Paladineer Outdoor Hiking Backpack Lightweight Cycling Backpack 18-liters

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    • Steve Charme
    • December 3, 2015

    Good for sports activities or day hikes so long as the somewhat stiff “washboard” padding in the back works for you I received this at no cost in red. Here are my comments.1.This looks better in person than in the picture on Amazon. It’s well made and lightweight enough for cycling or even running. Beside the two main carry straps, there’s a thin strap buckle attached to them that goes across the front of your body and keeps this stable.2. This has plenty of storage for sports activities and a day hike:–a 6″ zippered pouch on the bottom of the front–an…

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    • D. Blankenship
    • December 3, 2015

    Very functional, comfortable, well built and attractive This is a very well made and an excellent day pack for hiking trips and biking. It is very light weight but built to take a beating. For its size you can get a tremendous amount of `stuff’ packed away. There are plenty of side pockets and clips on each side and on the back.The shoulder straps are adjustable, as is the waist strap, and the `washboard’ backing, while rather unique (I have never seen our used it before) is amazingly comfortable. While the material the pack is made…

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