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    Is Supercycle Impulse Se Bike Is Only For Children’s Bike? Well, ok i’m 18 and i bought this bike like 2 days ago and i’m 5 foot 3 tall…i can ride mountain bikes but i have phobia with heights lol! whenever i tried to ride on mountain bikes i would be nervous that’s y i never buy one. this is the image for that bike

    do u think it’s only for children’s bike? awww
    how bout bmx bikes? i’m totally fine with those kinds also

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      Kid’s bike!!!! You should be on an ADULT bicycle with a small FRAME size. See link below. LOOK! That bike comes in FOUR frame sizes ranging from 13″ (XS) up to 19″ (LG).

      GTABS – Go To A Bicycle Shop! Take the kid’s bike back to whatever discount store it came from for a refund – NOW!

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    Which Children’s Bikes As Good As Puky Bikes? I have heard lots of excellent comments about Puky bikes. We would like to buy a bike for our son for his 4th birthday. The Puky bikes are quite expensive. Is there anything much cheaper but equally good? It should not be too heavy.
    I am in England.

    Any brands to avoid?

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      Buy it cheap, buy it twice.

      Imagine that you scaled up your childs bike to adult size and you had to ride it. Could you do it? Many bike manufacturers will tell you that they make bikes robust because kids just abuse bikes and it must take all of the wear and tear. Cobblers. They build them that bad because they are cheap.

      You want to pay about ?100 for a good first bike. We got the Dawes Blowfish for our daughter at 3 1/2. She got about 3 yrs wear out of it and have just upgraded to a 20″ wheel.


      The Blowfish is a good, light machine that uses quite a few good quality adult components.

      another good manufacturer to look at would be Islabikes:


      This is a cracking bike that I have seen at Go Ride sessions. Light, good components and robust.

      You might also look at these:




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    Need Some Good Advice About A Child’s Bike Please? My DS is nearly 4yrs old and has learned to ride his 12″ bike. Trouble is, he seems to find it much harder work than I think he should. He can balance and pedal and steer at the same time, but is finding his bike very hard work to keep going. The guy in the local bike shop said it’s because it’s a cheap character bike. He said the bike has a fixed back wheel, cheap frame and that my DS would find a 14″ bike with free wheels and a solid frame much easier.

    Does this sound like good advice? I don’t have a lot of money and want to be sure that buying a bigger and more expensive bike is really necessary.

    Also, does it sound like it’s the bike’s fault or my son’s? Does my son maybe just need more practice on the 12″ he’s got? I don’t want to make him lose confidence by putting him on a bigger bike that’s going to feel scary and not be any easier for him!

    NB The guy in the bike shop didn’t have anything in stock for DS to try out at the minute.

    Any bike advice from experienced parents or cyclists would be most appreciated thanks.
    Yes the training wheels are off. They were taken off a month ago, he learned to balance two or three weeks ago (took the pedals off for a day).

    His only issue is concentration (not looking ahead) but then he still pedals consistently even when he waivers through turning his head to look at things.

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      Fixed wheel will be more work. Plus if he is too tall for the bike, he won’t be able to push down so easily, he needs to use his thighs,so he need a downward motion, not a forward one (if that makes sense) he may just need to build up his strength, but a bigger bike he will grow into anyway. Have you thought of putting a ‘want’ ad on freecycle? It a bit of a long shot as people can sell bikes second hand, but you may get lucky. Or try your local paper small ads or second hand bike shop. Try watching his movement closely while he is riding his current bike, does he extend his leg to almost straight, does he pedal and his knees have plenty of room under the handle bars or does he look cramped? Have you put the seat up? A fixed wheel isn’t ideal, but if he still has growing room on the bike it may be worth saving up and shopping around for a few weeks

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    Increase Gear Ration On Child’s Bike? My 6 years old son has a disease that causes him to have very low muscle mass. He wants to ride a bike, but his bike is too hard for him to pedal. It moves freely, but with his weight, it is hard for him to get enough power to move. I’m wondering if increasing the gear ratio would help him, but I don’t know if this is possible for a child’s bike with a fixed gear. I tried to find a bike with different gears, but it doesn’t seem to exist. I don’t know what I’m really asking, I guess, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help me get my son on a bike or increase the gear ratio. Thanks

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      Take him for walks you don’t need a bike. Once he loses weight and gets stronger try the bike again.

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    • Naha
    • February 11, 2014

    How Much Do Children’s Bikes Cost? I know a 10 year old that wants a bike. how much do they usually cost?

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      I would go to a bicycle shop and spend $200-400 if you can swing it. Sure you can get one on the cheap at a department store. As you well know, children are accident prone all by their lonesome. The last thing they need given is a cheap bike that will speed up the possibilities of going to Childrens Hospital.


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    • Q
    • February 13, 2014

    Where Should I Buy My Child’s Bike?

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      Buying a child’s bike at a toy shop can be fine – just realize that you’re getting what you pay for. If you decide to buy at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, etc., have a real bike mechanic check it out. Take a look at the link below from the Toys R Us website to see what I’m talking about. Notice anything funny about the fork? This is about the competency of the mechanics at these stores.

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    BMX Bike Style? My BMX bike has foot brakes but it is 20 inch and also it has a short amount of room from seat to handle bars. What style of bike is it.

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      Sounds like a children’s bicycle/small guy bike. + a foot-brake, it sounds very cheap. What brand is it? I suggest you invest in a bike like this one:
      It has an msrp of 240usd, but its for sale for only 169.99.
      You will never go back to the department store again if you buy a real bicycle.
      Please, please, don’t do anyhing extreme on that bike that you have, it wasn’t designed to handle any stress like jumping or trails.

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    Add 2nd Handbrake To Child’s 16″ Bike? If a child’s 16″ bike comes with only one handbrake (for the front wheel), while the rear wheel is braked only by the coaster brake, can a 2nd handbrake be added?

    If so, what would that cost?

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      Look to see whether the frame has provision for attaching a rear rim brake. If so then ask your bike shop what they would charge. If there is no mount for the brake then just forget it.

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    How Do I Attach My Child’s Bike Trailer? I have a Mach 3 bike trailer by Schwinn. I have mainly been using it as a jogging stroller but wanted to attach it to my bike. I followed the manual but it ended up at an angle from my bike, not directly behind it. What do I need to do differently
    I have a Mach 3 bike trailer by Schwinn. I have mainly been using it as a jogging stroller but wanted to attach it to my bike. I followed the manual but it ended up at an angle from my bike, not directly behind it. What do I need to do differently

    Ok, when I do actually start getting my bike going it straightens out–Thanks!

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      Try riding the bike, it may follow straight even though it is not directly behind the bike. Some trailers do this so you can ride closer to the edge of the street without going off the edge. Or take it to a shop and have them help you install the trailer correctly (or verify that it is already correct!).

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