2 Decks Bicycle SteamPunk Standard Poker Playing Cards Silver & Bronze

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    • diasporin
    • November 13, 2016

    Best quality stock and great price – opt for the bronze or get 2 pack Note: people are complaining about the print being too dull/the backs being ugly.. personally I think they look fine especially for what they are (cheap decks) – they could’ve been glossy but then they’d cost more. Maybe the description should clarify that, but you should also check a detailed review of the deck first if it’s that big a deal to you. I will say the silver deck’s back is dull. The fronts are nice with the silver on the face cards. I prefer the bronze deck overall, with the back…

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    • Anonymous
    • November 13, 2016

    All I can say is that I love these cards. The silver, although not as thick or as fancy looking as the bronze deck, still has a sort of flare to it and lends itself well to creating a home made marked deck. The bronze ones… damn they’re nice, thick and slick, they spread well and have a nice pop when doing card jumps. I’d say buy the two pack if you’re going to get these, the silver deck is a great practice deck and the bronze great for performing and it’s hardly more than buying one deck…

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