Ladies Verso Capri Beach Cruiser Bike by Kettler Recap

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    • February 8, 2014

    Beach Cruisers? What is the best bike store in Arizona that sells beach cruisers? I need a place with good color choices and safe reliable bikes.

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      Are you sure?

      I only ask because there isn’t any Ocean-Front property in Arizona. I’m kidding.

      Biria makes an easy-to-ride cruiser, with oversize tubing, and the step-over is so low, you can stand on it. I would recommend a Biria bike because the Biria company has made a bike with the best geometry in the world. You could even wear an evening dress, the frame is so low:

      And here are the dealers in Arizona:

      Adventure Bicycle
      2336 E. Baseline Rd.
      Mesa, AZ 85204
      (480) 649-3394

      Bike Emporium
      8433 E McDonald Dr
      Scottsdale, AZ 85250
      (480) 991-5430

      Mike’s Bike Chalet
      5253 E. Brown Road
      Mesa, AZ 85205
      (480) 807-2944

      Pinnacle Peak Cyclery
      23359 North Pima Road
      Scottsdale, AZ 85255
      (480) 473-4601

      Tempe Bicycle
      715 South Rural Road
      Tempe, AZ 85281
      (480) 966-6896

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    Are Beach Cruisers Good Bikes? Don’t know why, but I like the idea of having a bike to ride. For fun. I’m almost 28 years old.

    Is a beach cruiser a good bike? I like the way beach cruisers look, especially with the basket in the front. Or something sporty like a mountain bike better?

    I’d be riding in on the street..pavement..but sometimes in grass and dirty too.

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      Hey there CC!

      Contrary to popular belief, beach cruisers are exceptional bicycles. You simply have to beware of the quality of your cruiser.

      Here are some basic attributes which define a Beach Cruiser.
      *For one, they are known for the “balloon” style tires. Meaning, they are a bit bigger than the standard.
      *Wider handle bars.
      *Wider and much more padded seats (Way more comfortable than standard seats)
      *Upright seating position (more on that in a bit)
      *Usually single-speed — However, more and more multi-speed cruisers have been showing up due to popular demand. Note: You should get a 3/7 Speed if you know there will be hills/uneven land to conquer.
      *Coaster brakes.
      *Again, “usually”, they come with a bigger frame size.
      Now, there are variations of course.
      Also note that they are not nearly as heavy as they used to be. I would say about 30-35 lbs. average.

      For fun? Absolutely! The wonderful thing about beach cruisers is that they can be personalized to your hearts content without sacrificing comfort or fun. Such as: Baskets, basket liners, a variety of bells, handlebar grips, even down to the color of the tires and chains. On top of all this, there is an abundance of vibrant and unique beach cruisers to choose from.

      Now, to answer you question…
      Beach Cruisers are built for smooth pavements.
      Your best bet would be a mountain bike or hybrid bike of some sort.
      If you can avoid the grass and dirt and generally stay on the pavement, I would definitely recommend a Beach Cruiser. Try and get a multi-speed one, despite having hills or not, it is of tremendous aid and server as a means of exercising as well.

      I hope this helps.
      Feel free to call/contact us for any questions or comments!

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    What Are Cruiser Bikes? Also known as “beach cruisers”, does anybody own one? Im 15, and am planning on saving up and cutting back on my expenses to buy myself a good, comfortable, not too heavy bike. And those cruisers really caught my eye because they are so cute ^___^

    BUT i dont just want to buy a bike because i think its “cute”. Im looking for something ill be comfortable with and that will help me where i need it. All i really will do is ride it around town, and maybe to the park? I dont really think ill be doing any extreme things with it other than riding…So any help?

    Can anybody tell me what other bike you would recommend? Or just what cruisers are like? Idk, any help will be appreciated, thanks :]

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      Beach cruisers were designed & built for one place only…to ride the boardwalk by a beach – completely flat land.

      I don’t recommend cruiser type bikes for several reasons. The first being they are usually very heavy. It takes more effort to pedal a 45 lb. bike than it does a 30 lb. bike. Next, only one gear usually. Got any hills in your neighborhood – even small ones? A bike with 21 speeds or more is the norm today. The more gears – the better. A Hybrid/Comfort bike will get you the same comfort level as a beach cruiser and you will be able to select the correct gear for any situation.

      Do you want a bike just because it’s “cute” or functional?

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    Question About Beach Cruisers? So i’m looking for a bike to ride around, and preferably would like a beach cruiser. however, i’d rather have a beach cruiser with a front brake. are beach cruisers made with a front brake?
    also, what are some websites that i can buy bikes online and have them shipped to my house?
    And, also, how do you know if the bike will fit correctly, like how do i figure out the frame size?
    thanks a bunch.

