Great Buy: SIGMA SPORT ROX 6.0 Bike Computer – Wireless

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    Tchibo Bike Computer? I bought a bike computer from Tchibo and had to bring it back to be swapped because it didn’t work. I got another one and tried it, that also doesn’t work.

    It always shows a speed like 9.9mph although the bike’s stationary.??
    I think everything is set up properly…

    I put the bike computer on the handlebars, attached the magnet to the wheel, put the sensor on the pole-thing next to the wheel spokes…

    And it doesn’t work…I don’t think two after each other wouldn’t work so i must be doing something wrong. What could it be??

    Here’s the link:;sid=pp-PrsRK6l6Pro1Ki6yFysfSGxt9Drj4XDQ=?ProductSKU=0013064&BackTo=Search


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      Even if you have the wheel circumference incorrect the computer should indicate zero when the bike is stationery. If the wheel magnet is misaligned it will stop the display from indicating anything. The only other possibility is that the computer is still in settings mode. Read the instructions carefully to make sure this is not the case. If there is nothing wrong with the settings then it is knackered and you should get your money back. Halfords (UK) offer a range of simple computers that I have found to be easy and reliable. Other than this the Cateye computers might be a bit more expensive but work well.

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    • John
    • February 11, 2014

    HOw Does A Wireless Bike Computer Work?

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      Wireless bicycle computers come in various shapes and flavors, but here is a very general overview.

      The computer consists of a receiver which is mounted on the handlebar. On the wheel there is a magnet attached to the spokes and a sensor/transmitter attached to the fork. The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver every time the magnet passes it.

      The receiver, knowing the circumference of the wheel (you tell it this), then counts the number of times the magnet passes the sensor in an elapsed time period and calculates the speed.

      Basically, the wireless ones work in much the same way as the wired ones, but transmitting the information instead of sending it through the wire.

      My wireless computer also keeps track of my heart rate (through a transmitter on my chest) and my cadence (through a transmitter counting my pedal strokes).

      Generally wireless computers are easier to install and look better (no wires threading down your brake cable). Problems can include interference from power lines and interference from other computers. They are much better now, but in early days, if you happened to ride near someone with the same computer brand there was a chance that your speed would double because it would pick up the other guy’s transmissions as well. Nowadays most (all?) wireless computers are coded to avoid this problem.

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    • HUBBS
    • February 13, 2014

    Bike Computer? I have a simple Mongoose (wired) bike computer. I accidently reset the computer and of course I don’t have the instructions anymore. I was wondering If anyone knows the four digit code that you have to enter at start up. The bike has a 26″ wheel base
    I tried looking online but couldnt find any info.

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      I’m pretty sure the code you mention is the tire circumference needed for the computer to calculate speed, distance etc.

      This number depends on the actual tire diameter on your bike they all vary a little. A ball park figure is 2050 to 2090 measured in mm. But you can figure it yourself.

      You need to do a roll-out. You need your bike, a flat, paved surface, tape measure and piece of chalk.

      Make a chalk line on the pavement as a starting line. Put your front wheel on the line with your valve stem exactly strait up over it. Roll your bike in a strait line until the valve stem is exactly strait up again. Mark it carefully with the chalk. Now measure from line to line. This number, should be around 80″ if I remember correctly. Convert to mm (1″ = 25.4 mm). This is the number you need.

      Do this roll-out a couple times, you’ll get a more actuate number. Put this number in your computer.

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    How To Use Bike Computer With Handlebar Bag? I have denalli road bike can I put my bike computer on with handlebar bag if so how do I do it

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      Bike computers only take up a very small amount of space. And you can’t find anywhere to mount it either on the handlebar or possibly mount it sideways on the stem? Oh…I forgot. You have a GMC Denali. That bike’s not fast enough to require a bike computer. I passed one about a year ago while COASTING downhill on a hybrid. The other guy was pedaling.

      See links. Mount it on the stem.

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