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    • hogie0101
    • February 13, 2014

    Ditto to the previous answer. Low carb is a Joke. It’s simple math, calories consumed verses calories expended. A change in the type of food you eat is only tricking yourself for a few weeks. Staying away from processed sugars or “highly processed” grains or highly processed anything including protein is very different.

    On a 4-5 hour ride I eat at least some form of “bar” whatever you like to fill the void in the stomach. I use GUs or Gels about every hour to start and every half hour near the end. I use water to drink, if I use a Gatorade (or type) drink then I mix it at half strength.

    Bike racer diet: half of every plate is fruits and vegetables, one plate only per meal, no seconds. 3 times a day for off days and 4 to 6 on ride days depending on duration/intensity. I use a heart rate monitor with a calorie counter, not totally accurate but a good indicator.

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    • Atilla
    • February 13, 2014

    Low-carb diets are for fat couch surfers, not active people. And forget this notion of “ideal weight.” Get a body fat test. That’s really more of a measure of what your fitness is like. Remember, muscle is a lot more dense than fat, and “ideal weights” don’t necessarily have athletes in mind.

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