Cycling Is About More Than Exercise

It often strikes me that many people react to the news that I’m keen on cycling by suggesting that it’s a great form of exercise. Although it certainly is, it seems strange that this is the first element of the activity that people think to mention. When I think about riding a bike, I don’t necessarily consider its merits in terms of exercise.

I’m aware, of course, that cycling can certainly be an excellent way to burn calories. Once you’ve cycled on a lengthy ride, taking in a few hills, it would be almost impossible to fail to notice that there’s a considerable degree of energy required. But I guess that this isn’t what cycling is all about – at least, not as far as I’m concerned.

I ride a bike because it’s a very enjoyable thing to do. It’s an activity that allows me to get out and see so much more of the countryside than would otherwise be possible. It allows you to travel at a greater speed than would be possible when walking, yet the journey is not so fast that you are unable to fully appreciate your surroundings.

Is there anything better than cycling a great route and finishing up at a beautiful country pub, or maybe enjoying a simple meal, while taking in a great view? These might be thought of as being simple pleasures, but they certainly help to make life worth living.

There’s also a social side to riding the bike. I’m not talking about needing to make use of a tandem! I feel a little sorry for those who ride alone. I really feel that they’re missing out. In my view, a bike ride is certainly to be shared. There’s nothing quite like being able to discuss what you’re seeing and the route that you’re taking.

But who should you share the ride with? That’s a question that only you can answer, although I would certainly recommend friends and family as cycling companions.

It can be a great way to spend quality time with special people.

Reading this, you may understand why I never really think of riding a bicycle as being about exercise. It’s clear that it can provide so much more.

If you’ve not been on your bike recently then you really are missing out. I can’t wait to plan my next bicycle ride!

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Question by Mosh: Indoor cycling exercises…?
Can’t find any type of work outs or info on it, help please. I’m getting a bike this wk.

Best answer:

Answer by cyclist2300
The main thing to remember when starting something new….. is start easy, and work your way up.

In the winter when I use my indoor trainer…. I like to change things up a bit… gives variety.

1) I put a bunch of good music videos on a DVD, and I ride to them…
a. some songs I ride slower paced, others faster….
b. I change the gear to fit the tempo of the song.

2) I watch recorded stages of the tour de france… great scenery changes, and I can imagine I’m in the pack with the racers.

3) Every 15 minutes or so, I will put the bike into the hardest gear, and stand up, and try to crank out 100 revolutions before I sit down. (when I first try this in the winter, I’m happy to get 30-40…. part of starting slow, and working your way to higher and harder.).

4) Every so ofter, I toss in a spinning section… where I put it in an easy gear, and spin for a couple minutes.

I normally mix and match these depending on how I feel.

be creative and find what works for you.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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    • March 8, 2014

    Work hard, eat right and kick butt!!

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    • GoGiants
    • March 8, 2014

    I have this exercise bike in my house, you could get one of those?

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    • Lil Shamir
    • March 9, 2014

    Get your bike and a nice resistance trainer. I use a Minoura reistance trained with my bike and it works nicely.

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