Fulcrum Red Power 29 XL Wheelset 6-bolt 12×135/142 Set Recap

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    Best Road Bicycle Wheel Set For The Money? My buddy and I just started biking and we are getting faster each week but not fast yet by any means. Our question is what wheel set would be worth the money. We heard of Hed 3, Zipp, Mavics, etc… Would love opinions. How much speed per mile could be gained with one of the good wheel sets compared to wheels that are ok that came with bike. Thanks

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      There are all sorts of wheels and they would provide different advantages and disadvantages for different types of riding. For example, severely aerodynamic rims are faster but more prone to crosswinds and, being stiffer are not as desirable for long distance.

      You need to consider weight, durability, aerodynamic resistance, type of tire you will be using (clincher or sewup), numeber/type of spokes, spoke pattern, rim and spoke material, etc.

      I don’t want to recommend a specific brand/model, but in general aim for aluminum alloy rims, stainless steel spokes and quality hubs. While the nicest wheels to ride are light weight (minimizing rotating weight is ALLWAYS desirable, for everyday use you will probably be best to avoid really lightweight wheels because you sacrifice durability. Similalry, while a more aerodynamic cross-section rim is faster you don’t want extremes for reasons given above. Wheels with few bladed spokes (16-20 in the front wheel, 20-24 in the rear) are a bit faster.

      I recently bought a bike and upgraded the stock wheels for the next model up because they were about 150 gms lighter for a pair. because of the alloys and design the lighter wheels are just as strong or stronger … but cost a couple of hundred dollars more. See how a little weight saved can cost a lot?

      If you want speed for the flats or mild hills go with aero wheels, but frankly the difference will be most noticable with bladed/fewer spokes and lighter weight relative to your current wheels.

      One hint .. read reviews then look for used wheels. The links are to just one manufacturer’s lineup of wheels and to a good classified site for used bikes and equipment.

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    What Is The Lightest Aluminum Wheel Set? I was wondering who makes the lightest aluminum road wheels? Mavic?

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      No, not Mavic, although they make some nice light wheelsets. The American Classic Sprint 350 is one of the lightest aluminum wheels you can buy at 1300 grams. The Easton EA90 SLX has a claimed weight of 1398 grams for the pair.

      I’ve owned both Easton (Velomax) and American Classic — my daily rider wheels — and have found them to both be very reliable.

      These weights are for clinchers. Aluminum tubulars are usually marginally lighter.

      Probably one of the best sources is here the Weight Weenies web site, link below. Note how much heaver the Mavic Ksyriums are than the wheels I’ve suggested. Oddly enough, the old SSC model weighs in slightly less than the new SL with the “ground out” rim.

      Weight isn’t everything, but take it from an old guy who does a lot of riding in the mountains, it makes a lot of difference in climbing and sprinting. Stay off these ultra-light wheels if you are overweight. You’ll only break them.

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    Looking To Replace Wheel Set? I have a 2011 Cannondale road bike 63CM, looking to replace the wheel set with sram 60. What size wheel set do i get for back and front?

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      All road bikes have a 700C wheel size. Also, I am pressure sure that the Sram S60 only comes in one size: 700C clincher.

      Can I ask why you want those wheels? I know they look cool and are very aero, but they are HEAVY. The S30 AL series is lighter and cheaper. Unless you are doing time trial or triathlon, you will probably be happier with lighter wheels. Also, deep dish wheels can be squirrely in a cross wind.

      Whatever you decide to do, make sure the wheelset you get has a hub that will work with your current cassette. I think most hubs now are either 10 or 11 speed unless you get a really cheap wheelset. Shimano and SRAM are more or less interchangeable, except for a few dura-ace models.

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    Road Bike – Wheel Set And Tyres Suggestions? Hi all,

    I want to buy a friend some road tyres and wheels for her MTB (size 15.5). My friend plans to do more road cycling and it’s her birthday soon so I was going to surprise her. Any recommendations?

    A nice value for money set of wheels and a decent pair of slicks recommendation would be great. Are wheels more important than tyres or the other way around. Or are they equally important?

    Her MTB has v-brakes, not discs in case that makes a big difference.

    Thanks in advance!
    definitely only road cycling with these new wheels and tyres. She’s got mountain bike tyres and wheels (and suspension) for all that other stuff… I was thinking something thin, light-weight with a nice set of slicks as I can’t see her riding in the wet.

    Any brands I should be looking for? My budget is dependant on the quality of the product vs the reviews it’s received. I have no issue shelling out for kit that is great quality and has rav reviews.. Cheers

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      If you can, look at her tires now. There will be numbers on the sidewall. They will start with either 26X (most likely) or 700x. The x will be followed by another number. If the numbers start with 26, buy her a set of 26×1.5 tires. Make sure they have a max pressure at least 80 psi. I once bought a set with a 60 psi max just because they were on sale and I didn’t like the way they rode. If the numbers start with 700, then buy her a set of Mavic Aksium wheels and Continental Ultra Gatorskin 700×25 tires. I had that combination on my road bike and rode thousands of trouble-free miles on it.

      You must stay with the wheel size that’s currently on the bike (the 26 vs the 700). It’s theoretically possible to change but the amount of work and new parts you’d need would likely cost more than her bike is worth.


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