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Zipp Speed Weaponry Zipp 808 Firecrest Tubular Rear 20 spokes 10/11 Speed Campagnolo Cassette Body Black Decal Recap

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Our latest featured product is Zipp Speed Weaponry Zipp 808 Firecrest Tubular Rear 20 spokes 10/11 Speed Campagnolo Cassette Body Black Decal, one of our most requested Rear Wheels from Zipp Speed Weaponry. We give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Zipp Speed Weaponry Zipp 808 Firecrest Tubular Rear 20 spokes 10/11 Speed Campagnolo Cassette Body Black Decal

With Firecrest’s approach to the wheel’s center of pressure, the 808 Firecrest also handles crosswinds with the stability you’d normally associate with a much shallower rim. The wide rim shape provides efficient power transfer along with comfort and durability, making it an excellent choice for just about any terrain and riding style. Includes aero stainless steel black quick release, Platinum Pro EVO brake pads, valve extender, valve wrench, 10 speed hub spacer 11 speed compatible Designed for triathlon, time trials, crits, sprints, breakaway artists and flat to semi-hilly courses 81mm deep, 27mm wide Firecrest profile is the latest generation in aero shapes Firecrest allows more stability and cleaner airflow as air leaves the back half of the wheel Carbon Bridge on the top of the rim distributes square edge impacts across a Kevlar capstone Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control (dimpled surface ) tames airflow at more wind angles than smooth rims Updated 188 hubs feature canted flanges to decrease stress on spokes and a wider bearing stance for increased stiffness and durability Wheels are built by hand in Indianapolis, Indiana Includes black aero stainless skewers
Item Specifications
Color Black
Hub Drilling 20spokes
Rear Axle Type 10×1
Cassette Body Type Campagnolo 10,Campagnolo 11
Hub/Brake Compatibility Rim Brake
Rim Depth 81mm
Valve Presta
ISO Diameter 622 / road / 29
Valve Length XLong 75mm+
Wheel Size 700c
Tire Type Tubular
Rear Wheel Type Road
Rear Hub Spacing 130mm
Spoke Info Sapim CX Ray
Rim Zipp 808
Skewer Included Yes
Rim Material Carbon
Defined Color Black
Only $1,425.00 – Click here for details…

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Today’s featured item, Zipp Speed Weaponry Zipp 808 Firecrest Tubular Rear 20 spokes 10/11 Speed Campagnolo Cassette Body Black Decal, was was chosen from the category Rear Wheels.

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    85 Monte Carlo Rear Wheel Seals? I just bought an 85 monte carlo SS and the guy told me it needs new rear wheel seals. I’m not quite sure what that is or how to replace them. I am mechanically inclined and can surely do it if i know what i’m looking for. Also, i am told it will need gear fluid for the differential and im not sure how to put that in it or how to know if i have enough in it. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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      Jack rear end up off the ground enough so you can get under it, both in front of and behind the differential.

      Take off rear wheels. Take off the drums. If you don’t see evidence of leakage, put the drums and wheels back on, and don’t touch it. Trust me. Seals are not preventive maintenance.

      If you have to go further. Get a big pan, put it under the differential. A 1 gallon milk jug with the cap on it, with one side cut open with razor knife will work. Undo all the bolts on the diff housing. Start loosening up top, then move to the bottom. Completely remove bottom bolts. With top bolts very loose, use sharp screwdriver and pry around the lower edges of the diff cover until it brakes free and starts to leak fluid. Might need two milk jugs, don’t think it holds 4qts though.

      Once it stops spewing fluid mostly, remove the remaining bolts. Look at the carrier, which is what the ring gear is bolted to. Inspect ALL gear teeth for wear. Any abnormal wear, you are looking at more of a rebuild. For standard (open, not posi) differential: Rotate gear until you see the head of a small bolt (5/16″ wrench flats?) that faces to the passenger side of the car. Remove that bolt. It should be threaded for about 1/4″, then smooth, with a rounded end. If all you get is a threaded portion, the rear is toast, forget disassembly. Put it back together and drive until it breaks. If you get the pin/screw out, rotate carrier until you can get the big pin that runs through the center (its called the pinion shaft) pushed far enough out of the way so that you can see the ends of the axles. With the pin out of the way, push one axle IN towards the carrier. Remove the C-clip on the end of that axle. Repeat other side. Pull axles out. Replace seal. Lube seal with gear oil before inserting axle. Insert axle making sure not to tear the seal with axleshaft.

