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Blue Competition Cycles AC1 Complete Bike Reappraisal

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Today’s highlighted item is Blue Competition Cycles AC1 Complete Bike, an example of one of our Complete Road Bikes provided by Blue Competition Cycles. Save a whopping $1585!. Man, that’s a steal We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Blue Competition Cycles AC1 Complete Bike

Blue Competition knew they were onto something with their new AC1SL
which is why they decided to make a more affordable aero race bike that
everyone could enjoy.
The new AC1 has the same proven race geometry and
monocoque frame with Super Flow Tube Technology, but Blue made it more
affordable by adding both SRAM Force and Shimano Ultegra groupo options,
as well as using a T700 carbon for the frame and fork.
And this bike
is as aero as they come…from the internal cable routing with sleeves
to the new aerodynamic seat post clamp.
Blue left no stone unturned.
(A) Eff. Top Tube Length C-C (cm)
(B) Seat Tube Length C-T (cm)
(C) Head Tube Length
(D) Head Tube Angle (degrees)
(E) Seat Tube Angle (degrees)
(F) Fork Rake (cm)
(G) Chain Stay Length (cm)
(H) Bottom Brackett Drop (cm)
(I) Wheelbase (cm)
(J) Seat Tube Diameter (cm)
Aero shape seat tube and clamp
(K) Outside Seat Tube Diameter (cm)

On Sale $4,140.00 $2,555.00 – Click here for details…

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The highlighted product, Blue Competition Cycles AC1 Complete Bike, was was selected from the category Complete Road Bikes.

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  1. Reply

    Need Complete Parts-list For A Road Bike…? Hi there,
    After 3 knee operations my physiotherapist advised me to start riding a bike. I figure that when I buy a good quality bike instead of a aftermarket lower quality bike, it would benefit me and my knees more ?
    Anyway, As a novice in the biking world, I am looking for practical info on how to assemble my own road bike; Meaning: I allready bought a nude monocoque carbon frame. What other parts do I need to start building my bike? (Yep I know, wheels, crank, chain, sadle and a steering wheel are necessary…)
    I just would like to have a complete list of ALL parts needed (including all those small fidling bits and pieces) so that I can start comparing prices and make choices. ( I will order/buy most parts online and will not do the actual assembly myself…)

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    1. Reply

      Bottom bracket
      cranks (w/chainrings)
      rear wheel
      front wheel
      rear derailleur
      front derailleur
      bar tape
      shifters/brake levers
      front brake
      rear brake
      rim tape x 2
      tires x 2
      tubes x 2
      brake housing x 2
      shifter housing x2
      shifter cables x2
      brake cables x2
      bottle cages x 2
      quick release skewers x2
      steerer spacers x3
      seatpost collar

      1 quality bike shop

      you will end up spending more money building it by hand than by buying a complete bike from an actual bike shop.
      Also, as a novice, you will drop/crash/fall off your nude monocoque carbon fiber frame in the first year and have to replace it.
      Also, you will end up spending more time hunting down all these various components and paying someone to put together your bike than actually riding it.
      Also, as a cycling neophyte, you have most likely purchased the wrong size frame from your online Taiwanese vendor, having never test ridden it, and will very likely develop serious knee problems from an improperly fit bike. When your parts do finally come together, have your bike shop professionally fit your bike to you.

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  2. Reply

    Question About Road Bikes? I am planning on biking the MS150 this year. It is a two day bike ride from Houston to Austin. That is about 150 miles. I currently have a mountain bike, and am wondering if I should get a road bike to help me complete this ride. Can any of you with experience tell me if I should get one? If I do, what should I look for? In what ways are road bikes better? Thanks.

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    1. Reply

      You should definitely buy a road bike and you will love and discover a new aspect of cycling that you are missing with a mountain bike. You will find yourself using the road bike more than you think. I did 2,000 miles in 2011 and planning to do 3,000 this year.
      Weight: My road bike complete to go is 20 lbs, less than 10 kg.
      Aero: I was ridding in 20 mph head wind. I don’t think that I could do that and enjoy with a mountain bike.
      High gears: 50/12 is my high gear. That helps to go faster with less effort, not that it is easier though.
      Slick tires and wheels: While you can put slick tires on a mountain bike, road tires still will have less rolling resistance. Road wheels with less spokes have very little wind resistance and have better bearing.
      Longer rides: Most weekends I ride 75 miles in about 5 hours. With a mountain bike it will take me about 6.5 hours.

      You should be looking at an aluminum frame with carbon fork, STI shifters, Tiagra or better (105) components at least for the main ones. 3X9 at least, if you will ride in a variety of inclines. Clip-less pedals with two bolt cleats for recessed soles cycling shoes.

