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iXS Dagger Knee Guards Critique

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Today we are highlighting item i
XS Dagger Knee Guards
, a Protective Gear proudly presented by Ixs. We give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

XS Dagger Knee Guards

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XS Dagger Knee Guards The i
XS Dagger series knee guard was developed to offer gravity riders a lightweight, barebones pad without sacrificing durability or protection. The Dagger Knee/Shin Guard features an Armadillo
Duo(TM) hard outer impact compression shell, Nock
Out(TM) shock absorbent EVA padding, and Side
Tap(TM) side padding which when all paired together will take most of the impact if you happen to wipe out. The Dagger knee guard has a very comfortable anatomic fit and features Squeeze
Box(TM) technology which allows free and natural movement providing better pedaling efficiency. In additional to the anatomic fit, the Dagger guards are breathable with moisture wicking and antibacterial fabric, keeping away that mildew smell you get with other pads. The use of Aero
Mesh(TM) materials provide premium comfort with multi-stretch abilities built into a well-ventilated antibacterial mesh fabric with silicon non-slip grips to keep the pads in place.
XS Dagger Knee Guards Features
Ideal for downhill and gravity extreme sport 360deg all around breathable Aero
Mesh TM, moisture wicking, anti bacterial – does not stink! Shin extention to prevent from pedal penetration Armadillo
Duo(TM) – high quality double injected protection shells made of shock absorbent polypropylene Skid Protection – tear resistant Nylon layers prevent protection zones from cracking Nock
Out(TM) – shock absorbent padding along the leg, upper leg and knee sides as well as in all vital zones Side
Tap(TM) – integrated side padding Loop
Lock(TM) – fasteners. maximum security and adjustability, decompression Silicone – non slip, no creep
360g (pair) EN1621-1 Size Chart
Size XS S M L XL
Body Size 150 – 160cm 160 – 170cm 170 – 180cm 180 – 190cm 180 – 190cm
Torso (Shoulder-Waist) 33 – 36cm 37 – 41cm…
Only $95.95 – Click here for details…

Protective Gear News Articles

No Overtime for Donning Protective Gear: Supreme Ct.

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With shields and catapults, Ukrainian protests look more like Medieval battlefield

Fri, 24 Jan 2014 06:23:37 -0800 The towering fleece hats and elaborate beards of Ukraine's 16th-century Cossacks are favored by many of the demonstrators on Kiev's main square, who have camped out in anti-government protests for nearly two months. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/01/24/with-shiel…

West Chester Protective Gear Launches New Web Sites

Tue, 21 Jan 2014 07:16:19 -0800 Leading personal protection equipment supplier builds audience-specific web channels for industrial, welding, and retail consumer markets. (PRWeb January 21, 2014) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/01/prweb11504630.htm http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/01/prweb1150463…

LINE-X(R) Protective Coatings to Showcase and Feature Truck Gear Accessories at Great American Outdoor Show

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Radicals a wild card in Ukraine's protests

Sun, 02 Feb 2014 08:46:37 -0800 KIEV, Ukraine (AP)
Wearing masks, helmets and protective gear on the arms and legs, radical activists are the wild card of the Ukraine protests now starting their third month, declaring they're ready to resume violence if the stalemate persists. http://news.yahoo.com/radicals-wild-card-ukraine-3…

The highlighted item, i
XS Dagger Knee Guards
, was was chosen from the category Protective Gear.

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    • February 4, 2014

    Do High School Lacrosse Teams Provide Protective Gear? I wanna play lacrosse next year for my high school team but i have no idea if i need to buy my own gear or not. i dont really wanna spend 100 dollars for a helmet so do the high school teams give you the protective gear?

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    1. Reply

      It depends on whether lacrosse is an “official” school sport or if it’s technically a “club” sport. If it’s an official school sport, as it is at most schools that have a lacrosse program (I’ve never heard of one where it’s not) then the school is required by law to provide protective equipment to participants that do not have their own. It’s different with club sports because they are technically not officially sanctioned by or connected to the school. For example, due to the high costs of equipment and ice time, hockey is a club sport at most public schools which means that the players (i.e. their parents) must pay for everything including, adding a ll of the equipment, all ice time for practices and games, the coaches’ salaries and the officials for each game. But as I mentioned, every high school lacrosse team that I’ve heard of is an official school team, so if you play for them they have to be able to provide all of the equipment that you need except for a stick, cleats, and probably a cup.

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    Do Motorcycle Riders Ever Wear Protective Gear? Besides a helmet. I’m talking about riding a dual sport or sport bike in town or on the highway. Do they ever wear protective gear like this? http://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Protector-Street-Motocross-Jacket/dp/B004VHU55I/ref=sr_1_2?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1378779288&sr=1-2&keywords=motorcycle+armor

    Or would I look like a fool?

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    1. Reply

      ATGATT ( all the gear all the time )
      depends on where you ride but even just going to get gas around the corner from you house, ATGATT.

      I am 66 years old and have been riding since I am 16. Naturally I spilled and fell a few times.
      Just got up and dusted myself off. Sure the helmet was cracked, but not my head.
      Sure the pants were ripped buy my skin was unharmed. You will fall. With the protection on you have a chance, without it, you will look ugly forever.