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      Very basic Cruisers can be bought online at However they only ship to a store nearyou.
      There are bicycle shops that have web sites, just search for a specific bicycle brand/ type. for example:
      Electra Bicycle CompanyManufacturer of cruiser, town and children bikes, clothing and parts. USA. – Cached – Similar
      Beach Bikes, Beach Cruisers & Cruiser Bicycles, Discount Bike … sells well made stylish beach cruiser bicycles from major brands like Electra, Nirve, Schwinn, Felt, Kustom Kruisers, sixthreezero and more …
      Beach Cruisers – Womens – Mens – Accessories – Cached – Similar
      Beach Cruisers : Beach Cruiser Bicycles And Bikes : Lowrider Bikes …Chubbys Cruisers is your one-stop shop for beach cruisers and lowrider bikes. We deliver beach bicyles nationwide from our Los Angeles store, … – Cached – Similar

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    Vintage Raliegh Or Vintage Shwinn Beach Cruiser? And what’s a fair price ? what’s too much?

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      There seems to be increasing problems with the description of a beach cruiser.

      Beach cruisers are bikes with fat saddles, big wide handlebars, and fat tires. They are usually single speed.

      If this is the type of bike you are thinking about it is much more cost effective to go to Walmart and buy one… they are mostly under $100.

      If you are thinking of the old touring cycles with narrow tires, mudguards, and upright handlebars, these were commonly known as English Racers though most of them weren’t English and they weren’t used for racing. Most were 3 speed although there were some single speed and 5 speed models.

      Models such as the Schwinn Breeze, Racer, or Colleigate, and the Raleigh series of bikes not to mention Hercules, Roadmaster, and Robin Hood (all made by Raleigh) these can be readily had for well under $100 and found at yard sales, auctions, and even charity/thrift stores. The problem here is that they might have problems not readily visible to the novice.

      My suggestion to you is if you plan on riding the bike at the beach, then get a new one from Walmart.

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    How Are Beach Cruisers Different From Any Other Bike? Im planning to buy a new bike, but i need one thats good for riding around the city to get to places, since it will be my only transportation. i need something thats fast, and easy to pedal, and has different gear settings.
    i really want a cruiser, but whats the difference between that and a mountain bike, or any other kind of bike? and which is best for my situation?
    by the way, i am a teenage girl so i am looking for a womans 26″ adult bike.
    and my max price limit is about 200 dollars. so if anyone has a good website or company or any ideas and comments about bikes, please tell me (:

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      Beach cruisers generally single speed bikes with wide, upright handlebars, balloon tires, and with a 50’s look. Mountain bikes are built for off road riding with suspension and multiple gearing.
      Beach cruiser, due to single speed, is not easy to pedal. Also, the heavy tires and wheels require a fair effort to turn over.
      I suggest a hybrid or what is called a city bike.
      Personally to get anything decent for $200, you will need to look on the used bicycle market. New bikes for $200 is, in my opinion, not worth the money. I would budget at least $350 to $400 for a decent new bicycle that will hold up and require little maintenance.
      Good Luck

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    • February 24, 2014

    What Are Some Good Stores To Buy A Beach Cruiser In Socal? So i have a beach cruiser, but its purple and has gears. im thinking of giving it to my mom. i want a pink or blue beach cruiser with no gears. does anyone know a store where it wont be too expensive? or a website?

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      Well, that’s just very nice of you ?

      There are many many shops that sell Beach Cruisers. Especially in SoCal where it’s “Hot”.
      What you can do is a Google search such as “Beach Cruisers [city and state]”.
      That should give you plenty to go off on. You can also check online, however, you can
      never be certain what you are getting =/

      Where do you live? We have a shop in the heart of Newport Beach, and we would gladly help you find a new Beach Cruiser =D

      Good luck and feel free to contact/email for any questions/comments!

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    Need Help Choosing A Beach Cruiser!? I’ve been wanting a bike for a while now, both fixies and beach cruisers, but am going to settle for a beach cruiser for now (fixies are out of my budget at the moment :P)! I was wondering if any of you can help me answer a few questions. I’m a bike newbie soo…please bare with some of these questions if you think they’re stupid lol.

    1. What is the purpose of having multiple speed gears? Would I really need to spend that extra money on a 3-speed (or more) than on a single speed cruiser?

    2. Which bike brands are the most popular? I know Electra and Nirve are among the top brand names, but are there any other well-known brand names that don’t cost as much?

    3. What are some stores that have a lot of selection to choose from around the 92708 area?

    4. One last thing. I know that you get what you pay for, so is it worth spending a lot of money on a cruiser if it might rust in the long run? Or are those more-expensive bikes usually less prone to rusting?


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      With the more expensive bikes you are paying for marketing and brand name. Essentially single speed beach cruisers all weigh a ton and would look about the same once you took off the cool paint and decals.

      I got my sixthreezero Skull beach cruiser at Beach Bikes in Torrance for $200. They were really cool and friendly and helped load up my bike for me. According to their web site there is a location in Westminster which would be closer to you.
      I have been really happy with the bike and with its cool black and pink paint scheme and skulls it isn’t what everyone else is riding.

      Look on their web site because they do have some good deals.

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    Where’s The Best Beach To Ride Your Beach Cruiser? Selection of places to eat & shop…
    thinking of Huntington, Newport, Oceanside

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      Any beach or non-beach, whatever scene you prefer. Just because it is a “beach” cruiser doesnt mean it can only be riden on the beach. Have fun!

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