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    Can Plastic Bags Be Recycled? The bags we usually get from shopping

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      Yes, the special bins in grocery and retail stores (Walmart, Staples, etc.) accept plastic bags.
      DO NOT put bags of any type in regular (curbside or drop off) recycling; they must be collected separately in stores. Including bags in regular (curbside or drop off) recycling causes litter, harms wildlife and causes the bags to be thrown away in the recycling facility.

      In the bins in stores you can recycle all grocery bags, produce bags, newspaper bags, drycleaning bags, labeled (#2 or #4) plastic wrappers from toilet paper and paper towels, and any other bag labeled with a #2 or #4. All bags MUST be clean, empty, and dry.

      The bags are made into plastic lumber for decks, benches, playgrounds, etc.

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    Production Line For Paper Bags? I want to buy a production line that makes bags,not paper.i want to buy the paper and to transform in it possible to find such machine?

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      O yes ! Right in front of my house here in Pondicherry,there is a very small unit with 4 to 5 people woring just in two rooms for making envelopes small and big. the same may be the principle of making bigger bags. It requires very little investment and you et fairly a good income.
      Try the following links :

      SSM Professional Bag Making Machine Better Solution for You Demand

      Paper Bag Making Machines Search our database of used paper bag and sack making machinery.
      Scholarly articles for India – machine for production of paper bags ?

      Search Resultspaper shopping bag machine – Offers for paper shopping bag machine …paper shopping bag machine – Thousands of paper shopping bag machine importers, … full Multi-function flat bottom paper bag machine for production … – 68k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

      paper bag machines,paper bag machines Exporters,paper bag machines …paper bag machines Directory- Online catalogs of wholesale paper bag machines, … paper bag machines Wholesale India, browse online products from India and … – 83k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

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    • John
    • February 7, 2014

    Java Help. Bags In Boxes Problem? Large box hold 20 bags
    medium box holds 10 bags
    small box holds 5 bags

    ok…so i have 52 bags.

    should print out
    2 large boxes
    1 medium
    1 small……

    i’m getting this
    2 large
    6 medium
    10 small

    how can i fix this???
    code below……………………….


    import java.util.*;
    import java.lang.*;
    import java.text.*;

    class Coffee

    public static void main(String [] args)

    // variables declaration

    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
    int bag; // Number of Bags
    int box; // Number of Boxes
    double total; // Total Cost
    int large; // Number of Large Boxes
    int medium; // Number of Medium Boxes
    int small; // Number of Small Boxes
    int rem; // Remains

    // input
    //prompt user to enter two numbers
    System.out.println(“Number of bags”);
    bag = scanner.nextInt();

    // calculation

    large = bag / 20;
    rem = bag % 20;
    medium = bag / 10;
    rem = bag % 10;
    small = bag / 5;
    rem = bag % 5;

    if (rem >= 15) {
    large = large +1;
    } else if (rem < 5 && rem

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      Look at your Calculation. You never change the value of bag. Instead have this

      large = bag / 20 // # full large boxes needed
      bag = bag % 20 // number that won’t fill in large box
      medium = bag / 10 // full number of medium boxes needed
      bag = bag % 10 // number of items that wont fill a med box
      if bag > 5 medium = medium +1
      if bad 1 small =1

      You calculated the # of boxes off the total number of bags for each size.

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    What Are The Substitute Of Plastic Bags? Which are the cheap & best substitutes of plastic bags?

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      Plastic bags are the best thing both for the enviornment and for cost.

      Paper is the absolute worst thing for landfills: studies have shown that after 20 years paper is still clogging landfills! And paper that is burned adds huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
      Reusable cloth bags sound like a great idea but unless you are a granny carrying one bag home, they are stupid: I carry 25-30 bags home from the grocery, should I buy 20 cloth bags, cloth bags made of oil-dependent, fert-rich cotton, bleached with acids, dyed with chem dyes? Or should I buy 20 bags created from oil-based synthetic fabrics, putting me in a worse place than using the cheap plastic bags? Bags that are eventually wear and wind up in landfils anyway?

      Plastic bags are light, cheap, and biodegradable. And in a well engineered landfill plastic bags actually generate useable energy by decomposing quickly into recoverable methane. Some landfills (eg, Rochester, Mn) actually are able to put useable power back into the electrical grid from the methane they reclaim. The plastic is also recycleable, where plastic recycling is available.

      It is enviornmentally irresponsible to use anything but the plastic bags.

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    Plastic Bags V. Canvas Bags? I am doing a school project and wanted to know how much is the production cost for making canvas bag versus the production cost for making plastic bags for retail stores such as Wal-Mart. I am writing a proposal to Wal-Mart asking them to convert using canvas bags instead. It would be great if I can have the production costs for both to compare the different costs. Thank you!!

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      I work at Lowe’s Home Improvement and our plastic shopping bags are for the small about 1/2 penny apiece… The medium about a penny and the large a bit over a penny apiece.. We do sell canvas or canvas-like totes for about $1 and they can be re-used again and again. I doubt if a huge retail location is going to switch to canvas bags to give to all it’s customers it would be really expensive for starters. Many stores in our area are recycling bags.. Customers can bring in plastic bags to recycle and reuse. Or bring their own canvas bags or totes.. One local grocery store has a 10 cent charge for heavy duty plastic reuseable bags. Or you can bring your own….

