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Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost Assessment

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Here’s our latest featured product: Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost, one of our most requested Bicycle Components provided by Thomson. We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost

Thompson seatposts are over 40% stronger on ultimate strength test than the strongest production seatposts on the market. Over double the fatigue life of any other production models tested. The tube and head of the Thomson seatpost are integral-machined from one single piece of high strength 7000 series aluminum. The head is not pressed or bonded in. This allows for superior strength and minimum weight, allowing higher strength at low weights. Features and Specifications Lightweight – approximately 188 grams (250 length) for road bikes and 228 grams (330 length) for mountain bikes. Natural ellipse bore inside tube for optimum strength to weight ratio. Long 1.614 inch (41 mm) seat rail grip length – This helps prevent seat rail bending from impact loads. Most brand-x seatposts have grip lengths of .500 inch or more shorter than Thomson’s grip length. Bending fuse to prevent catostrophic failure. All brand-x seatposts tested – every one of them – failed in catastrophic failure with the seat and clamp components – and sometimes pieces of the tube and head – flying off in all directions. This type of failure would dump the rider. The Thomson seatpost has a clamp, head, and upper tube strong enough to withstand 350 foot-lbs of torque. The tube will start to yield and bend at the seat tube clamp at about 250 foot-lbs of torque. Remember all brand-x posts tested flew apart at less than 150 foot-lbs of torque. Under severe impact the Thomson seatpost would bend slightly and allows the rider to come to a safe stop or finish the ride. The ride could continue. The Thomson seatpost has all parts captive and can easily be attached to a seat without disassembly. Infinite tilt adjustment minus 5deg and plus 29deg. Very low profile clamps – no seat interference – swivel nuts are down between the seat rails. The designs and materials have passed extensive life and ultimate strength tests. Impact absorbing clamps – clamps, head, and assembly will spread and flex on impact to protect seat,…
Only $89.95 – Click here for details…

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Today’s highlighted product, Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost, was was selected from the category Bicycle Components.

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    How Do I Know Which Bicycle Components Are Quality Components? I am mechanically inclined, and have recently begun making upgrades to my old bicycle, which I hope eventually to culminate in a new frame and wheelset, etc. Lots of web-pages have bicycle parts for sale, but seldom give enough information about the parts to determine if they are compatible with other parts you might order. Also there seems to be extremely wide price differences among (for example) carbon forks that weigh about the same depending on either website or brand. I live in a rural area with no real bike shops, so online shopping is really my only choice. What I really want to know is how to tell what components are quality components, and which are not. Surely there is some publication, online or otherwise that does more than just review a few out of the hundreds of products available? I haven’t managed to find comprehensive reviews of anything I’m looking at anywhere online, and customer reviews are totally useless to me.

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    1. Reply

      The 3 major manufacturers of road bike components are Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo. Each one makes several levels of quality components for bicycles. Check out their websites for information concerning the parts they make. In general, if you buy one brand, it is best to stick with it until you learn more concerning compatibility. Even within the same brand, some levels of quality have some parts that don’t work with other levels. When you look at frames and forks, there are many levels of quality as well. Just because a fork is made of carbon fiber, it does not mean that it is the same quality of material as another carbon fiber fork, there are different grades of carbon, as well as different levels of quality control and fabrication. Carbon fiber is not a generic material. There is no single publication that will tell you everything you need to know about bicycles. Sheldon Brown’s website has a wealth of articles about bicycles and cycling, but since his death a couple of years ago, some of the material there is getting a little dated. If you want to become truly knowledgeable about the subject, you are going to have to take the time to read through everything you can find, there are no shortcuts

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    Shimano 2200 Bicycle Components I know these are listed below SORA components, and are the lowest of the shimano higher end components. I am curies as to how they perform compared to SORA. If anyone has ever used the 2200 before, let me know how they compare.

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    1. Reply

      2200 components are what are commonly called “non-series”. Shimano has this type of thing for almost all of their lines with the exception (I think) of Dura Ace and XTR.

