Surly Trucker Deluxe Frameset 64cm Dave’s Frozen Tears Assessment

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    Best Bicycle Touring Bike Components? I am want to build a touring bicycle to go on long tours. I am getting the Soma Saga frame set. I am having trouble finding which components would work best for my needs. The touring will be done in the USA on paved roads/highways mostly but the ocasional dirt road might come along.

    I have found the: Campagnolo Veloce series, SRAM Apex series. and Shimano Tiagra series but I dont know if these are right for me. Any and all info able to be given will be welcomed.

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      Let me put it bluntly… You will spend 3 to 4 times MORE building your own touring road bike vs. just buying one from a bike shop. If you want to see the best components on the top touring road bikes, simply check websites of companies that make the top touring road bikes. I’ll start with mine. Just look at the specs.

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    How Good Are Carbon Frames For Touring? So, i’m looking to purchase a new bike. hopefully to go touring with my mom and friends next year after training this winter.

    really what i’m asking is;
    are carbon frames able to withstand loaded touring safely and wit good durability?

    and if not that, can you give me some good bikes for touring?

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      Durability won’t be a problem, and since you’re not likely to be mashing up a steep hill with a fully-loaded bike, any lateral frame flex isn’t likely to bother you if you even notice it.

      What might be a problem, however, is finding a carbon frame that has the necessary bits for you to attach your racks and accessories. I haven’t really looked for a touring frame in a long time, but my recollection of every carbon frame I’ve seen is that they’re pared down with no eyelets or extras beyond a couple sets of bottle bolts. I may be wrong, though….maybe someone has a carbon tour rig out there.

      As far as other frames, what marks a good touring setup is a longer wheelbase, a fork that has a little more curve at the bottom, and usually a lower bottom bracket height. All of these things help to provide some stability. They handle slower, but they do well with the odd weight distribution of a loaded bike. A dedicated touring frame will also have bunches of little extras like a 3rd or 4th set of bottle bolts, pump peg, chain holder, and proper rack mounting eyelets. You can build up any frame with parts you have…just be sure that you have sturdy wheels. Any complete new touring bike will be set up pretty well for that type of riding.

      Hope this helps some. Have fun! :o)

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    How Would You Set This Bike Up For A Long Tour…? I am going to tour around the world on this frame. I have already viewed some of the websites about others who have courageously set out on this journey.. But how would you set this frame up for touring around the world? Like parts that fit a 29er frame: fork, panniers,tires, rims,crank,camping and or survival gear…..? I am going by myself. Any feedback or tips would be cool. Thanks. Oh here is the the link to my bike. It is 100% stock right now.
    Ok, maybe I need to get a touring bike. Thank you all for the feedback.

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      The term “touring” in itself designates staying on roads or light trails. Why on earth do you want or need a 29’er mountain bike? Are you climbing Pike’s Peak?

      If you are planning on going around the world… #1) Get a different bike. #2) Get a good strong, sturdy trailer to carry tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, clothes, food, etc. Also get a strong road bike with a steel frame & low gears for climbing hills. Any bike in this category should accept both a front & rear rack to add more panniers to carry extra tires, tubes, first aid kit, cell phone, tools, etc.

      Oh yeah…one more thing to take along. The American Express Card. You realize this jaunt of yours will run into thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of $$$.

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    Aluminum Or Steel Frame For Touring? I am ultimately looking to have a bike that is good for both everday commuting and touring with panniers/racks long distance with camping. From what I’ve read on the internet steel frames are more forgiving and ride smoother. The guy at my local bike shop tells me aluminum frames have more flex and ride better. I don’t know if he’s just trying to make a sale (Giant dealer) or to trust him, unfortunately the staff there are all just racers not tourers. If you can recommend any brands/models to check out that’d be good. From my research thus far I am in love with Co Motion bikes, just not the price! I’m looking at $1000 max for a good touring bike. Thanks!
    Also note, I’m 6’5″ 250 lbs (hoping to trim that down over the summer!). So strength to bear that weight is a factor as well.

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      At your budget, with a need to do camping/touring with a full set of racks (front/rear), your choices will be limited with new bikes…whether aluminum or steel.

      Trek’s 520, which some love and others aren’t so thrilled with, has a steel frame/fork and will carry a full set of racks. The MSRP is over $1200.

      Two other affordable options come to mind…

      One is the Jamis Aurora. Marketed as a touring bike with a steel frame/fork and currently lists under $900.

