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Fuji 2014 Altamira CX 1.1 Disc Complete Bike **Most Sizes Now Available Assessment

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Here’s our latest featured item: Fuji 2014 Altamira CX 1.1 Disc Complete Bike **Most Sizes Now Available, one of our best Complete Cx Bikes. We’re big fans of this item brought to you by Fuji. This product is currently on sale! You save $270! We give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Fuji 2014 Altamira CX 1.1 Disc Complete Bike **Most Sizes Now Available

S (49cm), S/M (52cm), M (54cm), M/L (56cm), L (58cm), XL (61cm)
Main frame:
C10 ultra high-modulus carbon disc-only frame w/ shaped top tube for portaging, integrated tapered head tube w/ 1 1/2 lower, oversized 34.9mm round seat tube, PIIS BB86 shell, double water bottle mounts
Rear triangle:
C10 ultra high-modulus carbon seatstays w/ post-mount disc tabs, oversized chainstays and carbon dropout w/ replaceable hanger
FC-330 Cross carbon monocoque w/ post-mount disc tabs, tapered steerer & carbon dropout
SRAM Red22 carbon, 46/36TBottom bracket:
SRAM Red BB86 ceramic bearing
N/AFront Derailleur:
SRAM Red22, braze-on mount
Rear Derailleur:
SRAM Red22, 11-speed
SRAM Red22 Ergo
Dynamic w/ hydraulic reservior, 22-speed
SRAM Red22 Power
Dome X, 11-28T, 11-speed
KMC X11SL Ni-Ti Plated, 11-speed
Oval 946 tubular disc wheelset, 135mm
Challenge Grifo, 260 tpi, 700c x 33mm, tubular
Brake set:
SRAM Red22 Hydraulic, 160mm / 140mm rotors
Brake levers:
SRAM Red22 Ergo
Dynamic w/ hydraulic reservior
FSA Orbit C-40, 1 1/8 upper – 1 1/2 lower, integrated w/ carbon top cover
Oval R910 Pro full carbon, 31.8mm
Oval 713 3D-forged 7050 alloy, 31.8mm, +/- 6 degrees
Oval 300 suede-padded tape
Oval R900 w/ carbon rails
Seat post:
Oval 910, carbon 31.6mm x 350mm
Weight, lb./kg.:16.57lbs / 7.53kg**Specifications are subject to change without notice.**Geometry
Description Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6Size S(49cm) S/M(52cm) M(54cm) M/L(56cm) L(58cm) XL(61cm)
Seat Tube, Center to Top (A) 490 520 540 560 580 600Seat Tube, Effective 490 520 540 560 580 610Top Tube, Effective (B) 520 535 545 560 575 590Head Tube (I) 110 130 140 160 180 200Seat Tube Angle (F) 75 74.5 73 73 73 73Head Tube Angle (E) 71 71.5 72 72 72 72Chainstay (G) 425 425 425 425 425 425Wheelbase (H) 1005 1010 1001 1016 1032 1047Fork Offset 45 45 45 45 45 45Bottom Bracket Drop (K) 67 67 67 67 67 67Stack (D) 531 552…
On Sale $5,659.00 $5,389.00 – Click here for details…

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Pro bike: Jonathan Page's Fuji Altamira CX 1.1

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among them being able to rightfully dress both himself and his bikes up in red, white, and blue for a year. http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/pro-bike-jonat…

Pro bike: Australian Nick Boths Focus Mares CX 1.0

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Today’s highlighted product, Fuji 2014 Altamira CX 1.1 Disc Complete Bike **Most Sizes Now Available, was was selected from the category Complete Cx Bikes.

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    Which Is A Better Bike? I posted this a couple days back but the links were no good. Lets try again! haha.




    I’m looking for a bike to ride somewhat long distances. Something good enough for a 300 mile ride. I’m not a complete serious rider but do enjoy riding about every other night Thanks!

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    1. Reply

      I’d pick the 2nd bike, the Grand Record. It appears to have better components and I would guess it’s the lighter weight bike. However, are you only 5 foot tall? Because if you’re more than an inch or 2 taller, that 2nd bike isn’t going work! It’s 48 cm–made for mini-riders, such as myself!

      The first bike, the Fantom CX, would probably make better sense for touring, especially as it comes in different sizes and already has front and rear braze-ons and eyelets for attaching fenders, racks, and panniers. Not crazy about that cro-moly fork–carbon’s lighter and more shock absorbing, and all those “alloy” components? Not even sure what that means, but my guess is it translates into an overall heavier bike that will offer a rougher ride and take more effort to ride than the Grand Record.

      Athough Motobecane isn’t especially popular with many “bike snobs”, I know a number of people who bought and ride them–and they’ve been well satisfied.

      OK, so it probably wouldn’t be my first choice for a 300 mile ride, but that’s only because I’m in that group of “snobs”. Really, for the type of riding you described, it should be more than sufficient, and I’ve been on long-distance rides with others on far lesser bikes, and they did just fine! Better than me, because I’m not an especially strong rider, for which I compensate for by riding a better bike. For what you’re getting with a Motobecane though, the price really can’t be beat!

      Enjoy your new bike.

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  2. Reply

    Which Is A Better Bike? http://cgi.ebay.com/MOTOBECANE-ALUMINUM-CYCLO-CROSS-CX-ROAD-BIKE-SHIMANO_W0QQitemZ150240579142QQihZ005QQcategoryZ98084QQcmdZViewItem
    and how many gears is this one?

