Easton Haven MTN 650B/27.5 in. Wheel 2014 Brush Up

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    Is All Wheel Drive That Much Better? My parents are buying me a car soon and they say that the car has to be all wheel drive. i live in michigan so during the winters the roads get really bad plus i live on a dirt road which makes it even worse. they feel that the car i get must be an SUV with all wheel drive. is all wheel drive

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      All-Wheel Drive is okay if you see lots of rain, snow, or dirt roads, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

      For most people, particularly those who live in urban areas, Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive are a better alternative. They get better gas mileage and have less wear and tear on the drivetrain parts.

      However, the best choice for you would be a 4-Wheel Drive vehicle. Unlike All-Wheel Drive, 4-Wheel Drive can be disengaged, offers locking or limited-slip differentials, and has both High and Low gear ranges. This gets you better gas mileage when running in 2-Wheel Drive, which is what you’ll use 90% of the time in Michigan, more if you’re in the southern part of the Lower Peninsula. Then, when it snows, is icy outside, or you decide to go off-roading, you can engage the 4-Wheel Drive for better traction.

      I live in the northern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, near Petoskey, and my family has had all types of vehicles: Rear-Wheel Drive, Front-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Drive, and 4-Wheel Drive. After our experiences, all the vehicles we own now (four of them, with one more likely soon now that my brother’s driving) are 4-Wheel Drive, and we use them a lot.

      I can provide a list of the SUVs that offer true 4-Wheel Drive as opposed to All-Wheel Drive. If you like the idea of a pickup truck, only the Honda Ridgeline is All-Wheel Drive. The rest are 4-Wheel Drive.

      I hope this has answered your question. If you have any more, please feel free to ask.

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    What Are The Best Wheels For Roller Derby On An Inside Track That Is Wood And Laquered And In Good Shape? I have stock R3’s and am looking to upgrade my wheels and bearings.

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      Howdy from Texas!! Welcome derby sister! Good wheels are basically you get what you pay for. Don’t bother even looking at “pretty” or showy wheels, those with lights or swirly colored, they suck.
      Right now what is really popular, and I have seen this weekend many skaters like Snot Rocket (Kansas), Sparkle and Dynamite(Texas Rollergirls), are wearing Matter Wheels made especially for derby. They are super pricey, check the website http://www.matterusa.com.
      What is popular here in big D is Radar Speed Rays, which have a super grippy groove down the middle and aluminum hubs that are maintain roll well. Ask about which color best suits your weight, I think its if you are little try blues (

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    • Kyle
    • February 7, 2014

    Are DGK Skate Board Wheels Good? I asked this with an other question but nobody new about the wheels so my question is are the good????

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      Element Wheels Or Hornet Also If You Freeze Them For 45 Minutes You Can Make Last Longer And You Can Ollie Higer Or Go To Local SkateShop And Get Some Good Wheels And If You MircoWave Them For 10 Seconds The Not Much Faster Or Higher To Ollie But They Stay To YTe Ground Like A Ollie Board.An Ollie Board Has No Wheels I Wouldnt Recommanded It But I Tried I Have 2 Boards A Alien Work Shop With Mircowaved Hornets And Element With Frozen Element One More Good Brand Is Zero Wheels

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    Whats A Good Wheel Controller For Xbox360? What’s a good wheel that I can use for racing games for xbox360. I don’t want to break the bank maybe like 100-200 bucks (not adding a ctual game). I’d really like to have a manual shifter. Pedals are a must. What are some good racing games too. I don’t know what to get cause all I play now is battlfield 3. Thanks

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      I would say HORI Xbox 360 Racing Wheel EX2, which has Steering Wheel and foot pedal controller. It features rumble capability to enhance your gaming experience to realism during game play. It has an easy and good grip and it is very stable. Its Analog foot pedals are very sensitive and responsive which gives realistic racing experience. HORI racing Wheel EX2’s vibration capability is good, whenever you make hard turns or smash against you competitors car or land hard after jumping through the ramps.

      Here you can find the actual user review on this wheel controller:

      And about racing games the best of them are:

      Forza Motorsport 4
      Forza Horizon
      Need for Speed: Most Wanted
      Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
      Driver San Francisco
      Burnout Paradise
      here you can find more racing games of Xbox 360:

      Hope this answer help.