      The second is the Speciale CX by Masi. It too has a steel frame/fork and lists at $980. It’s marketed as a cyclocross bike that is suitable for light touring. A dealer could tell you more.

      The two previous bikes lack brazeons for rack mounts up front, so they don’t seem suitable for heavy, loaded touring expeditions. But, I don’t see any models by Giant that have front rack brazeons. Actually, their forks all appear to be carbon/composite.

      I agree that the Co-Motion products look great, but their prices do seem a bit high for a welded frame, even if it is made in the US. The Surly LHT would make an extremely rugged, steel tourer. But building it up to your desired specs would likely put you way over your limit.

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    Trek 520 Or Any Other Touring Bikes? I dont have any experience with touring bikes but I am interested in purchasing one for treks. I have always dreamed of trekking on a bike. With a small luggage on my pannier and riding for about a month on the road to get to somewhere without relying on an automobile.

    Honestly I think that was the thought that brought me into cycling to begin with. Not Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France or the Giro. I just wanted to feel free. And as I get older the more I think about getting a touring bike instead of a regular road bike.

    So what is your experience with a tour bike? Are they noticeably slower than regular road bikes? Is there anything worth noting before I purchase one? I only have experience with mostly road bikes and a few mountain bikes.

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      O.K., the main differences between a touring bike and a race bike.

      Tour bikes have a relaxed set up due to the angles used when building/designing the frame. This means that they are much more stable than a race bike. A tour bike should be built of steel – you will thank yourself after a month in the saddle for the shock absorbing comfort of a steel frame.

      The riding set up will be a lot more upright so that weight is taken from the arms. This is where a comfy saddle will really help. My personal pref is a Brooks B17.

      Good quality wheels are a must. 36 spokes crossed 3. They may sound over the top, but how would you feel with a disintegrating wheel when you are 30 miles from civilisation.

      These wheels will be paired with a decent set of tyres of about 28mm width. This will also add to the comfort of the ride.

      Other things that you might like to consider are mudguards, lights (dynamo hub?), extra padding on the handle bars, map holder, lots of bidon holders, pump holders etc,etc.

      All this together with pannier holders, (front and or rear) and perhaps a handle bar bag will all add to the weight and result in a bike that would give a road racer an heart attack.

      Another alternative is to use a trailer.

      Because of this weight and the chance of meeting hills, many tour bikes have a triple chain set that results in a lower and wider set of gears.

      Yes, the result will be a slower bike than a sports bike in the same way that a lorry (truck) is slower than a sports car, but a bike that you can ride -in comfort- all day for perhaps 125/150 miles per day.

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    New Car: 2010 Mazda 3i Touring Or 2010 Corollas S? Test drove a Mazda and loved it! Nevertheless, parents want to get me a bit bigger car.
    Regardless, which is better?

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      Mazda, by FAR. Let me tell you a little bit about the i touring in case your sales person didn’t cover everything. You can totally sell your parents on the safety features. It’s a 5 star safety rated car, all the way around. Best possible.”Triple H frame construction” 8 air bags, steel beams down the sides of the doors, one in the roof, in the front and back. It delivers stabilizer bars behind the front and back bumpers. These serve 2 purposes. One, it reduces vibration to the car and makes for the smooth ride, and 2, they are impact beams to protect you in an accident. If you get into a fender bender in a Mazda, that’s all it is, just a fender bender, the whole car won’t crunch in. It does have front, side and rear crumple zones.
      Anti lock 4 wheel disc brakes, HID lights (by the way, the plastic covers that shield those lights can cost more than $700 to replace on most cars, on the Mazda, it’s made out of plastic that NASA developed, and you can punch it or anything, it will never chip or shatter!), which are cooler and better than regular lights. The side mirrors fold in, so that they won’t get whacked off if you hit them. Bluetooth is in there, MP3 plug in, 2 AUX jacks,cruise control, the key unlock remote and power windows, as I’m sure you know. 4 real cup holders, and 1 in every door that hold a bottle of water. So really 8 cup holders. You have your controls mounted on the steering wheel. The interior is set up for you to keep your vision up and focus on the road. HUGE glovebox. Did your salesman show you that you can stick your Whole arm in there, all the way back? The rear seats fold down 60/40 and you have lots and lots of room to carry anything. Like 3 bodies would fit in there! You can add the sunroof/bose package to any car to make it a little extra cool. They use Mica metal fleck paint, so it’s really glittery and pretty. There’s tons of cool aftermarket accessories you can add. Plus, you have a really great warranty, AND 3 years, or 36,000 miles of free roadside assistance anywhere in the US. Unlimited. This covers towing to the nearest dealership, lock out’s, dead batteries, if you run out of gas….pretty cool!!! Mazda’s are just plain cool. Smoothest ride ever. Independent front and rear suspension packages. That’s a 2.0L DOHC 4 cyl 16 valve, rack and pinion, variable valve timing engine. The triptronic engine is fun, and darn near impossible to kill.They have really high re-sale vale. No major problems, even after warranty is over. Plus the engines are very self explanatory. No need to run to the dealership if you run out of wiper fluid. You can easily see where the things you need are. It’s so simple. And they have timing chains instead of timing belts like most cars. Timing belts have to be replaced eventually,and it’s a little expensive, but timing chains are good forever. Get this, you won’t even believe it, but I swear it’s true. Tell your parents this too. If you were to get into a front end collision at high speed in a Mazda 3, you are safer than in any other car, because you can’t be crushed in this kind of car. The brake pedal collapses, so that your feet can’t get stuck, and then, the engine falls out and forward instead of smashing into the cabin. No, the engines never just fall out while driving. But if you get into a high speed impact, the bolts that hold the frame in where the engine is will break, if hit at a certain angle (which only happens in high speed front impacts) and the engine drops out and forward. I’m not making this stuff up, a lot of Mazda salespeople don’t even know that. Mazda’s are super great. I just went over all the major things, there are a few more. There is no car out there better, safer, and cooler with more standard features like the 2010 Mazda3. I Love them, I highly recommend them. You will be happy with it for years. And your friends will think you are cool.

