Cycling Your Way To Happiness ? Take A Cycling Vacation This Year

For many of a vacation is a must each year, it is the one thing that keeps us sane in the middle of the cold dark drive to and from work in the middle of winter. The damp and the cold do not feel quite so bad at 7am in the morning when you have got the thought of a long summer vacation in just a few months time.

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But then comes the dreaded reality that you have not made enough money this year to be able to afford to take the family on the holiday that they have all been craving since the nights closed in and the sun last went away. The horror of that realization is a real one that many of us have experienced over the years and with the way the credit crunch is hitting home this year it will be a sad reality for many of us again. But maybe all is not lost; maybe you can have that holiday, albeit on a shoestring but a holiday it will be none the less.

For many of us the idea of a holiday is getting away from the reality of work for a couple of weeks as well as having a break from the same old same old of the four walls that are your home. If taking a beach vacation is not an option this year for you and your family what can you do that will still get you away but not break the bank.

A lot of what I am going to suggest needs you the reader to have an open mind and be willing to try something that for many people has never been an option before. Why not explore a region of your own country or a country very close to you that you can drive to on a bicycle? Other than the cost of the fuel to get to your destination you will have no other traveling costs and if you find a pleasant spot you can get the tent out and set up camp for a couple of weeks solely using your bicycles to explore the local area.

It might sound a little daunting at first but with this plan you at least get away from home and work as well as getting to see and experience new locations that you may have never been to before.

Depending on what it is that your family enjoy doing you can tailor your camp to suit everyone’s needs. If you so wished you could camp within distance of a beach, on the outskirts of a town, in a forest or even in or near a large campsite with facilities, whatever suits you needs. You really can be quite specific on where you go to ensure getting the best holiday possible for ever member of the family. And for those members of the family that perhaps a cycling tour would not suit then they have the option of enjoying some of the other activities that your chosen area has to offer.
So now when that dreaded moment comes along and you realize that your boss and the taxman have not been quite so generous this year you do not have to worry about getting away for your vacation. Have two wheels, will travel.

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    • Keith Aul
    • March 5, 2014

    As kids when we get money we tend to SPEND the money we get on things that
    think will make us happy. This cycle then repeats itself over and over

    The danger of doing this causes us to associate SPENDING with happiness and
    saving gets put on the back burner.

    When we create this HABIT as a child, this becomes a HABIT in our adult
    life resulting in credit card debt, spending more than we earn, etc.

    #InternetLifestyleNetwork #ILNVideoChallenge #26/100

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