      The girl I helped that slid along the highway on her bare skin at 60 miles/hour for 1/4 of a mile no longer looks pretty. Sure she had 4 operations to make her look ‘decent’ but…. well, you know.
      Not pretty.

      Always, always wear full gear.

      check out the MOA website for BMW.

      look at the Klim gear webpage.

      those are good investments. Expensive but worth it.

      See you on the road !

      shiny side up !

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    Sports Bike/Crotch Rocket Protective Gear..and Ideas On What To Purchase? I was wondering if anyone has personal crash experince, or knows some reliable protective gear they can reccomend…Im assuming its all relaible, but i wanted something that is easy to cary along, and can be worn over my clothes.

    Obviously id wear Gloves and a helmet, But what can be a good looking, but protective jacket i could use, and fold up in the compartment on the bike when im not riding.

    I never worn protective gear, so is there something that will save ur life, and you can shove in the trunk of the bike?

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    1. Reply

      Hey whats up? I own a 2006 CBR 600rr, These bikes have zero trunk space that usually only holds the registration and a microfiber cloth to wipe your bike off every now and then. Depending where you live you will want to take into consideration on how hot or cold you will be with gear. Go to your local sport bike/accessory shop and look at the jackets, most of them have inner lining that you can remove to keep you cool during warmer days. A full jacket is what you want, it will protect your whole back, elbows, and shoulders (The ones that look bulky and has the pads in them).A plain leather jacket will not protect your bones like these can. Sad to say no jackets will hide away on a crotch rocket. One good thing to always have are riding boots that protect your ankles. 9 times out of 10 one of your legs will be stuck under the bike as you fall and twist your ankel into pieces. Oh yea and good gloves, the road will rip your skin off. Gloves can usually hide away in the storage on a sport bike. Hope this helps! The gear only looks as good as you think it does. if you got the money, alpine stars makes reeeal nice gear, a little pricey but nice. I have a joe rocket jacket, its nice and the price was affordable. I hit a turn to fast one time wearing just the chest protector, it saved my spine as I landed on my back but my elbow now has a scar for life….I got lucky….

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  3. Reply

    Is Protective Gear Really Needed While Snowboarding? If I’m mostly cruising the mountain and not trying any crazy tricks.

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    1. Reply

      It’s a question of personal safety. Are helmets, leather jackets, and heavy boots required to ride a motorcycle?

      You could be lucky for years riding snowboards and never need the protection that a helmet and wrist guards provide, but the first time that you need then and don’t have them, you could be very sorry.

      Shaun White took a nasty face plant on the lip of a half pipe last week during the Winter X Games that broke the chin strap of his helmet. Without that helmet, there is a good chance that he would have been seriously hurt.

      Conversely, there is a school of thought that believes protective gear is actually causing the snowboarders to take greater risks. “Hey, I just did a single twisting back flip! Now I’m gonna put on my helmet and try a double twisting back flip!” Some boarders put themselves at greater risk of injury believing that the protective gear will save them.

      You might just be “cruising the mountain and not doing any crazy tricks”, but there are also a lot of other skiers and boarders that are NOT taking it easy. Some of the nastiest injuries I have seen involve two people. Most of the time it is one inexperienced guy colliding with a more experienced guy. Who caused the collision is usually immaterial when both of them are being taken off the mountain with life threatening injuries.

      For the most part, protective gear is a great idea. Helmets, wrist guards, and other such protective gear will be beneficial in preventing minor crashes causing major damage.

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    Protective Gear- Where Can I Buy It? I wanna buy a combo set of elbow pads, knee guards wrist pads and a helmet, or seperate, does anyone know any good websites i can buy them from? thank you

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    1. Reply

      I’ve ordered from this site a couple times and been very happy with them: http://www.xsportsprotective.com/ Someone posted it on here earlier this year and it’s a place I check first now. You can also find lots of gear at http://www.jensonusa.com , http://www.pricepoint.com , http://www.blueskycycling.com , http://www.ride-this.com , and plenty of other online retailers.

      Bike shops don’t usually stock much in the way of protective gear, so it makes it hard to choose what you like best. There is definitely a difference between brands and models, and it’s best to try them on if you can. So far, everything I’ve tried from both Pro-Tec and 661 have been comfortable and well made. Haven’t been that impressed with Fox, but it works. Dianese and Rockgardn make great stuff…Dianese is expensive but has some of the best designs out there (them, and 661).

      There are lots of options for coverage, so shop around and look at what all is available. Some people like all-in-one arm or leg products, and some like separate shin/knee setups, for example. The body-suit types for your upper body are worth looking at, too….simple, quick, and great coverage.

      Hope this helps you out some.

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  5. Reply

    What Is The Best Protective Gear For A Motorcyclist? I am thinking about purchasing the baseline Harley Davidson Sportster, but before I even come close to buying the bike, I will be taking the MSF course. Safety is incredibly import to me, as is a little fun. My major question though is, when purchasing protective gear, what are certain things I should look for. Also, between leather, textile, and mesh, which offers the most protection and why. I know many cruiser bike riders don’t do this (at least that I’ve seen), and many will find it uncool but I don’t care, I will be getting a full face helmet. I know that leather is generally the “look” for cruiser style bikes, but I enjoy motorcycles, and maximum protection is more important to me than maximum coolness.