    I’m looking for a bike to ride somewhat long distances. Something good enough for a 300 mile ride. I’m not a complete serious rider but do enjoy riding about every other night Thanks!

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    1. Reply

      The Grand Record is the better bike. It has a better component group eventhough both are 27 speeds.

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  3. Reply

    Honda Cx 500 1981 Motor Cycle? I have a cx 500 woundering if the bike is worth fixing up to ride. Quite a strange looking bike but appeling enough to invest some time. do not have a lot of money tied up on bike seen a lot of pictures on them starting to grow on me.
    Bike is complete and runs needs a complete reconditioning polish ,paint ect .
    any feed back apreciated.
    Merry Christmas.

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    1. Reply

      They make a very good starter bike to learn on ?

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    Which Bike Should I Get? 10 Points!? So I’m very active and exercise 6 times a week and want to include cycling into my exercise routines. I’m going to be cycling on the streets more than off road, and I want it to have several gears so that I can get a good work out on my legs. bikes I’m thinking about getting; (all 2013 GT) 2013 gtr series 4 MSRP $890 or 2013 gtr corsa 2.0 MSRP $940. or should I just wait a few months and save my money and get the 2013 GTR CX Elite MSRP $1450, or a 2013 GTR CX Sport MSRP $1100. I’m tight on money but I don’t want to buy a cheap bike and have to put more money into it to fix it, but I don’t want to buy a crazy expensive bike because I’m not and never will be a super serious competitive biker.

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    1. Reply

      The 2 first bikes are road bikes, and the last 2 are cyclocross bikes. Don’t just look at the prices. You should be going to bike shops where you can see the bikes and have the differences explained to you. Very few people ever regret buying a better bike, but many do regret that they didn’t spend a bit more money at the outset. Upgrading to a better spec later on, even if it is possible always costs far more than the price difference. Look at this way: markup on individual parts at retail is about 3 times as much as markup on a complete bike. On top of that when you upgrade you buy parts twice, you bought those parts included in the original price of the bike and then again when you upgraded. Unless you know how to do installation yourself, you pay for that as well. Original parts are included in your original warranty, which includes errors in building the bike. Upgrade parts only have a warranty on the part itself, not the installation unless a dealer installs the part.

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  5. Reply

    Can You Buy Derbi 50cc Sports Bike In The USA ?

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    1. Reply

      Not really. at least not easy to find. used, they are available, however. try a nationwide search of craigslist, or just search in your area. i found these scattered about at this craigslist search site, but i don’t think its a complete listing. as said, they are obviously available, though


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    Fixed Gear Bikes: A Trade Between A 09 Fuji Track Pro And A Affinity LoPro? I need an opinion from you guys my specs are
    Affinity LoPro (size56),Miche Primato Advanced Track Crankset,Izumi Chain,Miche Primato Track Bb,MKS Gr-9’s with Soma Clips (Medium) and Origin 8 straps,Velocity Chukkers laced to Origin 8 hubs,Continental Ultra Race tires (pretty worn),Dimension Stem,Cane Creek Headset,Nitto RB-021 Bullhorns,Fizik Pave Cx seat
    http://claspics.com/yyh0zpd/h11iec9p/1334459019-114.JPG.php theres a pic.
    what do you guys think? Should I trade for a Fuji Track pro, just frames only or complete (Miche primato advance track crankset, back velocity b43, Easton Clincher in front, fuji stem,fuji bars,fuji seat.

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      Let’s enjoy any live sporting events free over the world. http://www.sporting-live.com

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    Gift For A Bicycling Fanatic? Whats the coolest gift for someone in his 50’s, who loves to mountain and road bike, who pretty much already has everything he could want? Any super sweet new dealies in the world of biking? high tech gloves or vests or something?

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    1. Reply

      Buying gifts for anyone that has a lot of stuff can be hard, but items that can be used up or worn out are a good way to ensure that even if he has it already, he’ll need it again in the future.

      Wear and usable items:
      (1) Tires, there is nothing like a nice set of road tires such as the Vittoria Open Corsa CX. Two more exotic brands are Gommitalia or Veloflex. Check your local bike shop, but you may need to turn to online retailers to find the latter two.

      (2) Fancier energy food such as the L?rabars are a newer product that are all natural and unusually delicious for an energy bar; Costco sells them in bulk and most grocery stores have them as well.

      (3) Personal care items such as chamois creams, warming oil, sun screens, and tech wash detergents are also items that are often overlooked when buying for yourself. I like Assos brand chamois cream and tech wash detergent. Elite Ozone is a hot new brand that has the media buzzing.

      (4) Maintenance supplies. bikers go through a lot of bike chain lubrication and other cleaning supplies. Pedro’s is a brand that specializes in environmentally friendly lubes and cleaners, which they often package in complete kits.

      Last, depending on the person new technology items such as a Garmin GPS can also make a great gift, but may be ignored by a less technologically oriented cyclist. Other bigger ticket items may be King Titanium water bottle cages, Arundel carbon fiber water bottle cages, Assos shorts (e.g., F1 13 or F1 Mille), or Rapha clothing for a “classic look”. Another options with clothes is to buy accessories such as socks, gloves, and warmers that are all stuff a cyclist will need eventually.

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