Breezer Greenway LX Step Thru Hybrid Bike – 2014 Model Critique

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    Who Here Has Heard Of Breezer Bikes? Who here has heard of breezer and what do you think about the bikes? do you use them for commuting?

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      Yes. They are one of many many many many many excellent utility bikes, what some call “city bikes”. One of the better brands but also one of many.

      Find a local bike shop in your area (not a box store or even a chain) and go there.

      Let them know what kind of cycling you plan to do, sounds like errands, commute, maybe fitness. You’ll get in shape anyway so I guess that’s a given ?

      See what they have and give it a test ride.

      Breezer is good, other good bikes include Marin, Kona (check their Dew series), the Trek Portland, Raleigh is making a commute/city bike series … just to name a few of many there are to choose from.

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    European Commuter Bike? I’ve spent the last several years living in northern Europe and I really regret not bringing my bike back with me. I had a great Swedish Monark bike that I sold before coming back to the US. Where on can I find a nice european style bike? I live in the DC area.

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    A Folding Bike? I really want a bicycle both for transportation and for exercise. However, I don’t have a lot of room in my house to keep it.
    I’m thinking about purchasing a folding bike…
    any suggestions for a sturdy and safe brand?
    where can I, maybe, purchase one online for a decent price ?

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      Breezer is a very good brand. Their bikes can fold up in less than 20 seconds and they are very comfortable and easy to use for transportation. They are very high quality, and their Zig 7 and Zag 8 folding bikes are very classy.

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    Bike Buying Help? I need to buy a cheep but very good bike at walmart for my 42 yr old friend who hasnt ridden in yrs

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      A lot of people who buy bikes from Walmart don’t ride as much as others who buy off of Craig’s list, classifieds, garage sale, Salvation army, bike shop (they sell used too), etc. The main reason is many Walmart bikes are assembled poorly or use cheap components that need to be adjusted constantly or break. A good used bike with a brand name like Trek, Giant, Cannondale, Jamis, Specialized, Gary Fisher, Marin, Electra, Breezer, etc. would be better in the long run. Just google bike shops or look at bikes sold by REI, etc. to see price ranges and types of bikes.

      Your friend needs to measure their leg length (inseam) and test ride the bikes to see what feels correct for them. Everyone is different in arm reach, leg length, seat width, so it pays to ride. See this site to understand more about size.

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    What Is The Best “Commuter” Bike? For less than $1,000? (preferably $500 – $700)

    Any Suggestions?

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      I agree with Andy on the type of bikes and ranges.
      I am a fan of the Bianchi Volpe. It’s a really nicely equipped touring bike for reasonable money, especially used. It will eat up hilly terrain and 10+ mile, one way trips.
      If you are looking at shorter trips of up to 10 miles, you might look into the, drum roll please, commuter bikes! Joe Breeze’s company Breezer bikes are a class act. See link below. They come with a host of useful items that are extra on other bikes. These are features you will probably want anyways if you commute regularly If the terrain only has moderate terrain, you might check out the internally geared models. They are durable, easy to maintain, and less hassle.
      Just saw that Andy suggested the Breezer Uptown 8! Great minds think alike.

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    Trek Bikes? Does anyone know where I can buy a trek mountain bike online besides Ebay? I want a new one.

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      Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

      Most of your reputable and industry leading manufacturers have STRICT policies AGAINST selling their products online. You don’t get to be industry leader if you let internet sales decrease your product value – and it does…

      Some manufacturers such as Trek, Specialized, Electra, Breezer, and Felt, to name a few, WILL NOT HONOR ANY WARRANTY if you buy their product on the web.

      It has to do with brand integrity. They school me all the time, hands-on and online tech, to keep me as up to date as possible on the most cutting edge technology used on their bikes. I can return this to the customer and make them happy because their bike works the best it can when it leaves the store.

      Anyone selling NEW Trek, Gary Fisher, Lemond, Klien, and Bontrager online get reported to Trek’s Efraud division, and that stuff is most ofter taken down off the web.

      Sounds like you want some kind of a nice bike. Your experience at your local shop no matter had bad will be better than that of an internet only sales company who will make you wait and wait for a resolution to your problem. Get something new with a warranty from a SHOP. Trek family products are the best in the industry – 21 years exp tells me this! Lifetime frame, two / three year drivetrain, and the new Bontrager warranty is 5 years on wheels and such! That’s incredible – why would you want to short change that..?

      Trek is Family owned and operated – Everyone wonders why a LOT of people like the brand – they answer straight to the consumer. Not, a financial officer! For the same reason, some choose to really show their jealousy and dislike the brand as well!

      7 TDF wins and now(for 2006) they are the MOST WINNINGEST North American Mountain bike team… Their designs are the best and THIS POINT shows it – You are not wrong by wanting a Trek!

      More details here…

      Zane’s is a Company that IS the “Agreed Upon Assembler and Shipper” of Trek products for Corperate Ventures, Corperate and Consumers Incentives… When you get a bike through something like airline miles, in North America, it comes from Zane’s – PRE-ASSEMBLED. Zane’s CAN NOT SELL A Trek, Fisher, Lemond, Klein, Guru, Felt or Specialized on the internet BY CONTRACT. They would be rinsking their dealership.

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    Can Cruiser Bikes Go Uphill Well? I just learned how to ride a bike, and am now looking at purchasing a Nirve cruiser.

    I know that it doesn’t have any gears (it’s only 1 speed) and wanted to know do you think I will have difficulty going uphill with it? I’m guessing it can, but it depends how physically fit I am?

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      If you like the Nirve brand, would recommend getting one of the Nirve Sport Cruisers, the 7-speed model has a 34t ‘bailout gear’ and that will get you up most hills. If your area doesn’t have steep grades or long climbs, then the 3-speed models are fine.

      Take a look at Breezer bikes:
      Or Electra:

      If you plan on riding a lot, shopping, or commuting, you have to take into consideration…lights, racks, etc.

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