CatEye HL-EL135 Front / Omni 3 Rear Bike Light Set Critique

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    • February 9, 2014

    Oregon Bike Law-Bike Lights?? Is it required that you have to wear a helmet or that you have bike lights on your bike? If so do you have to have lights on both the front and back of the bike?(I will be riding around 6am?)

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      The manual says,
      Lights are required by law when riding after dark. You or your bicycle must have a white light visible at least 500 feet to the front, and a red light or reflector visible at least 600 feet to the rear. These are the minimum requirements. More powerful lights will make you more visible to others, and help you see road hazards. A rear light is more visible than a reflector. Front white reflectors are not visible to motorists entering from a side street and do not meet legal lighting requirements.

      It's Oregon law: all bicycle riders under sixteen must wear an approved bicycle helmet while riding on a public way. In the past, helmets met voluntary standards like ASTM, Snell, or ANSI. After March 1999, there is a new federal standard developed in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). If your bicycle helmet meets one of the previous standards, you do not need to buy a new helmet. Unless damaged, these bicycle helmets provide sufficient protection for their useful life (usually 3-5 years). When you buy a new helmet look for the label or sticker indicating it meets the CPSC safety standard.

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    Which Brand Produces The Lightest Bikes…? I mean, I’m 5.2 and I weight less than 100 so I’m looking for a light MTB, since my old Raleigh, no matter how classic is, weights over 30 and i want to improve my feeling…

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      There are plenty of light bikes from many companies. It’s generally a function of cost as to how light the bike gets. If you spend $200 you will get a heavy bike. There are so many light bikes I can’t make a comprehensive list.

      I understand being a light rider you want a light bike. Getting a bike in the low 20lb range is easy. Going below 20lbs is very expensive. Here a great deal on a 22lb er.:

      Other light bikes are Specilized Stumpjumper and Giant XTC. Scott has light bikes as well:

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    Good Quality & Good Value Bike Front Lights? I am buying 4 front bike lights, money is tight so i need to know what the best value ones are that are powerful with a good light, also power consumption would be useful. Thanks

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      Ed should know performance bikes is a Schwinn dealer. I think they might sale their lights too. I just got mine at Walmart for $14.96. All the same features and quality of most any other light. I should say with anything there are price ranges. performance will have the higher end stuff too. You may be able to get a way better light for 5 or 10 bucks more. My light is a 3 led head light, with a strobe function. It is water resistant. Meaning as long as it isn’t dunked in a pool it should be fine. I should also add Schwinn, GT, and Pacific bikes were at one point the same company. Pacific sucks, GT is sold a performance and used to be considered super high end. Schwinn is also sold at performance.

      This is a review on my light I just got from Wally world (Walmart)

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    • Shady
    • February 14, 2014

    Which Is More Comfortable Bike Light Bike Or Heavy Weight Bike ? I am little confused today i went to honda showroom he tell me advantage of heavy bike but i know being sales man that was his duty any body can tell me diff between light bike and heavy bike
    this question is only for automobile engineer

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      A light bike is nicer at lower speeds. Around town, going to school or light shopping, a 125 is all you need. A big bike seems ponderous and wallowy and you are always fighting it, because it’s not really made for low speeds.

      A big, heavy bike is nicer on a long trip at high speed. It’s more stable, it handles shifting winds better, and it’s just purring along at high speed, not beating its little heart out. Plus a bigger bike has a bigger seat, a more relaxed seating position, because it’s physically bigger so the relationship between the seat, footpegs, and handlebars is more spread out.

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    How Can I Make My Bike Lighter? I have a Diamondback joker…here’s a picture of the bike…
    I have left side pegs only, front AND back brakes, aftermarket sprocket, freewheel and back rim, and that’s about it. How can I make the bike lighter?

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      Nothing you will do can make a substantial difference in weight.
      just sell it and buy a lighter used bike, or get used to the fact that you have a heavy bike. Then when you get a lighter bike, you will be a much better rider.
      you wont make a noticeable difference in weight by taking it apart. just ride it the way it is.

