 6 feet away, also in the addition, that also gets hot when the air conditioner has run for any long period of time. The only thing that is plugged in to this outlet is my TV. The outlet cools down once the air conditioner has stopped running. Is it normal for this to happen? It is not vibrating (which I know is a sign of arching), it just gets hot when the AC has run for a while. None of the other outlets in this room do this but I am thinking since the 2 outlets are so close to each other this is why this is happening but I just want to be sure. Just to be clear it has been very hot where I live so there are times during the day where the air conditioner may run for over an hour without shutting off. If the air conditioner just runs for 10-15 minutes all seems fine, just seems to be when it has run for an extended period.
    Thank you for the information. Sorry, I should have added the fact that they share the same circuit. It is definitely noticeably warm. I contacted my landlord and he said it is normal and not worry but I can’t help to be concerned. It is not so hot that it is unbearable to touch but I would not want to keep my hand on it for any more than a few seconds.
    Side note: I had a situation a few years back with a different outlet in this same room. It was not being used by any appliances but it would get hot and vibrate when the space heater on the opposite side of room would run. It did end up being loose wiring and it was arching so we replaced all the outlets in this room. I guess I am hoping that since this outlet is only getting hot and not vibrating that all will be ok.
    The addition is wired to a 15 AMP circuit breaker. In this room I have the AC, TV, cable box and a lamp. The AC is labled to use 8.5 AMPS. It is a 110 V 10,000 BTU unit. I can understand if the outlet that the AC itself is plugged into gets hot after running for any extended period but my concern is that the other outlet that TV is plugged into also gets hot when the AC has run for an extended period.
    To avoid any problems, till I can talk SOMEONE into looking at it, I decided to unplug the TV and plug it into a different outlet. The other outlet that I was going to use has the cable box plugged into it which is also hot. Again, all on the same circuit, all in the same room. The other outlets in this room, which are also on the same circuit but further away from the outlet the AC is plugged into, feel normal to me. So, I am going to plug the TV right back to where it was so I don’t have more than one thing plugged into a single outlet.

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    1. Reply

      The outlets should not be getting hot (no this is not normal). That indicates some resistance in the connection. You either have a loose connection to the outlet (such as a wire stabbed into the back of the outlet instead of using the screw terminals) or the air conditioner is not making good connection to the outlet. The outlet for the TV is most likely getting hot because of a loose connection to the outlet itself and the air conditioner is drawing quite a bit of current through this connection. I would simply replace both outlets (only a couple dollars each) and make sure the wires are connected tightly under the screw heads.

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    ;;Juicy Couture Outlet!?!?!? -okay, i know that there is a juicy couture outlet in Atlanta,GA. but whenever i try to search i can’t find the outlet but i can find the boutique store.so if you know where the outlet is, please put the address and the name of the mall.thnx !=].

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    1. Reply

      California Juicy Couture Outlets

      Camarillo, CA
      Carlsbad, CA
      Cabazon, CA
      Other randomly located Juicy Couture outlets:

      Aurora, IL
      Tulalip, WA
      Wrentham, MA
      Hilton Head, SC
      Foley, AL
      Leesburg, VA
      Sawgrass, FL
      Juicy Couture at Prime Outlets – International Orlando, FL
      Suite #10

      The famed Juicy Couture outlet in all its glory.

      Ellenton Outlets
      Sarasota, FL
      Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
      498 Red Apple Court
      Central Valley, NY 10917
      New Jersey/Secaucus
      55 Hartz Way
      Secaucus, NJ 07047

      Hope this helps!!!!!

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  4. Reply

    Outlet Makes High Pitch Sounds? My wall outlet has been doing this for a while, and now it’s starting to get annoying. I have an outlet right by my bed so I plug in my laptop and phone charger, and it’s right by my head… Anyways, this only seems to happen with I plug in my cell phone charges, it doesn’t matter which on the 2 outlet things I put it is, but it makes this really high pitch whining, then after about half an hour, it starts beeping… It’s not the charger, but the wall outlet… Should I call an electrician or something?