      I still ride my mountain bike on single track pads and R2T.

      Edit: As you start training for this even you will see what you are up against.

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  3. Reply

    Road Bike? Need some help buying a road bike. What should I look for, its my first road bike. I competed in Ragbria http://www.ragbrai.org/ the last year on a friends bike and now need my own. What kind/speed, how big. I’m 230lbs and 6’3 Male
    edit… I did compete in Ragbrai Just it was against myself, and choosing not to sag any of the days. It was an easy ride, but my friends and I did race to certain stops, last one there bought for the others. Lets just say I nearly went broke. I did it on a mountain bike with road tires, so it can only get easier this time. And I also live in iowa

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    1. Reply

      When buying a bike I would consider:

      1. The fit of the bike to your body shape/size
      Get a professional bike fit at a bike store, definately worth the time investment as a better fitting bike will be easier to ride, more comfortable and ultimately quicker. I did this then bought my bike online for a discount.

      2. Weight of frame and components
      As you are a fairly big rider don’t waste your cash on an ultra light weight carbon frame. A good quality aluminium frame is ideal.

      3. Quality of Components (especially brakes/gears)
      The standard of components is high now. All the major brands are good and anything from the Shimano, Campagnola or SRAM ranges will suit. More money usually means lighter – the pick of the bunch for a first bike would be Shimano Tiagra. Good quality shifting/braking and quite cheap.

      4. Type of riding you will do
      Traditional road bike or Compact frames are ideal all rounders. Time Trial or Triathlon bikes are very quick (but pretty uncomfortable). Touring Frames are a more relaxed set up with holes for panniers and will suit rides like ragbrai.

      5. Brand
      All the major manufacturer such Giant, Cannondale, Scott, Trek do good entry level bikes. There really is little to choose between them other than colour and cost.

      Giant OCR2. Compact aluminium frame – well suited to larger riders. Good all round spec complete with a triple chainring for hills. Available from about $900.


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  4. Reply

    What Are The Top Ten Best Complete Bikes? I am looking for a complete that LOOKS good, is DURABLE, and is LIGHT weight!
    i am looking for a street complete bmx

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    1. Reply

      Best at what? Best road bike – mountain bike – hybrid – dual sport bike – BMX bike? There is NO “best”. Within the same price range – they will ALL use similar if not the exact SAME components!

      May as well ask for a top 10 list of the best cars in the world. To one person, a Ferrari may top the list. To another it might be BMW or Mercedes.

      Here ya go – look at this link… http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/road/race_performance/madone_7_series/madone_7_9/# For $11,549.99 – is that enough to be considered “best”.

      See your independent, authorized, knowledgeable, friendly, local bicycle shop. Tell the salesperson “where & how” you plan on riding. What you NEED the bicycle to do for you. Extensively test ride a few. The one that rides & just plain “feels” the best to you — buy it!!!

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    • JT
    • February 13, 2014

    Perfect Road Bike? My friend’s little sister (13 yrs old) wants to buy a road bike…but has trouble deciding between the

    Giant ocr3 for $649.99

    or the

    Trek 7.2 FX for $419.99

    ( The employee says that the bikes will go down 80 dollars during Jan. and Feb. The price listed above is the current price right now, so the giant bike is going to be $580 and trek will be $340)

    when she gets the bike, she will update the bike parts

    but the problem is she doesn’t ride during the winter only in the summer, she rides about 25-40 miles per week (mostly by herself) .the employee says that if she rides the giant ocr road bike and goes over a bump or curb, then the tire will be messed up. but if she rides the trek than it absorbs more pressure and can take more of a beating to it.and she both rides sometimes on the road and sometimes on the sidewalk .so she was just wondering what are some of your opinions

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    1. Reply

      Those are two very different kinds of bikes. The Trek is a hybrid style and the Giant is a sport road bike. Unless she really wants to get into *riding* a lot and for longer distances, I think the Trek would suit her needs better based on what you said.

      Two things:

      1) Updating parts……man, that’s such a waste of money most of the time. Try your best to spend the money on a bike that has what you want right out of the box. Swapping parts at retail prices will cost you double (or more) what you’d pay for them in a complete bike from a manufacturer.

      2) Hopping curbs……neither bike has wheels that will hold up to much abuse, but the Trek has fairly fat tires which will help a *little* bit. She should learn to navigate curbs by working the bike up over them rather than just trying to roll them…..the setup of the Trek hybrid will make that much easier than the road bike from Giant.

      If you can borrow a similar bike for awhile, she might like to test them out for a few rides to see what she likes better. The cool thing is….she’s getting a new bike! :o)

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  5. Reply

    Help With Purchasing A Road Bike? Hi, so i’m currently a college student and I’m interesting in buying a road bike for next year when i’m going to be living a few blocks off campus.
    However, I’m a complete NEWBIE at bikes, and my close friends have no idea about them either, like their value /make/ parts, etc.

