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Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike Brush Up

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Today we are highlighting item Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike, one of our best Folding Bikes. We’re big fans of this item. We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike

Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike
No Shipping Charge
The Dahon Speed D7 folding bike is hand-welded from custom-drawn 4130 chromoly Sonus tubing resulting in a stiff and lightweight frame. This bike is designed to be fast and strong, ready to carry your gear while transporting you in comfort. It has a 7 speed drivetrain for a variety of terrain, paired with front and rear Pro
Max V-brakes. The 20 wheels will be responsive, nimble, provide quick acceleration and handle rougher roads when encountered. Equipped with front and rear fenders, a chainguard built into the crankset and a rear rack for carrying your belongings, the Speed D7 makes an excellent commuter bike that can be quickly stowed in a closet, under a bed, in the corner of a room and taken on public transport.
Speed D7 Special Features: Super
Lite Chromoly Frame 7 Speed Drivetrain with SRAM shifters Folds in less than 15 seconds Includes Fenders and Rear Rack 20inch Wheel Size Dahon Speed D7 Full Specs:
Frame: 20 K Series, Super
Lite 4130 chromoly, forged Lattice hinge, patented Vise
Grip, Wrap
Around technology, forged drop outs
Fork: Integrated, Fusion technology
Brakes: Pro
Max V, aluminum, linear spring with Pro
Max V, aluminum bracket/aluminum levers
Handlebar: 6061-T6 aluminum, Flat bar
Headset: Dahon Fusion+, Zero stack, cartridge bearings
Pedals: Suntour folding non-slip pedals
Saddle: Dahon Comfort
Seatpost: Super
Oversize, micro adjust, aluminum
Stem: Radius V Telescope, adjustable, patented Fusion and V-Clamp technologies, forged aluminum
Tires: Dahon Roulez, 20 x 1.50, high pressure 65 psi, skinwall
Wheelset: 20 Front Dahon Mini, aluminum, sealed hub, Rear Hub: Formula, cassette, aluminum, sealed Stainless Steel Spokes, Aluminum Rims
Shifter: SRAM MRX Comp, SRS technology, Rapid
Rear Derailleur: Dahon Neos, Rapid
Rise 7 Speed
Crankset: Cold-forged 6061-T6 aluminum crank arms, hand-polished with a double chainguard
Cassette / Freewheel: 7 speed, 11-30TFenders: Full plastic fenders
Grips: Dahon Ergo
Includes: Kickstand, Fenders…
Only $499.00 – Click here for details…

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Today’s featured item, Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike, was was chosen from the category Folding Bikes.

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    Whats The Best Fold Up Bike?

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    1. Reply

      BEST? for what, every folding bike is a compromise in one way or the other for the most part. You have to first decide which are the attributes of the folding bike that are most important to you and will effect how easy it is for you to use and by extension how often. The Variables to consider besides the obvious COST are more unique to the designs and uses of folding bicycles.
      Which of these ‘special factors” is more important to you will naturally determine that factors influence in your choice of cycle.
      The first factor for many people is ease of folding, My mom has a bike friday and she has to watch the video each time to review how to fold it up, it is not a simple process, then again Friday market their bikes as TRAVEL bikes not folding bikes don’t they? The Giant Halfway folds down in less than 30 seconds, and the Bridgestone picnica folds up in less than 10 seconds !!
      THE NEXT FACTOR related to folding is the size of space the bike takes up when folded and the weight.. either of these factors can make the bike a burden on public transit or even a pain to fit in the trunk of a car.
      The final factor is the ride-ability of the bike, some folding bikes can never achieve the position that lead to comfort and efficiency, I rate folding bike ride ability on how long I am willing to ride it..at the bottom of the scale are bikes which are barely better than walking frustrating even in the discomfort they cause-the Abike comes to mind here, at the other end of the scale are folding bikes which I would be happy to tour on day after day.. most of the commercial folding bikes fit in the 2 hour ride at one go for my 6 foot tall size they may produce more comfortable results if your size is closer to the mean.
      IN Short there is no answer to your question.. but another question… however I think if you keep these ideas in mind and ride/fold/as many bikes as possible you should be able to find the best bike for you and your needs..

      Start by looking at Giant, KHS and Dahon

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  2. Reply

    What Do You Think About Folding Bikes? Are they dependable? What’s a good brand and what should I pay? How many gears do I need for moderate terrain?

    I’m an adult novice who will cycle for a few hours on weekends out in the country.

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    1. Reply

      Folding bikes are for people with space constraints, such as flying to Europe, living in a small apartment, or sailing on a small boat, or going to work via a train where you cant put a regular bike on the train.

      folding bikes can be tough to make a good fit for bigger guys.

      there are always some compromises on folding bikes but –

      Check Giatex Portable for one a little different and really quite rigid.

      check http://www.bikefriday.com/ for the Be$t folding bike

      Unless you NEED the features of a folding bike, you will enjoy a non folder much more.

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  3. Reply

    Are Folding Bikes Worth It? Hey help me decide please
    should i buy a folding bike or a mountain bike?
    what are the pros and cons?
    thanks for that! wait…how crappy can a folding bike get?

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    1. Reply

      Folding bikes are more expensive than the non folding variety, and are not quite as good a ride as the non folding type, due to the compromises made so the bike can fold.

      Folding bikes have a few advantages, and mainly are designed for urban use.

      First, folding bikes can go on buses and trains when bike racks are full, and they can be transported on airplanes fairly cheaply and easily. this helps a lot for the next leg of a trip if you don’t want to get a car.

      Folding bikes don’t hang off the back of a car on a bike rack, they can get put in the trunk of a car, greatly decreasing the chance of theft.

      For apartment dwellers, folding bikes give a larger choice of where to store them when not being used.

      These are some of the main advantages of folding bikes. If non of these issues are important to you, one would have to wonder what a folding bike’s advantage would be for you.

      So, If you cannot relate to any of these advantages, then a folding bike is probably not for you.

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    • Leo
    • February 10, 2014

    Folding Or Normal Bike? I want to purchase a bike to ride at the weekend in town. I find the folding bikes pretty cool but I don’t know if they have disadvantages next to the normal ones… What are the differences?

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    1. Reply

      A properly designed folding bike is just as good as a normal bike … but to get equivalent quality will cost more. So I guess the big disadvantage is higher cost. I wouldn’t even consider an inexpensive folding bike (say less than $6-700).

      Specific systems vary so it’s difficult to say how they compare. Some are easy to assemble and disassemble … while others are clunky. There are some that fold and others where two halves of the frame disconnect and so do cables.

      The main question though is whether you need a folding bike. Since it’s pretty easy to sling a bike (with front wheel off) into most cars, or carry it on a rack, the need for folding is reduced. To me a folding bike is useful if you want to carry a bike on a train or airplane … since they pack down to suitcase size. They also can take up less space in a small apartment or hotel room … but generally I don’t think most people really need one.

      Personally, I prefer to put $$ into a better quality bike and components than into folding mechanisms.

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  4. Reply

    Folding Bikes? I was thinking of buying a folding bike from Halfords – ??139. Does anyone have any experience of them? Are they any good? I’ve bought 2 bikes in the past (non-folding), but neither have been comfortable. I can’t afford to make a mistake. I only want a bike for leisurely rides through country lanes now and again. Thanks.

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    1. Reply

      Folding bikes are mainly for commuters and travelers (I keep one in the trunk of my car)
      if you want a bike for regular leisurely rides, get a standard bike (whatever style you are looking for)
      you may need to go to a bike shop and get fitted so you can make sure that you are picking out the right size bike for you (and you will be more comfortable)

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