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    1. Reply

      Interesting! If the outlet in question is a ‘Ground Fault
      Interruption’ (GFI) outlet; it should be replaced. If it only
      acts like this when you have the charger plugged into it,
      then I suggest that you try the charger in another outlet,
      if you have not done this already. I would replace the
      outlet itself and be sure that same is properly grounded.
      Some GFI outlets will make this noise because the ‘fault’
      circuitry was exposed to moisture or said circuitry is
      not compatible with the battery charger’s circuitry.
      I have seen this a few times before. Very rare. Go ahead
      and replace the outlet. You can easily do this yourself.
      Purchase a new GFI unit from the hardware store. Be
      sure to turn off the power to the outlet to be replaced.
      Remove both top and bottom wall plate screws. Remove
      both screws that hold the outlet in place. Carefully pull
      the outlet out of the box. Remove one wire at a time.
      Remove the White Wire (Neutral/Return) first. Connect
      this white wire to the new outlet following the pattern
      of the defective unit. The Silver Screw is the White Wire
      Connection,The Brass Screw is the ‘HOT’ (Black Wire)
      and the Green (or Copper Wire) is Earth Ground.
      Repeat the above with the Black and the Ground wires
      in that order. Follow these directions to the letter.
      Re-assemble in the reverse order: Carefully fold the
      wires behind the outlet as you push it into place until
      it’s only 1/8 inch out of the wall/from being flush. Mount
      the outlet plate. The plate should pull on the outlet
      to make it snug. Oh, if you feel a draft coming in from
      that outlet box you should place a little bit of pink
      insulation inside the box and THEN carefully fold the
      wires as you push the outlet in place. This should
      work well for you. Feel free to e-me.

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  5. Reply

    Spark In Kitchen GFI Electric Outlet? A few times I noticed a spark inside my kitchen outlet when I went to go plug/unplug something. It is a GFI outlet, so if I had any problems I would just hit reset and go on my way. Then today anytime I tried to use the outlet it was a few minute process of me hitting the reset button before it would work. Now I can’t get that outlet or the one 5 feet away (regular outlet) to work. I don’t keep things plugged into outlet unless I am using it (toaster, blender, or panini maker are the only things I have used in that outlet, only one at at time). The regular outlet has a phone and Krug coffer machine. I have tried switching the switch in the fuse box, but now I can’t get either outlet to work. Any advice?

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    1. Reply

      First, the ‘regular’ outlet is feed from, and protected by, the GFI outlet. That is why it dies when the GFI trips. A SMALL spark is normal whenever you plug something into, or unplug something from ANY outlet. It is normally so small that you would not see it unless the room is dark, and you are looking directly into the outlet.
      If you have to continually reset the GFI, you either have a fault in the circuit it protects, or the GFI itself is failing. In your case, the GFI outlet has completely failed and needs replaced. If the new outlet trips, you still have the original issue that killed the GFI.

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    Outlet Near Outletfest.com? Which are the factory outlets near Istanbul which offer best prices for international and Turkish brands near the outletfest.com

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    1. Reply

      Well,Istanbul is one of the world's best fashion and shopping cities, along with New York, London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Istanbul, becoming a fashion city more every day, likewise includes many outlet centers. One weekend you may want to check out the outlets - at the end of the day you will feel like you have earned money. There are many outlets in Istanbul so you are lucky.

      Outlet Park AVM ,its address is Cumhuriyet Mah. E-5 Karayolu, Firuze Sok. B?y?kcekmece – Istanbul

      Deposite Outlet Center,its address is Ziyag?kalp Mh., 34306 Istanbul

      Olivium Outlet Center Zeytinburnu,its website is http://www.olivium.com.tr/gb-profile.asp

      Optimum Shopping Mall in Ata?ehir.In Bostanc? - not very far away from Optimum Outlet Shopping Mall - you can find Diesel Outlet as well. The address is Bostanc? Kav?a?? Kartal Sok. No.5.

      Starcity Outlet in Yenibosna and ViaPort in Kurtkoy are the most popular outlet shopping malls where you can find many brands, including big brands and small brands.

      The Kad?k?y - Bahariye area is full of outlet shopping opportunities as well. On Bahariye Street you can find the outlet shops of Mango, Mudo, Ayy?ld?z and many other brands.

      For fans of Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Chloe, and Marni the number-one address is Beymen outlet. On the Asian side, in the Dudullu area, there is a Beymen Outlet with a car park.
      Address: Necip Faz?l Bulvar? Kutup Sok. No.94 Y. Dudullu ?mraniye.

