Bike Lock, Amazer Bike Chain Lock with Resettable Combination Security Anti-theft Bicycle Chain Lock Bike Locks for Bike, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Door, Gate, Fence, Grill

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    • Chris in Virginia
    • January 28, 2017

    Could be a bit longer, but still love it. I had decently high expectations for this lock, and after reading the reviews, decided it would be big enough to fit my bike and would prevent it from being stolen. Those are the reasons that earned this lock its two stars. I was happy that it could go through my front wheel and frame while still attaching to bike racks. Although it looks like many other higher brands’ chain/fabric locks, it is not the same thing whatsoever and you should not expect one of those.If you’re expecting a…

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    • Anonymous
    • January 28, 2017

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