      Ultimately, 2200 is a designation to allow speccing of the last generation of parts. For example, the 2200 STI shifters are 7 speed and there are no model names on the derailleurs or other parts.

      Compared to Sora? Well, functionally they are the same but tend to be based on a previous years technology, using old molds and dies. If I had a choice I wouldn’t use them BUT often use front derailleurs and cranks to maintain my price point when speccing bikes.

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    What Are Some Websites For Bicycle Components?

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    1. Reply

      Performance would be my last choice….and Nashbar does a little better with house-brand cheaper components than anything else. Nashbar does have a nice returned-good section that you can get some real deals in if you’re lucky.

      These sites are great, in order that I use them and like them:


      Be careful with Price Point and Cambria….if the item you want isn’t in stock you’re in for a long wait and both of them can be a little screwy with backorders and shipping details/costs. They’re good companies, though, and offer a lot of goods.

      Hope this helps :o)

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  4. Reply

    Bicycles?? How does bikes advances technology?

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    1. Reply

      Components change. Different companies make more advanced parts that are lighter, faster moving etc. weight is one main thing.

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    • Vern
    • February 19, 2014

    Bicycle Components Question – Shimano Sti Shifters (ultegra And Tiagra)? I have a 2008 p2sl with ultegra components on it. 2×10 speeds. It is currently a tri setup but I am looking to switch it to a road setup. I am going to purchase the tiagra sti 4600 shifters that are 2×10. I was wondering if it is ok to mix and match parts like that? Also I have the option of getting the rear Derailleur that matches the shifters. Should I get them to replace the ultegra derailler or just get the to have a spare because the derailler is only an extra $10?

    Thanks in advance.
    The only reason I want to know about the derailler is because it would be newer and I wanted to know if it would be better since im changing the shifters. currently i have the end bar shifters that are separate from the brakes but I want to make it a road bike setup with the sti shifters and I found a cheap used pair of tiagra shifters.

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    1. Reply

      Ok, I give you all my Tiagra and you you give me all your Ultegra.

      The Tiagra shifters will be compatible with the Ultegra, no problem there.
      The Tiagra shifters work pretty good for me. I have a 105 in the rear. In 6,000 miles I didn’t have any problem.

      Yet, Tiagra is entry level road components while Ultegra is racing level components, second to DuraAce. They are worth about 3x more.

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    Best Bicycle Touring Bike Components? I am want to build a touring bicycle to go on long tours. I am getting the Soma Saga frame set. I am having trouble finding which components would work best for my needs. The touring will be done in the USA on paved roads/highways mostly but the ocasional dirt road might come along.

    I have found the: Campagnolo Veloce series, SRAM Apex series. and Shimano Tiagra series but I dont know if these are right for me. Any and all info able to be given will be welcomed.

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    1. Reply

      Let me put it bluntly… You will spend 3 to 4 times MORE building your own touring road bike vs. just buying one from a bike shop. If you want to see the best components on the top touring road bikes, simply check websites of companies that make the top touring road bikes. I’ll start with mine. Just look at the specs.


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  6. Reply

    Campagnolo Bicycle Components? How do you pronounce bicycle components?

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    1. Reply

      BI_CYCLE _ COM_ PON_ENTS -(hows that?)

      Cant help thinking you have asked a stupid question!

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    • Billb
    • February 24, 2014

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bicycles Components? I own a specialzed road bike with a pretty good alloy frame. but the components on the bike are pretty much usles now. instead fo buyign a whole new bike i was swondering if would be cost effective to just replace the components. btw the bike im looking to buy costs about 1300 dollars.
    hahah no im buying th bike myself this will nto be a gift from my parents or anyone. the reason i was askign about replacing the components is becasue i want to upgrade to 105 from sora components. and i just for some reason assumed they were not sold seperatly

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    1. Reply

      Just replace what needs replacing, components don’t wear out all at the same time.

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