      On the European side, one can find a Beymen Outlet in Fulya, in the OT?M Building. It's open from Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

      Next to the Beymen in Dudullu is Tepe Home while behind the main street is Koton Outlet. At the same time, there are plenty of other outlets in the area.

      Yenibosna is also known as "outlet heaven" where one can find Vakko, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and many other brands at reduced prices.

      Enjoy ISTANBUL outlets:)))

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    • HEY
    • February 25, 2014

    Abercrombie/ Hollister Outlets? How much cheaper are they than Clearance? And are the clothes made of cheap fabric? Could someone give me examples of prices that these outlets charge?

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    1. Reply

      I Love the outlets! So what the outlets are is they sell the clothes that the regular stores had. So if Hollister has some clothes that no one is really buying, the get new things, don’t want them anymore, or its a new season, they send the clothes to one of their outlets and the outlets sell the cheaper. So when you go to Hollister they often have tank tops and t-shirts when it is winter. Its usually like $5-20 cheaper, depends on what you buy. But the saving really add up!

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    Outdoor Electrical Outlets Not Working? GFI good Power to GFI, GFI goes to 3 outlets, 3 outlets not working..
    1st outlet not working.
    Continuity test to black wire appears nil White wire ok. Does this mean the wire between the gfi and the outlet is broken?

    Also should I get resistance when touch other outlets with tester in side outlets?

    What steps should i be taking to try to figure where the break is?
    Ok you can ask for clarity but your sarcasm is not welcome.
    You have something constructive then add it or get out!
    I had jokester here I had to block… No offense to anyone here.
    The continuity not able to get was the black wire. Extension cord to black outlet with ohm meter touching black gfi connect no continuity. White yes but black no. so I would guess it is between these to connections at the black is the problem. I did no digging or any other disturbance. all wiring in plastic conduit so I guess its the pic and shovel now for my holiday. I have no idea. Other moles this year no other reason for this. Loaded with moles this year. Unless it is moisture.

    Thanks for everyones help. If any other ideas please it is appreciated.

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    1. Reply

      The first outlet will be the GFCI, the rest in the series will be protected from this one. Black wire is hot. Green/bare and white are ground and neutral. GFCIs can go bad, does the test button work and reset? That’s the quick answer. Are you OK with working with electricity? If OK, shut off the circuit to the outside outlets. Open up the GFCI outlet, disconnect the two black and two white wires. Separate these four wires, go back to turn on the circuit. Test with the meter to see which black wire is hot, you can use ground wire. Cap this black wire. turn off the circuit breaker. To test if you have a broken wire, use an extension cord, plugged in the first outlet down-line, and check continuity on the remaining black wire. Check the white side while your here. You now know where the problem was. Wiring the GFCI, the capped black and its white wire go to the “line” side of the outlet. White wire to silver screw, black to brass/gold color screw. ground to green. The remaining wires go to the other outlets down the series. This gets connected to the “load” side of the GFCI. Follow the same color pattern. I like to use electrical tape to wind around the outlet, protecting the screws. Energize the circuit and check for power in the outlets. make sure you have test and reset the GFCI.
      To clarify, continuity shows something connected. Resistance can also show something connected.
      Power can be checked between black and white, or black and ground = 110v +/-. White and ground should be 0v

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    Plug Stuck In Outlet Old, old hand mixer. Still works great. Used it today and now the plug is stuck in the wall outlet. What needs to be done? I am thinking the metal separated — maybe I can shut off the breaker and use a popsicle stick or a toothpick to flatten it enough to come out? Or, what? I am older female, I don’t mind some minor do it yourself projects, but I don’t want to mess up the outlet. I don’t have any electrical training. The outlet was replaced about 3 years ago.

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    1. Reply

      The outlet may be an inexpensive outlet that is prone to failure (the internal parts come apart).
      If you are able to, turn the power off, remove the outlet, and disconnect the wires. With the screws loose on the sides of the outlet (the screws that hold the wires in place) you should have some play inside the outlet that will allow your mixer plug to come out.
      If this does not work, you can purchase a new plug for your mixer for about $7 at a hardware store.

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