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    Where Can You Find/how Can You Make Men’s Bell Bottoms? Lately I’ve been looking for a pair of men’s bell bottoms jeans and wasn’t able to find one pair. So then I started looking for how to make them and came across a great tutorial on youtube, but they flared out so much so far down that they would look horrible on a guy. I was also wondering if traditional men’s bell bottoms ( as in navy style ) flared out only from the knee down or if they gradually got bigger from the crotch down.

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      Bell Bottoms changed significantly from when they first began to be worn in the 60’s until they finally
      went away at the start of the 80’s. They started out small as little flares just at the ankle or the
      bottom of the leg, and kept moving up higher and growing wider and wider until you almost had the
      equivalent of a full skirt just beginning either at the bottom or at the top of the knee in the middle 70’s. Then, the entire leg of the pants began to flare until they became what were known as
      “palazzo” pants (worn by women exclusively)
      through about the mid 80s.

      The Navy, by the way, just switched to stovepipe leg pants very recently, so the US Navy aren’t
      wearing bell bottoms any more.

      You have 2 options. A flare leg or a true big bell bottom.


      They aren’t all that hard to make with just a simple insert. Just use a seam cutter to open
      the outside seam of the pants leg from just below the knee to the hem and add a
      triangular piece of matching or contrasting fabric of the same weight and textile

      Don’t go any wider with your triangle than the width of the original unopened pant-leg for
      starters, until you get the hang of what your doing. Always practice on some
      thrift store clothing first.

      True Big Bell:

      This is trickier to do at home. Easiest way is to buy a large square of fabric,
      either matching or contrasting, and I would use a weight just slightly heavier than
      the original fabric.

      Cut the pants you are belling off just at the top of the knee.

      (Best way to mark it is to put them on, sit down, put your feet up on a
      short footrest and chalk a mark at the bend in the back and side of the knee and
      the top of the knee cap in the front.)

      Cut your fabric carefully into a large circle, cut a single seam into the center and
      open a smaller circle in the center of the larger one.
      (Measure around your knee and
      divide the result by 2 for the smaller circle’s diameter.)

      Starting front and center, carefully stitch the round of fabric to the cut-off pant-leg.
      First to the inside of the leg, then to the outside of the leg.

      DON’T fully close the back of the leg until you have put them on to check the
      hang of the fabric and the drape of the bell. You MAY need to take the bell in a little
      at the back of the leg to set the seam straight up the back of the leg, by cutting out
      a quarter inch or a little wider strip of fabric straight up on both sides of the bell seam.

      You WILL need an extra set of eyes and hand to do this and pin the bell
      at the back of the leg into the proper position.

      Finish your stitching at the knee and the seam down the back of the leg.

      Hem the bells using bias tape on the inside bottom of the bell, or simply turn the pants inside
      out, fold the hem and press it it all the way around with an iron,
      Tack it into place using 3 to 4 inch pieces of wide scotch tape and stitch it right over the
      tape, Then pull the tape pieces off.

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    Buying Bell Bottoms??? I wanna buy some bell bottoms im a guy size 30×30 and i wanna spend less than $100.00 PLEASE HELP THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

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      Generally men’s pants are not made in bell bottoms anymore. You could visit vintage shops and look there, but if you are looking for new, you may have to buy off eBay or other internet only specialty stores. Juniors (teen girl) pants are often bell bottoms, but not huge ones. If you don’t mind wearing chick pants, these would be easiest to find.

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    What Do Jeans Sizes Mean? I want to buy some jeans, but they are sized as 30R and 32L etc.What does the number mean?inside leg or waist or what?and what does the letter mean?thanks.

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      Men’s jeans–and other finished bottom men’s pants–are usually sized with the the waist size first, then the length, expressed as the inseam of the pants. However, if you’re looking at pants that say 30R, they are 30 Regular, meaning that they have a 30″ waist and a regular rise, and regular length. “Regular” rise in pants are cut for men anywhere from about 5’8″ to about 6’0″. The 32L are long rise, meaning that they are for men from about 6’1″ to about 6’4″. The inseam on the regular pants are probably 32″, and the inseam on the long pants are probably 34″.

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    Why Are Most Gay Men ‘bottoms’? It’s a fact: most gay men are ‘bottoms’ (and if they say their versatile, it usually means the same thing). Why are there more bottoms than tops..?

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      I’m gonna be a hypocrite and use stereotypes.

      What is one thing that is an ultimate turn on for gay guys? Masculinity! How often do you hear that they prefer the fem type? Very rarely. But one aspect of masculinity is domination. And being attracted to masculinity may not necessarily mean you like to be dominated, but it can imply that. As in the case for bottoms, it feels like you’re the bottom. The dominated.

      Naturally the attraction towards masculinity = wanting the dominated feeling. Therefore, most gay guys are bottoms. =P
      I’ve heard it’s also more pleasurable and there’s less work lol.

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  5. Why Do U Think The Southside Of A City Is Always The Ghetto Part? Is it city planiing?
    @paris please suck my flesh pickle

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      White man’s way of saying were still at the bottom.

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