OnGuard Beast Chain Bike Lock 5017 Survey

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    A Theft-resistant Bike Lock? I live in south China and the thieves here are ridiculous. In the three years I have lived here I have had three pedal bikes and four electric bikes stolen. Every one has been locked. The E-bikes even had alarm systems that stop the wheel from turning when they are set off. My question is this: can anyone recommend a bike lock that will at least slow these dudes down? I can’t keep buying new bikes every four months and they really are my only transportation option.

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      Bike locks are really just for peice of mind. If a someone wants to steal your bike they will. My advice if you can’t keep the bike with you is to use as many locks as possible. Maybe like 4 U-locks and then some cables. The longer it takes to steal a bike the less likley they are to try. Or maybe you should just by a bike and make it look really beat-up do no one will want to take it.

      Good Luck.

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    U Bike Locks? Is there a wide variance in the quality/security of U-Bike Locks?

    I got a U-Lock Bike Lock from a person who has the annoying tendancy to buy which ever is cheapest, withouht regard for quality.

    The one he purchased, the company given on the packaging is and has xFactor at the top. It’s only $13, which worries me. Anyone know of or has used this product? It does say “Hardened Steel” on the package, which is what I’m told to buy.

    I’m going off to a college with a very large campus, and people there have made it clear if you do not have a very secure bike lock, it will be stolen.

    I just need something that I can be sure will not be broken, because the Bike must be left outside at night (there is no indoor storage), because I have a tight class schedule which I would not be able to make it to a class if I do not have a bike.

    Which brand would you recommend?

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      If anyone is determined to take your bike then they will. !!!!!!
      Regardless of how much your lock cost!

      Hard but true!!!

      Whatever lock is fitted, it can be beaten, so…….use two!

      The longer a thief has to free your bike from its shackles, the more effective a lock is! They are more likely to find an easier target, than spend ages messing about with multiple locks.

      Try a ‘U’ lock to secure your rear wheel(better still your frame) to a study fixing point and a chain lock to loop through the bike securing any quick release wheels.

      If you are thoughtful of how you store your locks you don’t need to carry them with you, you can leave them at college, locked around the frame that holds the bike stand. That’s what I do when I go to work.(saves carrying them).

      Hope this helps.

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    Bike Lock Security? I bought a flexible bike lock and I live in New York City but someone said that they are easily cut with wire cutters – is this true? Should I invest in a metal bar lock instead?

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      We love our bikes.We spend time and money to enjoy them.That’s why it’s wise to invest in the best bike security we can afford. The best bikelock we can get even if it means lugging aroung 2 kilograms of hardened steel.

      However,bikelocks,no matter how strong,in some extent are breakable or can be picked or opened by skilled thieves. And yes, flexible cable locks can be cut with those big wire cutters. U-bar bike locks can be sawed. Combination locks can be deciphered. Keyed locks can be picked open.

      That’s why bike lock makers are doing all they can to increase the security and reliability of bike locks. So buy the lock which offers the latest in terms of hardening technology, pick-proof key system or strongest gauge cable. Some brands are very confident with their bike locks that they can afford to insure your bike. Some of the things to consider:
      Cable locks can secure your frame and wheel at the same time. U-locks can only secure one wheel or frame only. Combination locks have no keys to get lost but their code can be cracked.

      Check this page about choosing bike locks:

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    Question About Bike Locks??? I’m about to buy a new bike, and I also need a bike lock. Do you think I need to get the metal “U” lock, or is a cable lock sufficient? Seems like everybody thinks cable locks can be cut, but is it really that easy to cut? “U” locks can be expensive.

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      It is really important to remember that locks- regardless of what they are- can be compromised. If a crook really wants your bike, it is theirs.

      The argument between U locks and cable/chain locks has been around ever since U locks have been around and I’m not going to get into that for now.

      However, it is nearly impossible to cut a braided cable with bolt cutters since bolt cutters rely on the failure of the solid stock. Cable will simply move around and squish rather than “break”.

      There is/was a kevlar core reinforced cable lock that Specialized used to sell that also had a good solid shroud over the lock area to prevent a bolt cutter from getting around it. This lock also had the added benefit of being able to lock the bike completely without having to take the bike halfway apart. It cost somewhere in the $40 range and was worth every penny. Think of it as cheap insurance… if your bike is worth $800 then the cost of the lock is just 5% of it’s value. By the way, this ratio- 5% of the bikes value- is what we recommend when purchasing a lock, so if your bike was $59.99 then kite string and some chewed gum would likely do the trick… you get the idea.

      We often do our own testing of locks before offering them for sale, and this has been the toughest lock we ever tried. U locks, on the other hand, are pretty easy to break once you know how.

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    EXPENSIVE BIKE! SECURE LOCKS??!!? Hi! I am going to University soon and i want to take my Specialized mountain bike so that i can go mountain biking and also ride my bike to lectures!! All the parts can be easily detached so a normal lock wouldn’t be sufficient enough! Do you know of any locks that will make sure theifs can not steal any part of my bike while im in lectures etc!! Other people have or will be taking expensive bikes to Uni so surely there is a safe way to leave it!?