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    How Can You Make Your Bike Lighter? I have a 2007 Haro Backtrail X1 and i want to make it lighter

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      First of all, AWSOME BIKE. I have one of those….dont put pegs on it whatever you do or you will break the axle..its a dirt jumping bike, not for freestyle. Expensive upgrades are the lightest…heres the cheapest ways…first, remove the plastic chain guard if it has one, second, get light weight tires, third, get lighter cranks, fourth, get lighter rims or build your own, (i build my own bikes) fifth, remove any reflectors, they are pointless, anything you see on the bike that can be removed and still make the bike work…..i have about $500 worth of upgrades on my 07 X1

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    Whats A Good Light Bmx Bike? My old bmx bike is a diamondback joker its really heavy though is im thinking of getting a new one. whats a good bmx bike thats light and around 200? if you can gimmi the link of it that be good ?

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      Bump that budget up to $300 to $400 and get yourself a decent to great bike at

      But what kind of riding are you wanting to do?

      Dirt Jumps/Trails

      Street,Park/Vert bmx frames pretty much have the same or similar geometry about them…toptubes around 20″ to 20.8″,chainstays 13.25″ to 14″.Dirt Jump bmx frames are similar but usually with longer toptubes (20.8″ to 21.75″),13.5″ to 14.5″ chainstays,and a longer wheelbase.

      You can use a street bmx for park/vert or dirt jumps/trails…you can use a park/vert bmx for street or dirt jumps/trails….you can use a dirt jump/trails bmx for street or park/vert.

      Flatland bikes have a geometry all their own with short toptubes measuring 18″ to 19″ (a few companies offer 19.25″ to 19.75″ frames for the taller guys),short chainstays around 12.5″ to 13″,more clearance for your feet between the downtube and front wheel to make scuffing tricks like squeakers easier,lower slung toptube to make stepping over the frame in tricks like whiplashes easier,steep head tube angles to make whipping the frame around easier.

      I would not recommend riding anyting but flatland on a flatland specific bike as they are not designed to take the abuse that street,park/vert,and dirt jump/trails bmx bikes take and you will damage or break the frame and parts.

      If you really wanted to ride flatland with some light street you could purchase a Hoffman Strowler which is a flatland specific frame but made tough and for some light street (it is Kevin Jones’ signature model after all) and build it up with some tougher street parts but building a custom complete is expensive (upwards of $1000).

      Get back to us with what kind of riding you plan on doing and we can suggest some decent bikes.

      The only decent bike near your price range that I can think of off the top of my head is a DK Cygnus wich retails at for $279.99 before shipping.The DK Cygnus is a Park/trail designed frame with a 20.5″ toptube,has a chromoly main frame (way better then hi-tensile steel,and lighter/stronger).

      When buying a new bmx that you want to be both strong and light it is important to get a frame created from 100% chromoly tubing or at the very least a chromoly main frame (toptube,downtube,seat tube,head tube are chromoly) as chromoly tubing is stronger and lighter the hi-tensile steel tubing of the same thickness and diameter.

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    Make My Bike Lighter? What can i do to my bmx bike lighter? right now it ways about 27 pounds or a tad over that. i have to 2009 kink launch. . any suggestions from the pros

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      Jason, that type of bike really has to have some weight to it, and 27 pounds isn’t bad.

      If it were a racing bike then I could see spending the money to reduce weight. However, stunt/street/jump/etc bikes NEED the weight to build up inertia so you can keep moving at low speeds…. taking into consideration the low gear ratio on the bike, it is meant for complex maneuvers at low speeds.

      Leave it alone and learn how to work with the bike. You’ll be surprised how a bit of technique will make all the difference in the world.

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    What Is The Most Powerful Bike Light I Can Buy? I’m looking to get some proper big lights for my mountain bike (a felt q620). As i’ll be going off road a lot i need some lights that will illuminate quite a distance so i put it to you, what is the most powerful bike light i can buy? some links would be greatly appreciated and money isn’t an issue (unless its like ??2million each :P)

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      Definitely spend the money on an H.I.D. or one of the super bright new generation LED systems. Don’t waste money on a halogen light unless you’ll be riding at slower speeds on relatively smooth trails that you know well. Halogen just isn’t bright enough for fast riding on trails….you’ll out-pace the beam and although it makes for a more exciting ride you can really pay the price in blood that way. :o) Even the dual-light 32w-ish halogen systems aren’t bright enough for fast riding in my experience.

