Stephen Bonnici Track Cycling Coach

Stephen Bonnici is Pedalfast Coaching lead Coach, he has assisted Tour de France stage winner with his training,along with Great Britain Track Cycling Teams, Teams from Australia and Sweden Ireland Wales English Cycling Teams.

His approach to motivating individuals and teams is unmatched within cycling, his ability and knowledge has pushed World class teams to achieve truly staggering results.

With the right level of enthusiasm, will to win and guidance from our World class cycling coach we can not only promise a truly memorable day that will be fun packed and not to mention the rewards and gifts you or your team will receive:

Stephen Bonnici has many hours under his belt running track cycling sessions at cycling tracks and velodrome. Stephen Bonnici runs track sessions on a daily basis’ weather its for the public / professional & talent teams and corporate team building groups like Team Spirit Cycling Camps Limited.

Over the years, Stephen Bonnici has spent many hours himself riding bicycles of all types from early days being just the kid in the street on his BMX playing tag on bikes with his friends to being a full time athlete competing in many competitions on the road and track events going on to have many wins.

Stephen Bonnici has a tough but a very rewarding coaching style where he strives to get the best out of his riders while leaving them enthusiastic and confident about themselves.

Stephen Bonnici has had a wide range of experience in life with extreme sports and fit life style with many past times, military training and working along side British cycling coaches using a cocktail of techniques, Stephen Bonnici has features a lot of motorcycle experience competing on and off road, not only he like to share fitness training techniques with handling skills to.

Stephen Bonnici likes to combine experiences gained from being a competitor and coaching, it good to know how the subject feels while training and to give the coach a better understanding to make up training exercises scenario’s to simulate real situations that happen during races on the cycling track or velodrome.

You can read more about Track Coaching experience at pedalfast coaching

Stephen Bonnici

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