      I have a friend that recycles plastic shopping bags she makes really nice and durable floor mats, and table mats.. from plastic shopping bags.. Also, another thing about canvas bags in regards to grocery shopping and buying MEATS and PRODUCE if meat leaks the bags must be washed.. Just something to think about in terms of customer safety.. It would be a hassle to have grocery stores switch to canvas and have to wash the bags daily or weekly for the safety of the public..

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    Bag Gloves Vs Training Gloves? Are training gloves as good as bag gloves when it comes to hitting the heavybag? If so, what is the difference?

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      Bag gloves are best for hitting the heavy bag whereas training gloves are your average well rounded gloves for sparring, body bag, heavy bag, and mits. So if you’re looking for the best pair of gloves for the heavy bag for wrist support and protection, bag gloves would be your best choice.

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    Speed Bag Or Heavy Bag? My teenage son is looking to get into boxing. I will buy him a punching bag but am unsure of whether to buy him a heavy bag or speed bag. Which one is more useful for beginners?

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      Hello Sir, I’ve been doing martial arts now for several years and I am more than happy to help your son get off on the right foot!

      So here’s what I have to say about which bag to get. Speed bags are very technical, they work on accuracy, timing, and speed. It’s probably not the greatest bag to start your son off with.He may get aggravated and lose interest with it fairly quickly. I would get him a heavy bag, reasons?

      1. They’re a lot more fun when your starting.
      2. if you’ve never boxed before it will condition your speed timing and accuracy to some degree (The speed bag takes your skills a step further)
      4. The heavy bag will allow him to work on foot positioning and movement as well as striking.
      5. The heavy bag is very versatile, you can do a multitude of exercises with it, the speed bag is pretty much meant for one thing.

      So get a heavy bag. Remember, the bag should be about half your son’s weight. example :If he weighs 200 pounds then you’ll be buying a 100 pound bag. He will also need proper gloves to punch the bag, training gloves or heavy bag gloves will do well. You may also want to consider purchasing hand wraps.

      Hope that helps you out, encourage him to keep with it! Boxing is too good to pass up. – Axel –

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    Louie Bag Boy/ Duffle Bag Boy? Hi!

    I`m from Germany and its in part hard for me to understand american rapsongs.

    Why is there a Song called “Louie Bag Boy” by Big Kuntry and another song with the same melody called “Duffle Bag Boy” By Playaz Circle. Is there any context?

    And what means Louie Bag Boy or rather Duffle Bag Boy?

    Greetings from Bavaria

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      Louie bag boy is jus another version o duffle bag boi….both songs are talkin bout carry cash in a duffle bag…obviously louie is short for louie vatton. just branding the duffle bag he carries round!!!! lol

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    Heavy Bag Versus Thai Heavy Bag? I hate asking questions about gear, but I’ve not ever used a Thai heavy bag and could use some incite before I make a purchase.

    In regards to striking high(er) on the bag, can a Thai bag offer the same resistance that a regular heavy bag would? For example, if I land a solid hook punch to the body on a Thai bag, would there be more give than if I had done the same strike to a regular heavy bag? What about a roundhouse kick to the body or head? Or how about a front thrust kick to the body?

    I’m not sure that it’s relevant, but I’ll list it anyway, just in case. I’m 215lbs, 6’2″, with probably average muscle, and my technique is also about average. I’m better than some, worse than others. The Thai bag I’m looking at would be 100lbs, the heavy bag would probably be 120lbs.

    I’d like the Thai bag so that I could work on low kicks. However, being able to work on low kicks wouldn’t be worth not being able to properly work other strikes because the bag can’t stand up well to solid body shots.

    I appreciate your responses.

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      Thai bags are so much better than heavy bags. they are longer so you can do low kicks with out constantly adjusting the regular heavy bag, you can go with head kicks, they are perfect for an all around striking work out, they are generally harder than a heavy bag which is good for conditioning your shins, knees, elbows, and knuckles.

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    • Ken
    • February 21, 2014

    How Many Marbles Are In Each Bag? In front of me, I have level scales. On each side, there are 3 bags. In each bag, there are some marbles. There are 150 Marbles in total. Using the clues below, work out how many marbles are in each bag.

    Bag 1 + Bag 2 = 56 marbles
    Bag 1 + Bag 3 = 54 marbles
    Bag 2 + Bag 3 = 40 marbles
    Bag 4 + Bag 5 = 61 marbles
    Bag 4 + Bag 6 = 37 marbles
    Bag 5 + Bag 6 = 52 marbles

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      Bag 1 = 35 marbles
      Bag 2 = 21 marbles
      Bag 3 = 19 marbles
      Bag 4 = 23 marbles
      Bag 5 = 38 marbles
      Bag 6 = 14 marbles

      To work this out, since there are 150 marbles, and the scales are level, both sides of the scales must have 75 marbles. If Bag 1 + Bag 2 = 56 marbles then Bag 3 = (75-56) 19 marbles. So Bag 1 = 35 marbles and Bag 2 = 21 marbles. The same is done with Bags 4,5, and 6. Bag 4 + Bag 5 = 61 marbles. So Bag 6 = (75-61) 14 marbles. So Bag 4 = 23 marbles and Bag 5 = 38 marbles.

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