    I was wondering, are any of the bikes listed on
    any good? Like, quality + value wise? I don’t know where else to look, on craigslist they all name parts/makes and I have NOO idea what’s going on.

    Anyways, If those bikes are a bust, what should I be looking for in a good road bike?
    Thank you.

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    1. Reply

      For college transportation, consider a hybrid rather than a road bike. You can also find them used. Hybrids are not as fragile as road bikes. The tires are slightly larger, making the ride a bit smother and less likely to flat. Hybrids usually have eyes built into the frame so you can add racks to carry your books, laptop, etc. You are better off hanging weight onto the bike than onto your body in a backpack. A hybrid features a more upright riding position. Your commute is only a few blocks, but you might ride longer from time to time.


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    • John
    • February 18, 2014

    Building A Road Bike From Used Parts Vs Buying A Complete Used Bike? I thought I should get myself a road bike by next years summer, and thought I should be looking for something used out of season. Would I be better off looking for a complete used bike or would it be even cheaper to build a bike from scratch, acquiring the parts individually. I don’t mind the extra work.

    Also, in case the latter is a good idea, I would appreciate suggestions for a commonly available carbon frame with a good reputation that I can look for to start the project.

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    1. Reply

      I thought building a road bike would be great too, because I could get the parts I wanted, a caad10 sram rival(I have it now) was 1500 at my lbs, buying the frame and building, racked up to double, and that’s with the same parts, just different wheels, and I also wanted sram force.

      What I learned was, it’s not worth it to build(unless you don’t mind blowing 5 grand) usually there’s nothing wrong with the bike, stock components, etc and they will serve you very well (this is all assuming you don’t get a BSO from walmart and are buying from a LBS).

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    • Funky
    • February 21, 2014

    Is This Bike Shop Taking To Long To Complete My Road Bike? Thank you for clicking ? here’s my situation. i dropped off my 2006 giant ocr limited (carbon fiber) road bike at my local bike shop (bikebarn in lakeland fl) to have it serviced 24 days ago! i purchased the bike on ebay with missing parts (chain,brake cables,gear cables,bar tape and a top tub bearing) these were all the parts needed to make my bike whole again. am i being impatient or is 24 days indeed a long wait for whats needed?

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    1. Reply

      Go to the shop ask, they may sell the bike after 30 days if you don’t pick it up.

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  6. Reply

    Is A 50 Cm Bike Okay? I am looking to start riding road bikes. I am looking to buy my first and wanted a knowledgable bike persons advice before I went to the bike shop to test some bikes.

    I am 5′ tall exactly. I weigh about 125. Inner leg measures at about 26″.

    I know there are various size calculators out there but I wanted to ask an experienced bike rider before I went to the bike shop. That said, would a 50 cm road bike be okay for me?


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    1. Reply

      No…don’t ask complete stranger on the Internet. G.T.A.B.S. Go To A Bicycle Shop!

      Frame sizing is NOT universal from one company to the next. Although a lot of companies will use similar & sometimes the EXACT same components – they all have slightly different frame geometries! I own 3 road bikes from 3 companies. They’re all close in sizing but not EXACT. One is a 53.5 cm, another a 54 cm the 3rd a 55 cm. The 55 cm frame size has the LOWEST “stand-over height” by 2/10 of an inch.

      TRY B4 you BUY! The salesperson will help you choose the correct frame size! At 5′ tall you’ll need somewhere around a 46 to 48 cm frame size in a road bike. Key words…”somewhere around”. Get it now?

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    • Samyy
    • February 25, 2014

    Anyone Ever Heard Of CEPHAS Road Bikes? So i’m looking into purchasing a road bike, my friend knows the owner of a local shop, i’m interested in this bike, the frame says CEPHAS on the side and the model name is “Speedy” its a heat treated aluminum frame with carbon fiber forks also of the CEPHAS brand, it has shimano 105 components Quasar rims and michelin tires, he let me test drive it, it’s a very smooth ride, the only question i have is if anyone knows where else i can see a Cephas brand road bike frame or complete bicycles? I found very few pages that even mentioned the brand, and those that did only mentioned their mountain bikes, can anyone give me a link to a site that has more options or info? or if you personally know anything about this brand? It would help me out a lot. Thanks in advanced.
    I did go to the shop, sorry i forgot to add that.

    I’ve only seen one of these bikes and its at this shop, i figured i could find others online but that wasn’t the case.

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    1. Reply

      Why don’t you go to the bike shop where your friend bought his bike.

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