    I know many of you may say, if you want maximum protection, don’t ride a motorcycle. I thank you for your concern and well-intentions

    Also, the one jacket that has caught my interest more than others in the Power-Trip Army Flak-Textile jacket. It SEEMS like it is protective, looks cool, and gives me a chance to represent my service as well. Anyone know anything about this jacket?

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    1. Reply

      Leather, especially with CE armor, gives the best protection. If it is vented properly, leather is also comfortable across a wide range of temperatures. Downside: leather gets wet (except maybe BMW “waterproof” leathers.) Leather is also expensive. Textile is more versatile, and easier to make weatherproof.

      Aerostich Roadcrafter suits are approved for many track days in place of leather. I can tell you first hand that Roadcrafter gear will allow you to walk away from a lot of incidents that could put you in the hospital without it.

      I haven’t tried Motoport kevlar gear, but it gets very good reviews as well.

      For an interesting discussion of the relative protective properties of different materials, read Andy Goldfine’s discussion of the topic in his Aerostich catalog.

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    What Sort Of Protective Gear Is Necessary When MIG Welding? What sort of gear do you use, and in particular what brands of equipment / safety gear do you find work the best, and are the most comfortable to wear?

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    1. Reply

      This is what I wear: leather Wellington style boots (my new Ariats are pretty comfortable), Carhartt brand double knee pants with no frays, a long sleeve hickory work shirt over a tee-shirt, Nemesis brand safety glasses, and foam ear plugs (to keep the splatter out).

      For actual welding gear, I prefer to use Tillman brand gloves. If I can get away with it, I’ll use their model 1350 gloves. But they are made for TIG welding. They can get too hot. If that’s the case, I’ll switch to a pair of 750’s. I also use one of those aluminum coated fiberglass heat shields on my left hand. (I’m right handed but use my left hand to steady the MIG gun. Replacing a $2 heat shield beats burning your expensive gloves up.)

      For jackets, I have the regular cow hide leather sleeves/half coat thing. But I get way too hot in them. For heavy duty work, I have a Miller pig leather jacket. It’s all black with superb freedom of movement, and is a lot cooler than cow hide. For lighter duty work I have a collection of Miller brand FR shirts and jackets. They range from $20-$120. I wouldn’t recommend doing any overhead welding with them, but they are great for most applications.

      As far as hoods go, once again I like Miller brand. I’d suggest a Miller Elite. You don’t need the digital model, the regular analog ones work just fine. I have one of those and one of the newer Miller Titanium 9400i’s. It’s a great hood but is fairly heavy. The only thing that differentiates it from the Elite is the integrated grinding shield (nice, but not really needed) and the heat deflective coating. I like the Titanium, but not sure I’d buy it again. For over head, pipe, and some other applications I have a Wendy’s pancake hood. It really only excels when working out side or in out of position welding.

      Hope that helped you out a little.

      Certified Welder

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    Baseball Section: Pitchers And Protective Head Gear ? Here’s a article about pitchers and head gear to lower risk of serious injuries like what Brandon McCarthy of the A’s got.


    Also, should pitchers wear some sort of portective gear on their head or on their hat, etc.

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    1. Reply

      I’m glad that they’re looking into it. The fact that they’re trying to come up with something that leaves the appearance of the cap basically unaltered – not so much.

      The top of the head is relatively easy to protect, but isn’t nearly as vulnerable as the sides of the head or the face. McCarthy was hit below the cap, for example. So, having something that looks like a cap, while better than nothing, could be seen as a halfway measure.

      Then there’s the practical issue that protective gear may well shift on the pitcher’s head during the delivery. It’s not easy to solve, given the tradeoffs that need to be considered.

      But, as I said, I’m glad that MLB is looking into this, and I honestly hope that they can find a viable solution.

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    Tips On Airsoft Protective Gear? Playing in a CQB field and I need help with safety gear. I have a great mask, but what about shirt, neck, pants, pads, etc.

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    1. Reply

      It depends. I’ve played a lot of airsoft and i have figured out that there are really 3 things that determine what you wear besides a mask.
      1: Temperature. Dress according to temp. I usually still wear long pants and a long shirt/sweatshirt, but thats because I live in wisconsin and I just suck it up when I start sweating a lot. If you can’t handle that, wear shorts and/or a short sleeve shirt.
      2: FPS on guns. If you are playing with your friends and they don’t have very powerful guns, wear whatever you want. If you are playing with people with really powerful guns, wear more protective clothing like pants and a sweatshirt. (you wont get injured if a bb hits your skin without protection but I just like the little bit of extra padding.
      3: How much you like to get hurt. Kind of like number 2. If you want more protection, wear long pants and a few long sleeve layers/ a layer or two and a sweatshirt. If you want less, wear shorts and/or a teeshirt.

      I hope this helped!!!

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