Bont Bont Vaypor Premium Road Recap

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    What Apparel I Need To Do Mountain Cycling, Or I Can Wear Regular Apparel?

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      Cycling gear is good for cycling, because that’s what it’s designed for.
      I wear baggy cycling shorts, with liners that have cushioning in the seat area, and shirts, created from a breathable material, that give me room to move around, you don’t want anything that might restrict your movement.
      I always wear a helmet and gloves, I never intend to fall off, but it can happen.
      For footwear, you need something that will grip the pedals, and have some grip for whenever you need to put your foot down on the tricky bits.
      If the weather is bad, then something to keep the rain out, and some warmth in, will be good, and in the winter I use waterproof socks, because I like to keep my feet warm.
      You can wear normal gear, but proper cycling gear will be more comfortable, and that will help you ride better.

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    What Is Specialized Rime Mountain Bike Shoe?

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      This Specialised Rime Pile Cycle Footwear gives these, being perfect for cross country riding, no cost riding as well as all-mountain as well as cyclocross. This shoe has a tough Vibram exterior single, making it possible for outstanding proper grip along with grip whenever climbing or even battling uphill.

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    Stylish Footwear While Cycling On Holiday In Tenerife? Thanks for any help in advance ?
    i was thinkin about gladiators beforehand, thankyou ?

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      Gladiator sandals: they are very popular and you can get them in different colours and pretty much any shoe shop: brantano, new look etc

      also new look and m&s do wedge heeled sandals with wicker on the heel and they vary in height and colour so there’s plenty to choose from

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    Suggestions For Wet Weather Bicycling Footwear…? I’m going on a week-long bike ride (300-350 miles) and I’m suspecting chances of wet weather. I had planned on wearing my lightweight running shoes but don’t want to ride w/soggy feet all day long. I’m reconsidering other options. I’m fairly practical but I’m open to any suggestions no matter how unconventional.

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      I’ve used booties and even plastic bags in a pinch. But have only found them useful/worthwhile in cold weather (since cold and wet are potentially a dangerous combination).

      I’ve never been satisfied with any of them in warmer weather, since like a cycling jacket, if the weather is warm sweat buildup (even in breathable fabric) — and the inevitable leakage no matter how “waterproof” the covers claim to be — gets you just as wet on a long ride as just letting the rain in, and keep the feet wetter between showers..

      Assuming you are talking about a warm weather ride (70F or more) my suggestion is to simply wear what you normally would on your feet and let it rain. Unless it’s a continuous rain your shoes will dry out more between showers than if you cover tham, and once you are wet it’s not such a big deal. Get your feet dry and dry the shoes as best you can at the end of the day. And finally, bring a change of shoes if you can so that if the first set get wet you will have some dry ones for the next day (assuming it’s better weather … otherwise wear the wet ones again).

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    Is There Shoes I Need To Cycle? I started cycling on a regular basis. I have a Diamondback Insight two. It’s a hybrid. What kind of footwear should I be using?

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      There are special cycling shoes designed to clip to the pedals, however, you do not need anything special. A good pair of athletic shoes will work just fine.

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    What Footwear For Triathlon ? Hi , i’m entering my first tri in a couple of weeks. it is short distances and i am ready fitness wise. i have already got spd’s and shoes for my bike and running shoes for the run but would it be better to put the running shoes on for the cycle and use toe clips with straps rather than spend time changing footwear during the transition from cycle to run ? thanks in advance

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      Honestly, the small amount of time you’d lose in the transition changing shoes is easily made up with the assistance of cycling specific shoes during the ride. You might consider getting elasticized laces for your running shoes, which will shave a little time off the transition.

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    My Friend Has Been Told She May Have S R S What Is It?

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      SRS may stand for:

      * Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source
      * Schedule Reference Service
      * Secretary of the Royal Society
      * Sender Rewriting Scheme
      * Sequence Retrieval System (by LION bioscience AG)
      * Serbian Radical Party (Srpska Radikalna Stranka in Serbian)
      * Sex reassignment surgery
      * Shock response spectrum
      * Simple random sampling
      * Software Requirements Specification
      * Spontaneous Raman Spectroscopy
      * Sole Replacement System, a SIDI cycling footwear design involving replaceable sole components
      * SRS Labs Inc or its flagship technology, Sound Retrieval System
      * Stanford Research Systems, a test and measurement manufacturer.
      * Stimulated Raman Scattering
      * Street Racing Syndicate, a video game by Namco
      * Supplemental Restraint System, commonly known as an airbag
      * Surround Sound
      * System Requirements Specification
      * Savannah River Site

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    What Do You Wear For Cycling In Cold/wet Weather? I’m a bit concerned because I’ve never really biked in cold weather before, and on the one occasion when I got caught out in the rain in otherwise reasonably warm weather, I was really uncomfortable. With my jacket closed, I was overheating, but with it open I was cold and wet. Can anyone help me figure out what to wear this winter (in Atlanta, not Alaska) for cycling?


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      Riding in the wet when temperatures are close to freezing is unpleasant, your extremities will get wet and very cold, but if temperatures are above, say 45 f, you can stay pretty comfortable if you have the right gear and if your bike is equipped for wet weather. My commuter bikes were always equipped with mudguards to keep splashing to a minimum, but even then, my feet always got wet no matter what waterproof footwear I had. Staying warm is more important than staying dry. For colder weather, I have a variety of clothing solutions, tights, leg warmers, knee warmers, arm warmers, vests and jackets. Wicking undershirts, long sleeve jerseys and of course shoe covers. You also may need some kind of thin hat or balaclava to wear under your helmet. If it gets cold, you can also use clear packing tape to cover some of the vents on your helmet. With practice, you can learn to choose the right mix of clothes for the day, a difference of less than 5 degrees can mean 1 more layer, or 1 more item of cold weather gear. Acclimatization also plays a big part, you get used to being out in cooler temperatures. My ride today started out at about 42 f, I wasn’t even wearing a jacket, just a windproof vest, long sleeve jersey, short sleeve undershirt, and a short sleeve jersey. I had included arm warmers, but quickly had to take them off because I was too warm, but a month ago I would have been cold, my body has adapted. You have to experiment to find out what works for you. I have been on rides when my water bottle froze without much discomfort.

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