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    What Are Good General Purpose Longboard Wheels? I’ve had a Sector 9 Cosmic series longboard for several years now and now I’m finally needing new wheels. I use it a lot for transportation as well as bombing hills so I want something that will perform well in both cases. I might want “stickier” wheels this time but are there any drawbacks to having those in terms of using it for transportation? I can’t think of any but I’m no expert. I’d prefer not to spend a ton of money on them but I don’t want to feel like I’m losing performance…

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      If you want a grippier wheel, you will want a wheel with a square edge. This will grip because the edge will bend into the turns rather than a rounded edge that will just slide out. There is no drawback to a grippy wheel if you are just commuting. A grippy wheel would only be bad if you want to slide your board, but with enough speed it can be done nicely. A good duro to pick is between 78a and 81a. A high duro will be to hard and not absorb the vibrations from the ground and be too slidey, while too low duros will flatten too much just like a flat tire. Wheel size also matters. A larger wheel will hold its momentum more, but take more energy to accelerate. A smaller wheel will accelerate faster, but not roll as long. A good middle is a 70mm wheel. I also highly recommend that you get bearing spacers to put in your wheels. These and speed rings will allow you to tighten the wheels completely down and give you a smoother ride.
      I recommend getting a pair of 78a Abec11 Flashbacks ($36) or Abec11 BigZigs ($45). They will both have a great grip and good roll speed. I would get the Flashbacks as they are a good all around wheel, but if you really want grip, the BigZigs are the way to go.

      I would recommend buying your wheel from MileHighSkate as they give free bearings and bearing spacers with each purchase.

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    Good Skateboard Wheels? Skateboard wheels for criusing and goin over stuff

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      There are lots of good skateboard wheel makes,
      Speed demons.
      Look online for them makes they will cost you about ?20-30. they’re good wheels, make sure they’re not plastic wheels. look for rubber wheels.

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    Why Is Rear Wheel Drive Better? RWD? Im assuming it is because every car brand either makes all wheel or rear wheel. porsches, ferraris, benz, lambos, BMW.

    i have a 325ci and one random guy said nice car and its good because its rear wheel.

    so how does rear wheel differ from front. i know in snow rear is shit but on track and stuff. i dont understand it when people say it turns better?

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      It depends what you want from a car.

      Front wheel drive is best for small, cheap cars because it uses a more compact drivetrain, with no propshaft or rear diff. so you get more space inside. check out the BMW 1 series. awful interior packaging.

      Front wheel drive is also more forgiving for the average driver, anyone can cope with understeer as you naturally correct it.

      Front wheel drive cars can NEVER be considered as sports cars, rear wheel drive is best for that, as you have more traction at the rear wheels due to lateral weight transfer under acceleration, and the front wheels are only taking care of the steering. you can use the throttle to steer the rear wheels, giving more overall controll. not really a problem for most people on the road, on a track it is an important consideration

      4 wheel drive is only usefull in slippery conditions. you get more weight, less interior space and mostly understeering handling. but better straight line traction.

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    • World
    • February 16, 2014

    What Is A Good Online Sources To Buy New Rollerblade Wheels? I need to get some new wheels for my rollerblades.
    my rollerblades are K2 and the wheels keep disappearing etc year to wear.
    i like to get new wheels but good ones, what is good brand to get
    as well i like to know a good online sources store to buy good wheels from and bearings.
    i like to get good wheels that don’t wear out as easy

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      I get my inline skate wheels (Rollerblade is the other company besides K2 that is a major maker of inline skates) from RollerBob.
      His web site is http://www.rollerbob.com – most of his business is selling packages of wheel/bearing kits at a discount compared with the prices for the parts seperately but even his prices on the individual parts are lower than most stores.

      Bob is an avid skater that got into the business as a cheap way to replace his wheels that wore out too fast (you should see how rough his favorite trail was, one friend didn’t want to ride a bike on it a second time). I have skated with him many times and have discussed the engineering of various components (we are both engineers) but have no interest in his business other than being a regular customer.

      I have seen him talk people out of high end parts that will not be good for their skating style and suggest cheaper ones that would be better for them. He doesn’t just sell stuff that other people make, but is actually involved in the design of wheels and bearings.

      My favorites are the 84a Zero Drag Racing wheels. They are fast and smooth. The 86a wheels wear a lot longer but they rhave a rougher ride and are the wear agent makes them slower.
      That is the price in any wheel for longer life.

      Even the 86a wheels roll easier than most of the OEM wheels.

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    CCS Blank Wheels Any Good? I usually use Spitfire’s but I want to get some good blank wheels that aren’t too expensive. I’m leaning more to CCS for their all blank wheels, anyone have them? Any comments on them? Thanks for your time, keep skatin’. (oh and im pushing 50mm’s)

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      Ya, their good basic wheels. cheap but good, if u really want to make them good get some Reds in em if u dont already. otherwise they are good for cheap blanks

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