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    Is The Amount Of Time For A “tour” Standard Or Does It Mean How Long You Speant In Combat? Ranger tours ( i heard ) range from 3 to 6 months. normal army tours are 12 months. does this mean a ranger spends three months in iraq and has done one tour and does this mean that normal army spends twelve months before they have done a tour? or is a tour a set number of months in a combat zone regardless of breaks inbetween? thanks guys. just currious.
    so a tour is actualy not a set time but how many times you were sent to iraq? like if you get sent there then come home thats a tour?

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      Yes a Tour is counted as going and coming back no set time frame that makes a tour.

      If you went to Iraq for one day and then home for some strange reason you would be hard pressed to call that a tour but for the most part each time you are sent over it is a tour.

      A tour also is used for each enlistement in the Marine Corps. So if you joined for 4 years then reenlisted you might refer to your self as on your 2nd tour of duty in the Corps

      ADDITION: The example of going for a day then calling it a tour reminds me of people who say they have been to somewhere like Colorado when you are talking to them but you find out their plane landed in colorado and they never got off but recount it like they vacationed there. Since the military doesnt make a habit of sending people to Iraq for a few day the tour would apply for each time sent

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    Anyone Listen To The Irish Rock Group-The Frames? If u do could u explain the meaning of the oak leaves and the foriegn writing on the front of the cd-ihave a bet riding on this.

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      The Frames
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      The Frames
      The Frames
      The Frames
      Background information
      Origin Dublin, Ireland
      Genre(s) Rock
      Years active 1990-present
      Label(s) Plateau Records
      Website Official website
      Glen Hansard
      Joe Doyle
      Colm Mac Con Iomaire
      Rob Bochnik
      Johnny Boyle
      Former members
      Noreen O’Donnell
      Dave Odlum
      Paul Brennan
      Dave Hingerty
      John Carney
      Graham Downey

      The Frames is an influential Irish band based mainly in Dublin. Founded in 1990, the group has released six albums and appeared in numerous music videos. Their ex-bassist John Carney has become a film director, who wrote and directed the award-winning 2006 film Once, which stars the band’s singer/guitarist Glen Hansard, who also wrote much of the music for the film.

      * 1 History
      * 2 Members
      o 2.1 Former
      * 3 Discography
      o 3.1 Albums
      o 3.2 Singles & EPs
      * 4 Trivia
      * 5 Footnotes
      * 6 References
      * 7 External links

      [edit] History

      The band has existed since 1990 and is a survivor of Dublin’s prolific early 1990s rock and roll scene. They have also been central to the development of the current crop of emerging Irish rock bands, including Turn, and have toured with other Irish artists as support, including Damien Rice and Bell X1. In December 2004, Hansard appeared on stage to collaborate with singer songwriter Paddy Casey.

