Brightz, Ltd. Wheel Brightz LED Bicycle Light

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    • K. J. Brett
    • March 25, 2016

    Bike Brightz Wheel Brightz LED rim lighting kit for your bike. I purchased these lights for my bike in an effort to make my presence as visible as possible while traveling on my 4 mile commute to and from work. I got my particular sets from Chubby Cruisers and they arrived faster than expected. Only one lighting tube comes in each box so you will need to purchase two kits. Take 5 minutes to read the 2 sided instructions and installation will be easy and quick. I was able to complete both tire setups in less than thirty minutes…

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    • BG
    • March 25, 2016

    Do not buy Wheel Brightz Lights from YY Shop. They send another product that is vastly inferior! Do not purchase if it is being sold by YY Shop. I purchased these Wheel Brightz LED lights once before and they were sold by More Quality/Less Money and they sent me the actual Brightz lights – they’re great. So I ordered another set for the other wheel, but this time it was YY Shop that offered it. I received a cheap imitation with super thin lights from a company called Lead Bike. Wheel Brightz should not let YY Shop sell advertise their product since this reflects poorly on their excellent…

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