      Reassembly reverse order. Once all buttoned up, move to front passenger side of differential. Find the plug that takes a 3/8″ square drive. CLEAN THE SQUARE DRIVE PORTION COMPLETELY OUT OR IT WILL STRIP. Using an extension on your ratchet, remove the plug. Inject fluid into differential until it starts to dribble out the hole. Note that if the back end of the car is up too high, it will be too much fluid. Ideal to have car level front and rear, but thats pretty tough. Proper fluid level is at the bottom of that fill hole, with the vehicle level front to rear, and side to side.

      BTW, your car has a 7.5″ 10 bolt unless it was swapped for the ultra-rare 8.5″ 10 bolt, if you get a gasket or any other parts.

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    Is Rear Wheel Drive Really That Bad? We just bought a 2007 Cadillac CTS. It’s rear wheel drive. I’m used to driving front wheel drive. When I test drove the Cadillac, I felt no difference. (It was the first day of snow here, and the car only had all-season tires on.)
    My husband is a little worried with me driving rear wheel. I told him it was no big deal, however I know nothing about cars.
    What should I look for? Is it really that big of a deal?

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    1. Reply

      In general, rear wheel drive is not as good in the snow as front wheel drive. On dry pavement or wet roads there is no difference.

      Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A rear wheel drive can fish tail when the rear tires lose traction. A front wheel drive can push forward when you turn the steering wheel then the drive wheels lose traction.

      What you could do to make things better is to replace the rear tires with mud and snow tires on the back of the car in the winter. In the spring put the standard all season tires back on. It would be a little more expensive but you could buy a extra pair of rims. This would make the tire swap easier in the spring and fall. You could get some junkyard rims for this to save a little money. See the link below

      I also live in a northern climate and have owned both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars over the years.

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    What’s A Four-wheel Drive And A Rear-wheel Drive? Like if it’s a rear wheel drive…does that mean like when you accelerate…those back wheels are the ones to move (have pressure) and the front wheels just get rolled along?

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      Rear wheel drive does not go good in snow or ice at all!! but rear wheel drive is where only the rear wheels get the car/truck going there are some vehicles that are rear wheel drive that with the touch of a button or shift of a gear shift can be put into 4 wheel drive and some vehicles come in 4 whell drive stock an example is a lot of the suberu cars and some cars are even front wheel drive which is just like the rear whell drive except the front whels get the car moving. hope this helps

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    Rear Wheel Problem On Airlite 200..? Well, not exactly a fault with the product,

    but basically within 3 days of buying the bike, i hit a pothole. the rear wheel is buckled and has a flatspot in it now, and it isnt under warantee or guarantee etc.

    I was just wondering, is there any bike shops near grimsby that will stock a 700c rear wheel? or is it possible to remove the flatspot and buckle?

    I guess it is kinda my fault for flying down the hill doing about 40mph :S

    Thanks in anticipation,

    * I meant warranty, what a stupid spelling error ?
    ah yes – the one opposite b&q ? lol thanks.
    yeah – to be fair I can’t really be bothered to fix it – i’d rather just buy a new one knowing that i wouldnt have to worry about making a balls up of fixing the buckled one
    i just took a look on the halfords website and it appears they dont stock any wheels apart from a MTB set which isn’t what i’m after :/ would they perhaps be able to like order one in for me? or should i just go and have a look, as the online shop may be misleading as to the stock of each individual shop?

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    1. Reply

      700c rear wheels will be found in any bike shop- they’re a very common size and I’ve just checked Halford’s website and there’s one in Grimsby. Wheels can be fixed with the proper tools but a new wheel isn’t too expensive so it depends if you want the time and hassle of fixing it or the convenience of just buying a new wheel which is what I would usually do.

      Edit- I’d be surprised if they don’t have them in stock in their shop. My local Halfords stocks everything from racing wheels to MTB wheels and their range is a lot more extensive than what they have advertised on their website. As a last resort the following website definitely has every size of wheel.


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    Rear Wheel Drive Cars? What are some of the benefits of having rear wheel drive, especially in sports cars? Thanks in advance!!
    What is torque steer and over steer?

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      Rear wheel drive cars are known to have better power distribution to the wheels and better traction on road surfaces.

