Cycling Trips For The Whole Family

My son, who is a year and a half, eyes light up every time he sees a bike. While I am aware he is much too small to learn to ride on his own, I decided to buy a bike trailer to attach to my bike so he could have some fun along with his sister.

Every weekend since, the entire family heads out to local parks and lakes to explore areas we have never explored. We even spent an entire week camping up at our Maine campsite with just our bikes and a camper. Parking the car for the entire time, which is something we had never done before.

I was never a huge cyclist. I maybe dusted the cobwebs off my bike once a year. Until this summer. My 7 year old daughter just mastered her bike without training wheels, my husband needed an excuse to get off the sofa, I could use the fresh air too. Not to mention the money we saved on gas.

So here we are a family of four, biking our way through the woods on any given weekend. Exploring not only the great outdoors, but reconnecting as a family away from video games, computers and televisions. Exercising, even though to me, it does not feel like I am. Seeing the different roads of the lake beats the four walls of the Zumba studio. Spending time with my family beats spending time at the gym. My husband has even commented on feeling twice as energized come Monday morning then when he would spend his weekends relaxing. I have lost about 5 pounds, and have toned my legs and rear end.

Our family weekend budget is cut in half. We do not spend the money we used to trying to figure out what to do to keep the kids entertained. The bike rides are free. Pack a lunch to enjoy on your trip and make a day of it.

No more overpriced popcorn at the movie theater. No more paying for parking to enter the local splash park. If we want to go, we ride our bikes and they don’t charge bikes to park.

All this and I get the added benefit knowing I am teaching my kids that you can have fun without video games. You can enjoy time outside and together as a family. You can do things that don’t need to be plugged into a wall!

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