Ohuhu Mini Bike Pump – Mountain Bike Tire Pump

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    • Christopher L. Chastain
    • December 7, 2015

    Works perfectly. No cons. I own 3 mini pumps now. This one is the most solid built of the fhe 3. Works like its supposed to. They are all slow to get the tire up to pressure but when you consider the length of travel these have to collect air and then push it, that will always be the case. The frame adapter is mainly set up to screw in, but for those of us who would rather have backup bottles of water, that’s not a good option. There also appear to be holes so you could use zip ties. Personally I just stow one away in…

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    • NewAgeMama
    • December 7, 2015

    Bike Pump I have never saw a bike pump this small. It works just as well as full size bike pumps. I often go on bike rides with my seven and ten year old in our neighborhood or on our local bike trails. I have this pump attached to my bike frame. Which is so convenient. I have had to use this to add some air to one of my bike tires, and it pumped it quickly. This pump is small enough that it can also fit into a back pack without weighing you down. I even used this to add air to my son’s soccer…

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