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Time… to relax and recharge

When you think of taking a cycling holiday, with close family or friends, your mind is immediately transferred to open countryside with wonderful views and quaint country village locations. As you cycle gently along, making unhurried stops for lunch and visiting points of interest en-route, you have all the time in the world to relax, unwind and soak up your surroundings. Top quality hotels await you after your day in the saddle, to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Time… for a healthier lifestyle

On a cycling holiday you cannot help but slip into a healthier lifestyle. Gentle daily exercise combined with plenty of fresh air is an ideal antidote to a busy lifestyle. Picture starting the day with a leisurely breakfast, and taking the road at your own pace; you will sit down to dinner each night with a healthy glow and plenty of happy memories.

Time… to take in the sights

Cycling holidays open up a world of exploration possibilities. Charming villages, small towns and sometimes dramatic changing scenery, all come into focus as you peddle from a to b. A self-guided tour allows you to stop when you want to and spend extra time visiting historic sites, exploring vineyards or simply enjoying a cappuccino and croissant at a local cafe.

Time… to get closer to nature

A bike tour inevitably awakens an interest in nature since you are closer to it in the saddle. Wherever you take your cycling tour, whether its UK or European based, you will experience the delights of seasonal flora and fauna, as well as local birds and animals. Great for lovers of photography, as well as families with children, there is a wealth of natural beauty waiting to be explored on all of our cycle tours.

Time… to get to know an area properly

A cycling holiday allows you plenty of time in which to familiarise yourself with an area. Whether you have always fancied exploring Venice, or are drawn to the Austrian Lake District, a tour will show you the highlights, at a comfortable and relaxing pace. There are also options on many of our tours to arrange extra days en route, to spend additional time in areas that are of particular interest to you. Just remember to take lots of photographs!

Time… brush up on your language skills

A cycle break to France, Austria or Italy presents an ideal opportunity to brush up on and practice your language skills. This is great for children who are studying French or Italian at school as they get to practise what they have learnt. Adults can have fun with it too and are often amazed at how much comes back to them – from road signs to menu items – its all part of the experience.

Time… to create special memories with your loved ones

Getting away from it all, as a couple or small group, provides plenty of time to strengthen those important bonds. Whether you are peddling around the Loire Chateaux, or along the beautiful North Norfolk coastline, your holiday is a shared adventure, and will generate many happy memories that you will treasure for years to come.

Cycle Breaks offer self-guided cycling holidays and bike tours in the UK, France, Italy and Austria. Our holidays offer you a chance to unwind and to discover the more subtle charms of the countryside at your own pace.

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