      When shopping, pay attention to lumens output….that’s the best way to compare lights. They’re all screwy with their marketing because they know people will want to have the brightest light, so there are all kinds of brightness descriptions out there. And watch for the Best “in its class” claims, too. As said above, run time might really matter to you also….you always need to have a secondary backup light with you just in case (even a flashlight will do) but try to pick a light that will last long enough for your rides and keep in mind that batteries will run for shorter periods as they age or when it’s really cold outside. If you plan on doing any 24hr races then you’ll want a fast charger, too (and possibly an extra battery for an outrageous price).

      I have a Light N Motion HID that is fantastic…..I normally ride with it on my helmet. If you plan on doing any jumps or have really rough trails, you’ll probably want to use a bright light on your helmet and some other light on your handlebars so that you won’t be landing in complete darkness if you take to the air. Otherwise one light is usually enough. For years I used a Niterider 15w halogen and enjoyed it on the road bike, occasionally on the trail….but it was tricky to make fast turns in the trees and tended to wash out the terrain textures in the red dirt we have around here. The HID is way better so long as you don’t blind the raccoons or your riding buddies.

      I really like Light N Motion much better than Niterider, but in the last couple years Niterider has finally improved their lights and addressed problems. They’re both good companies but my money is with the first one. I hear great things about Dianotte, too, but nobody around here has one that I’ve seen and I have zero experience with them.

      Plan on spending $300 and up. Nashbar, Pricepoint, and Jenson often have some super closeout deals on HID lights from Niterider and Light N Motion. I got mine from Nashbar for about $220 with a sale price and a discount coupon…sweet deal.

      EDIT: If you really want a SUPER powerful light….a local guy rigged up his bike with two R/C airplane landing lights and a *heavy* 6v gel battery. Crap, that setup was brighter than highbeams on most cars! A bit overkill, though. lol

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    New Halogen Bike Lights? Ok, I like bike lights. I commute to work and ride trail and off road ???Proper Mountain biking???. I was looking on the for a rechargeable set of bike lights; I thought that I would buy them now as they would be cheaper, than in the winter.
    As I was looking all of them seem to be between 5-15 watt power outputs, nothing I have found can beat my 50 WATT halogen super high beam. Because I couldn???t??? find any that were even close to that power,

    I thought that my current lights were:

    1. Superior to any thing else

    2. Ridiculously high powered, perhaps even illegal for road use??

    That do you think??
    Yes Only ONE 50w halogen BULB!! (a bit bad if it ever blows during a ride!)
    Lasts about 3.5 hours (12v 7ah PB batt- around 1.5lb)

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      I don’t think you’ll find anything ‘off the shelf’ near what you have.
      I’m like you…I like bike lights. In fact I’m building a high-power LED bike light right now. I should get 1,000 lumens out of it and I expect it to last 4-5 hours with the battery I’ll be using (Li-Ion). I’m really building it to compare against my OVERVOLTED halogen I built that puts out approx. 1,800 lumens (a 11w HID puts out about 550 lumens for comparison). If you’re running your 50W at 12v (if the voltage is higher, the output will be as well), you’d be putting out about 1,650 lumens (depending on bulb).
      So, if it’s 12v, it’s not superior to anything else (about 150 lumens short of my 20W halogen. BUT, my bulbs don’t last too long either – only about 50 hours (fortunately, I can get them for $0.99 at Big Lots for GE) and my battery only runs them for 1:45 – long enough for a short MTB ride.
      So, why would I build an LED that “only” gets 1,000 lumens? Run time! It’s becoming important as I want to go all night with bright light. Carrying two batteries will get me through the night with the LED.
      There’s nothing rediculous about high power or it being illegal (people may flash their brights at you if you’re on the road expecting you to get off your “high beam”). AND, if you’re on the road, lights can save your life!!
      If I could have them, I’d like lights so bright that bambi would not only freeze in her tracks, but also spontaneously combust!

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