Great Buy: Fuji Nevada 2.0 26 Mountainbike

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    Tuning A Mountain Bike? I need help with tuning my front derailleur, can someone tell me what i need to do or what can be done in detail plz. the derailleur is somewhat older and still has the upper and lower limits and all that. Just need a basic guide on how to tune up a bike

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      Since your problem is with the front derailleur I will limit my answer to that. Explaining how to do a complete tuneup would take a loooong time.

      1) Determine the number of chainrings you have. There should be 2 or 3. If you have 2 (double), shift to the lower chainring. If you have 3 (triple), shift to the middle chainring.

      2) Looking at the spece between the derailleur cage and the top chainring, pull the derailleur by hand over it. There should be no more than 1/16″ gap between chainring and derailleur. If it is more or less than this, adjust the height by loosening the entire derailleur and moving it up or down making sure to keep the cage parallel to the chainring.

      3) Shift to the smallest chainring and center cog in the rear. Loosen and detach the cable from the derailleur. Make sure that the shifter is on “1”. If a double, the chain should go right through the center of the cage. If a triple, it should just clear the outside plate of the cage. If this condition doesn’t exist, turn the “L” screw until it does.

      4) Reattach the cable, pulling all slack out of it. Make sure that the barrel adjuster located on the shifter is screwed almost all the way in.

      5) Shift to the largest chainring (center cog in the rear). On a double, the chain should just clear the inside plate of the cage. On a triple, the chain should go right through the center of the cage. If this condition doesn’t exist, turn the “H” screw until it does.

      Go for a test ride. Tweak the adjustments (no more than 1/8 turn of screws!) and check cable tension (adjust with barrel adjuster) until it shifts perfectly.

      Good luck!

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    • Jb
    • February 7, 2014

    What Is More Cheaper? Assembling A Mountain Bike Or Buying A Complete Mountain Bike?

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      Lol, I think I just answered a question like this.

      Buying a full, already built bike is cheaper. Assembling and picking out all the parts is a lot of fun, but it will be cheaper if you buy a bike that is complete. Big bike companies are able to mass produce bikes, so they get very good deals when they buy lots of parts in bulk. Therefore, they are able to sell their bikes for a lot cheaper than if you were to buy all the parts and assemble them yourself. However if you are really into riding, and are looking for just the right bike, you might want to pick out all your parts to build your own dream bike.

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    Wal-Mart Mountain Bikes? I keep hearing repeatedly that one should stay as far away from Wal-Mart as possible when buying a bike because it will be nothing but a piece of junk. What I want to know is, what is so horrible about them?

    I ask because I don’t have much to spend. Under no circumstances will I ever race. Nor will I actually bike on mountains or super rocky terrain. I just want a bike that is okay to ride on unpaved surfaces in case the opportunity ever comes up to ride off-road…but any trail I tackle is going to be pretty tame. There are no actual mountains around here.

    So, if I just want a bike for a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and get a little exercise, why is a $200 Wal-Mart bike so aweful? They are not too heavy…aluminum. Why does everyone keep telling me that it is a complete waste of money and I have to go spend $400 (minimum) at a specialized bike shop? I mean, I’m not looking to go pro afterall….just fun.

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      Reasons to avoid a wal-mart or target bike.
      1.) they are alot heavier than decent bikes
      2.) this is probably the biggest one. They are not assembled or inspected by a bike tech. They are assembled in mass by someone trying to slap as many together per hour as possible to make their boss happy. They are the same minimum wage workers who clean up the bathroom or fold t-shirts. They have no proper training for truing wheels, adjusting derailleurs, or setting up the brakes. It is a total safety hazard.
      3.) The quality of the product is very low at target. The frame is whatever, its heavy but its not going to break, same with the shocks. The real difference between a decent bike and a walmart bike is in the shifter components. Cheap shifters are hard to adjust properly and very fickle when it comes to staying properly adjusted. Combine this with the fact that they’re not being assembled by a real bike tech and you have a problem 9 times out of 10.
      4.) Add ~35 bucks to the cost of any bike from wal-mart because you will most likely have to get it serviced at a bike shop to get it to work properly.
      5.) cheap bikes that are set up poorly from the get go will have more problems over the life of the bike. Either you will spend more money getting them fixed (think around 20 a visit) OR you will get frustrated and leave the bike to sit in the garage. Then you’ve just wasted $200. This is probably the most common thing. People buy cheap bikes, they break, then they get frustrated and just give up.

      Heres a compromise. You don’t have to spend 400 bucks to get a decent bike! Heck, if you’re too intimidated by a real bike shop you don’t even have to go there.

      Not everyone here will agree with me, but I used to work at a sporting goods store (Di*ks) and can tell you then sell a range of bikes, from almost wal-mart level up to $2000 bikes. You can get a quality bike from a sporting goods store, assembled by a competent mechanic for less than you would pay at a bike shop. Our cheapest quality bike at dicks was ~230 dollars, but 299 was the absolute best bang for your buck. You got quality shimano trigger shifters (not the garbage grip shifters that come with a cheaper bike) double wall rims (less maintenance) and a lifetime warranty on the product. In case you want the models, for women it would be the diamondback Lustre 1 and the Lustre 2.