      Especially in sports cars, which are designed for performance, factors such as stability of the car under any road condition are essential.

      Unlike a front wheel drive car, in which the engine delivers power to the front wheels alone. The rear wheels are simply being ‘dragged’ along with the rest of the vehicle. The function of the rear wheels in a front wheel drive car is simply to support the structure of the vehicle and nothing more than that. There is no traction in the rear of the car.

      In a rear wheel drive car, all the power and traction is supplied to the rear wheels, while the front wheels are used to steer the car.

      Over Steer – Suppose you are driving a nose heavy car (a car which has got a heavier front than the rear), going fast around a curve could result in the car losing traction (grip) from the rear end and having its back being flung outside the curve. Over Steer can also result from bad aerodynamics which fail to equalize downforce on the front and rear of the car, i.e. higher down force at the front and no or very low downforce at the rear.

      Traction in the rear wheels is preferable as power delive

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    • Ifoam
    • February 19, 2014

    Racer Road Bike Rear Wheel? I sometimes see road bikes with some sort of black sheet of paper? inside the rear wheel.

    What is this called?
    What is the advantange of this?

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    1. Reply

      It is certainly not paper, but is normally a skin of plastic, carbon fiber, or fabric, and is designed to make the bike as linearly aerodynamic as possible. Usually referred to as a “Disc Wheel” they are primarily used in Time Trial applications when every millisecond makes a difference. The problem with disc wheels is that for every day riding, they tend to be fairly weak (easy to bend) and are VERY susceptible to cross wind, making it difficult to ride a bike with a disc wheel on a windy day.
      If you are not a time trialist or triathlete, there is no need to purchase such a wheel. Something which is aerodynamically advanced, yet still allows you to enjoy riding when there is a cross wind might be more suitable. Check some wheelsets from Mavic (http://www.mavic.com/ewb_pages/r/route.php) such as the Ksyrium series, which have aero profile rims and spokes, while also being light and strong. The difference between a disc wheel and these over a 25 mile time trial would only be a few seconds, but the Ksyriums would be able to withstand daily abuse when you aren’t time trialling!

      In short, unless you are at the pinnacle of professional cycling, you don’t need a disc wheel, just a good quality aerodynamic wheelset!

      Hope this helps!

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    • Rahul
    • February 20, 2014

    What Is The Difference Between Rear Wheel Drive Cars And Front Wheel Drive? Could someone please explain in detail the difference between rear wheel drive cars and front wheel drive cars and 4×4 cars. Also could you explain the benefits of the 3 types of cars. Thanks alot!

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      Rear wheel drive cars are propelled using the rear wheels.
      Front wheel drive cars are propelled using the front wheels.
      4 wheel drive cars are propelled using all 4 wheels.

      Four wheel drive gives most traction and control. They are often more expensive and heavy (lower performance)
      Front wheel drive generally hold the road better than rear wheel drive, but if it slides can be harder to bring under control.
      Rear wheel drive, in the right hands, can be very good for control, especially in track racing, since you can powerslide more easily and bring the car under control more easily.

      Many argue that rear wheel drive is more controllable than front wheel drive, since the steering and propulsion are controlled by different wheels. However, the reverse is also argued. Having power at the back can cause unwanted slide.

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    Larger Rear Wheels On A 2008 Mustang? What do you gain/lose by putting larger rear wheels than the fronts on a Mustang? If I’m guessing, I’d say it throws off the speedometer/odometer, lessens fuel economy, and makes more rotating mass on acceleration?

    Something like this would be cosmetic more than performance, right?

    My 2008 Mustang currently has 18″ wheels.

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    1. Reply

      Larger rear wheels are 100% aesthetic. Larger rear tires is a different story. Wider rear tires would improve traction, which in some models of mustang could be challenged and thus improve acceleration. The wider tire could slightly reduce fuel economy, although I haven’t seen any change in my own mustang. A taller rear tire, however, will more than likely slightly increase fuel economy, as the car doesn’t have to turn quite as many RPM’s to maintain a given speed, which can reduce the consumption ever so slightly. This can slightly slow down the acceleration, but can also increase traction further than just a wide tire would do. The taller tire is also what will throw off the speedometer and odometer. Both wider and taller are also aesthetically desired, as a wider tire looks meaner, as does the taller tire in the rear.

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