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      college campus == hotbed of bike thievery
      there is too much concentrated opportunity for theives to ignore
      get a cheap bike
      paint it ugly
      ride your nice one on the weekend

      you CAN get a U lock and a cable lock, take the front wheel off, lock it with the frame and back wheel to a post

      and take the seat with you
      can;t really lock it

      but that all takes a lot of time

      some people who ride expensive bikes in sketchy areas will try to make their bikes ugly

      i wouldn;t do that because i wouldn;t expect it to work

      i can spot light wheels and good components a mile away
      and i am not even in the bike thief business


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    Improvised Bike Lock? I’m about to go to summer classes and am taking my bike but I just realized that I don’t have a lock. I’m afraid it might get stolen – is they’re anything I can do to prevent that without a lock?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      Making an improvised bike lock can be dangerous, as you don’t know how well it is going to work if someone does try to steal your bike. I would just bite the bullet and buy a cheaper lock. I would recommend a U-lock. The cost of a lock far outweighs the cost of a new bike. Weigh your options and I think you will find that buying a bike lock just makes sense.

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    • Allie
    • February 15, 2014

    Homemade Bike Locks????? I don’t have enough money to get a bike lock from walmart and i want to ride my bike to school with my friend and she doesn’t have one either. i have an extra lock like one to put on your locker at school but i don’t know what to do with it. what can we use as a bike lock ?

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      I’d seriously suggest that you and your friend both wait until you have enough money to get yourselves bicycle locks to secure your bikes if your school doesn’t have security monitor the bikes. Yes, a bike lock may cost you some money and I’m sure that you both want to ride them to school together, but here’s the thing, a good bike lock is usually going to be cheaper than replacing a stolen bike. Lots cheaper.

      I wouldn’t even recommend that you use a regular old padlock with a chain either. Your chain would only be as strong as it’s weakest link, and that would likely be the school locker padlock. A seasoned bike thief could remove it with a crow bar or a chain cutter easier than you could secure it.

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    Few Questions About Bike Locks? Hey guys,

    I’ve been comparing various models of bike locks and have a few questions. I’ve pretty much narrowed the brands down to Kryptonite and OnGuard.

    Which brand do you prefer and why? I am kind of leaning towards OnGuard since the specs seem to be similar for about half the cost.

    I am very confused as to if I should get a standard sized U-Lock or a mini. It seems like the mini is very small, but everyone I see online seems to like the mini’s better. What do you think here?

    Lastly, what is the best way to lock up the bike. I saw a popular article among cyclists that said you should put the U-Lock through the back wheel (inside the triangle) and not through the frame. This just seems odd to me!

    Any help is appreciated as I had my other bike stolen….. :/

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      What did that other guy say? “…brand does not matter”?

      Dead wrong. Yes, it does matter. Ask anyone that’s had their nice-ish bike stolen while locked up with an inferior u-lock.

      Only the best u-locks have shackles that resist bolt cutters and most sawing methods. Cheaper u-locks can be cut easily.

      There’s a good reason why Kryptonite locks cost more than OnGuard.

      You can’t go wrong with a Krypto Evolution or NY 3000 u-lock.

      Get the “mini” version if you don’t need a long shackle. It’s a bit lighter and it will fit in most rear pants’ pockets if you wish.

      If you use quick release wheel skewers, you want to run the u-lock through the wheel; no one can take the bike unless they cut through the rim and tire (harder than it sounds). If your lock will fit through both the seatpost and the wheel in addition to the stationary object (post), that’s great.

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    • Drake
    • February 20, 2014

    What Is The Best Bike Lock? I have a mtn bike that I want to take to school and lock so that it stays safe

    which is the best lock that guarantees full protection and where can I buy it? in what stores?

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      DON’T whatever you do use a U lock, see the link, they are completely unsecure.

      I use one of these

      It has a high security lock and a 15mm cable which make it pretty difficult to remove and it is long enough to go round a post and through the frame and both wheels.

      One other tip, don’t leave the lock hanging on the ground. The quickest way to open a padlock is a couple of good whacks with a club hammer. If the lock is hanging in the air you can’t do that.

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    • Chris
    • February 23, 2014

    What Do You Think About This Bike Lock? Ok so i was looking through bike locks at wal mart

    i was looking for u-locks

    as i was going through the locks, one caught my eye.

    it was around 20 dollars and it was made by kryptonite, it doesnt have one of those cylinder keys but the thin ones, so i can see its bic pen proof.

    i was about to buy it but then i gave it some thought and decided to do more research on it. i only found one video of a guy trying to break it which is right here. he has the lock im talking about

    so i was thinking about buying it tomorrow. should i get it?

    o yea, it is a kryptonite u409 u-lock

    what do u guys think?

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      For 20$, it is a deal.

      A decent lock for a decent price. Although the warranty is for 750$, good luck. The warranties of these U-Locks is pretty much worthless. If you read the fine print you’ll notice how absurd some of the requirements are.

      And it is indeed Bic proof. What a joke that was; a 200$ U-Lock beat by a 20 cent pen.

      The lock will only keep the honest people from stealing. Meaning, it will not guarantee 100% protection, but the point is to make it HARDER for them steal. So it won’t be your bicycle that gets stolen, it will be the unfortunate one next to yours with the 2.99$ cheap cable lock.

      I also suggest you read some articles online on the process of locking your bike. It may just save you from getting your bike stolen.

      Contact me if I can help you with anything else and stay safe friend!

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