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Cycleops FLUID2 Trainer Kit Evaluation

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Our latest featured item is Cycleops FLUID2 Trainer Kit, one of our Indoor Trainers. Seriously, you need to check it out proudly presented by Cycleops. Check out the sales price! We give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Cycleops FLUID2 Trainer Kit

When winter has arrived each year, most of us cyclist wind up in a jumble when it comes to staying fast and on form. We come across magazine articles and countless internet pieces that swear to us that the only way to truly train during the off-season is to ride long, slow rides to achieve base mileage. There is no denying that the best and most effective way to train during the cold months is to get out and ride. However, for many of us non-pro cyclists, as the days grow shorter, darker, wetter and colder, yet our work hours stay the same, our riding time and motivation is undoubtedly cut short. For those of us who don’t simply have the time to ride during daylight hours, and don’t fancy riding in the chill and low visibility of the dark hours, the answer is indoor training. Luckily for us, indoor training is the name of the game for Cycle
Ops. If you’ve got no time to waste when it comes to training, make sure every workout counts, with the Fluid 2 Trainer. The Fluid 2 was masterfully designed to capture real road feel through the use of a 2.25 lb individually precision-balanced flywheel for more momentum and stability of your rear wheel. The fluid levels are carefully adjusted for better resistance and the sealed cartridge bearings have been strategically positioned for better inertia and an ultra quiet ride that ensures increased wattage as you pick up the speed. Simply shift gears to increase or decrease resistance, just like you would when pedaling the pavement. Your wheel actually accelerates and decelerates on an infinite resistance curve, just like it does outside. Professional cyclists and prominent scientist Allen Lim worked collectively to develop a power curve based on a hybrid of road and time trial positions, discovering the point at which a speed of 25 mph overlaps with an output of 400 watts. This point of overlap is where the best power curve resides and is the basis for Power
Tuned technology. By training on a Power
Tuned curve, you benefit from the most…
On Sale $499.99 $449.99 – Click here for details…

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Our highlighted product, Cycleops FLUID2 Trainer Kit, was was selected from the category Indoor Trainers.

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    Tire Or Rim Drive Indoor Bicycle Trainer? Which is better and what are the benefits? what are your opinions and what would you recommend and why?

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    1. Reply

      I have your answer! I use a fluid trainer (is there any other kind?) yes, I know there is but the reason I use the fluid is this; the rim drive trainer usable as they are will run your rim down a bit over the short term and if you do not have a dedicated wheel to use with this type then you have to use your regular use wheel and do you want this wheel dependable when you are on the road or not? Now if you use a fluid trainer you are using the tire for resistance and yes, the tire will wear down in the short term but what costs more…wheel or tire? I use a kevlar beaded tire on my trainer and of course I had the $ to get a second rear wheel to dedicate to this sole purpose so when its time to go outside and ride I will have both a dependable wheel and complete tire set ready to ride on! The fluid trainer is quieter than the Magnetic and the rim drive is (as far as I am concerned …crap)
      We have 3 of these at the store and just cant get rid of them…

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    Indoor Bike Trainers? Can anyone tell me which would be the best Indoor bike trainer to buy.#1,The( tire driven) Rear tire contact the roller to get resistance. #2 The ( Rim driven ) Rear wheel rim contacts rubber roller to get resistance.# I here the tires ware out quickly. #2 I here there will be some slippage.Which one would you buy. 1/24/09 Any suggestions please.Thanks.#1 costs around $189. #2 costs around $230

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    1. Reply

      I answered this one previously: And it does cost more to buy a new wheel than it does a tire. If you use a rim trainer then make sure you get a rear wheel that you don’t plan on using on your regular riding (on the street) as it will wear out your rim. The life of the fluid trainer is 5x as long as any other type on the market and I know this because I sell them and use them…You get what you pay for! I use a kevlar belted tire on my trainer and I purchased an inexpensive rear wheel so I don’t have to use my EA90 s’ on the trainer it is just smarter this way. Yes the tires do wear out but they will still go for several hundred miles before you need to rotate the back for the front. Do not let the tire wear scare you, as it IS MINIMAL but you still don’t want to use a well used rear tire on the street. Thumbs way up to the Cycle Ops trainer user as that is also the one I recommend hands down! Stay away from the rim type…they are junk unless that is what you like?

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    • K R
    • February 10, 2014

    Turf Or Indoor Football Trainers For School Concrete? Please help me in as much details as you can and tell me if football trainers with turf at the bottom or with bottom indoor football trainers are better to play in school concrete, i know that in wet days turf will slip so tell me which one between turf and indoor football trainers will slip less in weather conditions…also include and name some best trainers (both with turf and indoor football) that will slip less (with godd and best grips on school concrete)..i am planning to get adidas F10.8 indoor football trainers or adidas F10.8 turf so please also tell me between those two which one will have the better grip and will slip less in wet conditions….and dont forget to name some trainers with the best grip for concrete in school if you can…ANSWERS TAHT LOOKS DETAILED AND MEETS THE NEEDS OF MY QUESTION WILL GET STRAIGHT AWAY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!……TNKHX IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!…

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    1. Reply

      You should get the indoor trainers because they are made for indoor surfaces. concrete resembles indoor surfaces more than turf. basically turf is kind of soft so the sole of the turf shoes aren’t going to be completely flat like indoor shoes. the turfs will definitely make you slip even when the concrete is wet. you will get better traction with the indoor trainers. definitely go with the trainers. also some other good indoor shoes are the adidas sambas. i use them for when i played indoor. i don’t think i have slipped and fallen on concrete with those. there are plenty of other indoor shoes too. hope you find the ones that you like. just make sure you don’t get the turfs.

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    What Is Best For Training Cycling. Rollers Or An Indoor Trainer?

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    1. Reply

      I have both.

      A trainer is good for intervals and warming up before races. Some times they can be a pain, though they have gotten better the last couple years. My old trainer is very loud, many newer ones are quiet. Mine will only accept old style skewers, newer trainers accept the newer flat skewers. They can wear out your tires.

      Rollers are good for smoothness, if you’re not, off you go, so they are a skill that you would have to learn, but you’ll look cool! I like rollers for recovery rides, less boring than a trainer. You can get resistance for rollers, smaller diameter rollers have more resistance. My rollers have a fan attachment and the resistance can be varied.

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    Indoor Bike Trainer Questions!? What’s the average life on one of these things? I’m looking at magnetic ones since I heard wind ones are awfully loud. Also, I have a Trek 3700 with mountain tires. I’ll have to get training tires or road tires for the back, correct?

    Best answer goes to the one with the most useful information.

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    1. Reply

      Average life,
      I had a mag trainer years ago and gave it away when I got my fluid2, my old mag. trainer is still used by who I sold it to, it’s now going on 7 yrs old and still works fine.

      For casual use mag trainers work great, Yep wind trainer are very noisy.
      You might want to look at “fluid” type trainers depending on your budget.
      They tend to cost more than a mag. but offer more resistance and a more road like feel.

      Put the mtn tires away, they are real noisy on a trainer, any good road type tire will work.
      There are trainer specific tires in 26″, but you don’t want to use them for anything but on the trainer.
      They are designed for the heat trainers can put into a tire doing a hard workout.
      Bottom line, for a mag. trainer a road tire will do, if you get a fluid trainer and plan on putting out big wattage get a trainer tire.

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