      The name “The Frames” arose from Hansard’s habit, at a young age, of fixing the bicycles of many of his friends. The large number of bicycle frames lying around his house led neighbours to dub it the “house with the frames”. In a 2001 interview, Hansard said, “I worked in a bicycle shop for a little while, but the name came from… my back garden was so full of frames, my house became known as The Frames house, much to my mother's distaste, she hated it. But my garden was full of frames, old bikes, I would make up bikes for my friends out of all the old bikes. So it sort of became known if anybody found a bike up on the hill on the way home they would throw it into my garden, a graveyard for old bikes”.[1]

      As of 2007, the band consists of Glen Hansard (vocals, guitar), Joe Doyle (bass guitar, vocals), Colm Mac Con Iomaire (violin, keyboard and vocals), Rob Bochnik (lead guitar) and Johnny Boyle (drums). Various people played drums during 2004, including Graham Hopkins who drummed on Dance the Devil, Burn the Maps and the band’s latest album The Cost. On both versions of the album Fitzcarraldo the band went by the moniker “The Frames DC”, to avoid confusion with a United States band.

      The band released its sixth studio album, The Cost, on September 22, 2006.

      [edit] Members

      * Glen Hansard: lead vocals, electric guitar (1990-present)
      * Joe Doyle: bass guitar, vocals (1996-present)
      * Colm Mac Con Iomaire: violin, keyboard, vocals (1990-present)
      * Rob Bochnik: lead guitar (2002-present)
      * Johnny Boyle: drums (2003-present)

      [edit] Former

      * Noreen O’Donnell: (1990-1996) (singer)
      * Dave Odlum: (1990-2002) (guitarist, Odlum later co-produced album Burn the Maps with Bochnik)
      * Paul Brennan (Binzer): (1990-1998) (drums)
      * Dave Hingerty: (1998-2003) (drums)
      * John Carney: (1990-1993) (bass)
      * Graham Downey: (1993-1996) (bass)

      [edit] Discography

      [edit] Albums

      * Another Love Song (1991) [Deleted, though available for download from iTunes and]
      * Fitzcarraldo (1995) [As the Frames DC]
      * Fitzcarraldo (1996)
      * Dance the Devil (1999)
      * For the Birds (2001)
      * Breadcrumb Trail (2002) [Live Album]
      * Set List (2003) [Live Album]
      * Burn the Maps (2004)
      * The Cost (2006)

      [edit] Singles & EPs

      * “The Dancer” (1991)
      * “Masquerade” (1992)
      * Turn On Your Record Player EP (1992)
      * Picture Of Love (1993)
      * Angel At My Table (1994)
      * “Revelate” (1995)
      * “Monument” (1996)
      * I Am The Magic Hand (February 15, 1999)
      * Pavement Tune (1999)
      * Rent Day Blues EP (1999)
      * Come On Up To The House (1999 – Compilation featuring “Star Star” by The Frames)
      * Lay Me Down (2001)
      * Headlong (2002)
      * The Roads Outgrown (2003)
      * “Fake” (September 12, 2003)
      * “Finally” (August 20, 2004)
      * “Sideways Down” (January 28, 2005)
      * “Happy” (Radio Single Only – 2005)
      * “Falling Slowly/No More I Love Yous” (September 1, 2006)

      [edit] Trivia

      * Colm Mac Con Iomaire was previously a member the Irish folk music group K?la in from 1987-1991.
      * Glen Hansard played the character Outspan Foster in the 1991 film The Commitments, and the unnamed Dublin street-musician credited as “Guy” in the 2007 film Once.
      * Irish actress Bronagh Gallagher, who appeared with Glen Hansard in The Commitments, wears a Frames t-shirt during a scene in the movie Pulp Fiction.[2]
      * The band frequently perform the song “Heyday” by Mic Christopher at live gigs in tribute to him.
      * They often intersperse snippets of songs into their own songs. These songs vary from “Two Little Boys”, “Redemption Song” and “Ring Of Fire” to “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
      * Glen Hansard is the main parodied star of the Irish music/comedy website[3]

      [edit] Footnotes

      1. ^ [ (Nov. 17, 2001): Interview with Glen Hansard
      2. ^ Irish Music Central: The Frames images
      3. ^

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    Framing Hanley Set List? Does anyone know the Framing Hanley set list for their tour with red jumpsuit apparatus? or just any of the songs they played?


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      Frankly, none that I’m aware of right off the top of my head but I will look into this matter further…

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