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    What Are The Top Ten Best Complete Bikes? I am looking for a complete that LOOKS good, is DURABLE, and is LIGHT weight!
    i am looking for a street complete bmx

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      Best at what? Best road bike – mountain bike – hybrid – dual sport bike – BMX bike? There is NO “best”. Within the same price range – they will ALL use similar if not the exact SAME components!

      May as well ask for a top 10 list of the best cars in the world. To one person, a Ferrari may top the list. To another it might be BMW or Mercedes.

      Here ya go – look at this link… For $11,549.99 – is that enough to be considered “best”.

      See your independent, authorized, knowledgeable, friendly, local bicycle shop. Tell the salesperson “where & how” you plan on riding. What you NEED the bicycle to do for you. Extensively test ride a few. The one that rides & just plain “feels” the best to you — buy it!!!

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    Curtis Mountain Bikes? I have just purchased a Curtis Mountain Bike which was made in Germany. Does anyone know if they have any connection with Curtis in the UK who make frames etc. I am unable to find a site which relates to the German company.

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      There are actually 3 different companies around that offer Curtis bikes and they are all completely different.

      First, we have Curtis (UK) and Curtis (USA). They are, as far as I can find, completely different from Curtis (DE) inasmuch that (UK) and (USA) do not offer complete bikes… this is making the assumption that you purchased the bike from a Curtis dealer and that the bike is a production model.

      One other possibility… Curtis (DE) may also be offered by but I can find no proof primarily because I can’t read German, but I imagine that these are made in Asia as well.

      So, we have learned that only Curtis (DE) offers complete bikes and although it is a German company they are certainly NOT made in Germany… they are imported from Asia. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that your bike was built up using a (UK) frame, provided it is a hardtail bike and not full suspension.

      Another clue is that (UK) makes frames only from Chrome Moly and T45 series alloy. If there is evidence of it being produced from anything other than CrMo or T45 series (for example, 7075 or 6061 aluminum) then it is definitely NOT a (UK) product.

      I am going to rule out (USA) product as this is a boutique product and not readily available at a bike shop.

      My sniffin’ nose tells me that you probably have the Curtis brand made in Asia, or “Made in Germany of Imported Parts” (assembled in Germany from parts (usually) made in Asia). If you are able to post a photo of the drive side of the bike and advise the price you paid and WHERE you bought it it may provide more clues.

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    • J
    • February 14, 2014

    I Think I Found A Mountain Bike, Opinions?
    this one!
    This will probably be one of my last q’s about which mountain bike to buy, because i’ll probably go to a couple of my lbs’s in a little bit.
    But what are y’all’s opinion on this one? I heard trek is a good brand, but I obviously don’t have person experience. Should I try to opt for a newer model?

    Thanks! ?
    PS: is it better to get 26″ tires rather than 24″ though?
    I’m also pretty short, found out i need about a 15″ frame

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      First, it is not a mountain bike. It is an “all terrain bike” intended for riding mostly on the road, and offroad on groomed trails.

      Second, it is a VERY old model, about 1997, so it is about 15 years old. As such it could never be in “mint” condition and likely requires a complete overhaul. Figure adding an additional $150-200 to the price.

      It is always a better idea to buy a bike with 26″ wheels versus 24″. Replacement parts are more easily available and usually less expensive.

      Trek as a brand came around in 1975 touting American construction and design. Now they are mostly another drop in the ocean of Asian built brands (there is ONE exception in their line however).

      Yes, absolutely go to a local bike shop. You’ll get a properly built bike that has the correct features for the kind of riding you plan to do plus a modicum of free services that you would have to pay for otherwise.

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    • Swert
    • February 16, 2014

    Ventana Mountain Bikes? How come Ventana doesn’t sell their bikes as complete and fully assembled? And is the shop section of their website going to have complete bikes? It just seems kind of ridiculous that if you want a Ventana bike you have to build it from the frame up. Any insight would be helpful.

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      Are you sure about that?
      Have you checked with the bike shops that sell them?
      Ventana dealers:
      From the dealers websites it looks like you can buy either a specific model frame or have a complete bike built from that frame with the components that you want on it.
      They probably won’t sell bikes from their ‘shop’ online, if they were to do this I’m sure that the dealers who sell their bikes and frames wouldn’t be too happy and might end their business relationship with them.

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    What Is The Best Complete Bike Made? I’m looking at Easterns and Fits. Any suggestions?

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      Best what? Best is purely subjective & open to interpretation. Best mountain bike – road bike – hybrid bike – BMX bike? One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. What’s “best” to you may be junk to me & viceversa.

      The “best” bicycle is the one you go extensively test ride in advance – for yourself & choose by yourself, for your own individual needs and/or wants.

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